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Author: Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni

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Controlling your spending is hard to do. On every episode of Frugal Friends, we'll try to help you gain a little more control on one aspect of the countless directions your money is being pulled toward through frugality and a few laughs. If you're trying to save money, spend less, adopt minimalism, pay off debt or reach financial independence, we think you'll like the show.
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Stashing money under the mattress may work for some, but for us frugal folks, we want to make sure our hard earned cash is being stored in the right place! Here we're talking about what to consider when it comes to savings and the best types of accounts for various goals. Listen in!Get full show notes here!
Cat shares about her own journey with working, raising twins, and managing finances. Listen in as she encourages other moms towards financial and personal goals!Get full show notes here!
Are a recent college grad? Do you know a college grad? This episode is for you! The time of life just following college graduation can represent lots of daunting decisions, financial debt, and low cash flow. We're covering some basic financial and frugal tips for this exact life season!Get the full show notes here!
Minimalism isn't just for our wardrobes and living rooms! When we are able to intentionally approach our schedules we find that the tenants of minimalism in this domain can bring so much freedom, and even money savings when we are spending time doing things that actually matter. Get full show notes here!
Thinking about buying your first home? Already in the process? Home buying is a big decision and a massive expense, but there are ways we can enter this process equipped with knowledge to get the best possible deal and make the most of our money. Listen in as Scott and Mindy share from their own research and experience the things we should know as first time home buyers!Get the full show notes here!
Lions and tigers and credit scores; oh my! With so many components and antiquated information it's no wonder there is so much mystery surrounding the credit score! While there are a handful of factors that go into a credit score, it's not as unattainable to understand as one may think. Join us as we take a look at this important financial reality and become equipped to take ownership of our own credit scores!Get the full show notes here!
Home renovations have a reputation for being very expensive and feeling unattainable at times! While it is true that skilled labor costs decent money - we want to talk about the upgrades and updates we can make that bring beauty and value to our homes without costing a fortune! Get the full show notes here!
Understanding investing terms and options is not for the faint of heart, but we don't have to be experts in order to make wise, frugal financial decisions for our future. On this episode Barbara Ginty shares in some very understandable and approachable ways some of the basics of investing and how to take advantage of Roth IRA's.Get the full show notes here!
Frugality plays nicely with many other valuable tenets and environmentalism is no exception! Engaging with eco-friendly products and living a sustainable lifestyle matches well with frugality and does not need to be considered a luxury!Get the full show notes here!
We're celebrating 3 years of the frugal friends podcast by taking a look at the factors that contribute to impulse buys and ways to avoid it!Get the full show notes here!
Paying down debt when living on a low income IS possible! We are thrilled to have Sarah Wilson on the podcast to share her story and inspire us towards debt freedom at any level of income.Check out the full show notes here!
Have you ever received a raise only to find yourself purchasing more 'non-essential' items? Or earned a bonus only to blow it on a vacation? Yep, that's lifestyle creep. We're talking all about the sneaky ways our choices can shift as our earning increase and how this can derail all our frugal hard work! Listen in to learn how to prevent and respond to this happening in our own lives!Click here for full show notes!
Many things can derail our budgets and best intentions, but it's not about falling off the horse, it's about getting back on! Let's talk about how we can get back on track quickly with our finances.Click here for full show notes!
For many, financial independence is the 'why' behind a frugal lifestyle. How to achieve freedom within our finances is no easy task, which is why we're thrilled to have Jamila's insight into this topic as she shares some of the steps we can take to make wise decisions with our finances.Click here for full show notes!
Moving can be amazingly expensive, not to mention overwhelmingly stressful! If you are planning a move, know someone moving, or think you will move at some point in your life; listen in for helpful tips on reducing moving costs and making the transition as smooth as possible!Click here for full show notes!
Do you enjoy traveling AND cutting expenses? Then travel hacking is for you! In this episode we take a beginners look at how we can utilize loyalties and credit cards to score free hotels, flights, and more. Click here for full show notes!
Food is often our biggest area of budget busts! The solution begins with our meal planning and how we go about grocery shopping. On this episode Ashtin gives us some simple and attainable tips for how we can meal plan effectively and save money on our groceries each week.Click here for full show notes!
Simplifying and minimizing never go out of style! Listen in as we chat about the KonMari method, what we like, and the freedom we can find in identifying our own version of frugality and minimalism. Click here for full show notes!
Eating healthy and saving money don't have to be competing goals! We're talking about how we can get the nutrition we need without overspending at the grocery store.Click here for full show notes!
It's another great interview! Listen in as Bola Sokunbi from Clever Girl Finance makes the daunting topic of investing approachable! For anyone who has been intimated by conversations about the stock market, this episode is for you!Click here for full show notes!
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"white people think decorations are just labels" ??? what

Nov 16th

Sandy Van Hoose

I just found this podcast in late 2019 and I already love it. I'm an experienced mom or 4 grown kids ans new grandma to one. And I'm not 55 yet! I thought I'd heard all the tips and ideas but I have learned some new stuff. You two are fun to listen to! Have downloaded a bunch of older shows and there is so much I can't wait to hear! Well done!

Jan 6th
Reply (1)

Christina Larson Wilson

5 stars!!! I am a night time school custodian and it can get pretty lonely and boring cleaning at night. Enter Frugal Friends Podcast and BAM! Not only am I now being paid to clean, I am also essentially being paid to listen to their fun podcast and plan out my finances. It's definitely a win win! By the way, the "creating a budget on irregular income" was a lifesaver! I'm a substitute custodian and my husband is a 180 day teacher assistant. Because we are paid hourly, it gets tough during the school breaks. But NOW I know what to do!!! THANKS!

Dec 27th

Samantha Ball

I'm not sure where to do a review, but they get 5 stars (they jokingly coach listeners about leaving them 5 star reviews but it's well-deserved). They are funny, the podcast is professionally done and they've introduced me to other helpful resources. Thanks! Sam from Canada

Jun 22nd


Frugal Friends Podcast, sometimes Rambunctious and raw, but Ultimately insightful, with GIFs galore! Although not unanimous about the Lightning Round, our Frugal Friends, Jill and Jen, Really know where Frugal Freedom is found. If you are searching for Frugal Entertainment, that's second to none, and will Not disappoint, then your search is Done. Waste no more time looking, just Stay for the fun!

Feb 8th

Courtney White

this is one of my favorite podcast ever! they are informative and funny and just a joy to listen to! absolutely recommend everyone listen to them!

Dec 28th


where are the links for the templates?

Dec 4th
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