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Author: Sefa Tsegha

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Welcome to the Fruitfulujah Podcast, your go-to weekly show delving into the realms of the internet, business, and, most importantly, you. Join us as we demystify technology for the everyday individual, empowering you to cultivate successful internet ventures. Tune in for insightful discussions that bridge the gap between the digital world and your personal and professional growth.
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I’d like to share my “opinion” on why, even if your target market is strictly local, your small business in Nigeria can’t afford to be without a website. It’s no secret that I’ve been accused of having a strong opinion or two in my lifetime. Despite my best efforts to tone it down, my stance on certain matters remains steadfast.
Last week I made a brief stop at Princess Damilola Academy (PDA), Katsina-Ala. Katsina-Ala is my home town. It was a time well spent for me at the Academy. I took a tour of the school and saw things for myself. This is how it went.
There’s a free hosting site(s) out there that promises you unlimited use of resources to do whatever you want with it. But you know as well as I do that the promises are not true. You have limitations that are placed by these companies to compel you to look for paid options on their platforms. However, is there any free hosting site that I can use to test my WordPress theme before I upload it on my paid site? Yes, there is! Today, I will answer a question about a free hosting site to experiment and learn. Here is the question: "Hi, I am not a techie or a developer but would like to experiment with a new theme for my website. Please advise on a good free hosting site to construct my website so I can experiment and learn. If it works out, can I migrate to a paid hosting easily?" Send in your questions through
WhatsApp Messenger, or simply WhatsApp, is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service. It is presently owned by Facebook, Inc. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media. From time to time on my website, I like to look at tools that would help you make more sells and get more traffic to your website. And, WhatsApp is a tool we should not ignore.
Digital Marketing can help you get more customers to your business. That means more sales. Business is all about getting more customers and making sales. And you need all the help that you can to get to get more customers and make sales. My guest on the Fruitfulujah Podcast today, is Sola Mathew. He is an international author and speaker. He talks about using Digital Marketing to get customers to your business and how to make sales. He was my guest last week when we discussed Google Digital Marketing Certification. If you have not listened to that episode, then I strongly advice that you should, because it will help you understand the series better. Sola Mathew works as a digital marketing consultant with He has been featured on blogs, podcasts, TV and Radio Shows, and regularly speaks at conferences. When he is not writing, podcasting or designing websites, he enjoys volunteering with NGOs. If you already have a business offline but you don’t know how to get it online, then you need not worry, because, Sola explained the process of getting your business online in this interview. If you have a digital presence already, then you will learn how to bring customers to your product or service using simple tools mentioned on the show. The good news is that, most of these tools listed here are free of charge. One of the good things about digital marketing is that every progress is measurable. That means, you can know what is working or not. You shouldn’t leave things to chance. Learn how to do that in the show. Digital Marketing Analytics Everything is explained in this episode of the Fruitfulujah Podcast about digital marketing. Lastly, don’t miss out on Sola’s new book offer “Zero Capital”. Yes, you heard me right, Sola is offering his new book free of charge to mark his birthday celebration on 24th May, 2020. As a regular listener to this show, you can download the book in the link I have provided in the show notes. It’s free!
Google digital marketing fundamentals is a course that gives you the opportunity to master the fundamentals of digital marketing in a safe spaced manner while staying at home. With the recent lock-down across the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is no brainier that most Nigeria businesses are moving online to survive. You can take advantage of this lock-down and build your skills while staying at home. In today’s episode of the Fruitfulujah Podcast I take a look at how you can get Google Digital Marketing Certification without leaving the comfort of your apartment. My guest on the show today is Sola Mathew. Sola Matthew is an Internal author and public speaker. He works as a digital marketing consultant with GoGlobal. He has been featured on blogs, podcast, TV and Radio shows, and regularly speaks at conferences. When he is not writing, podcasting or designing websites, he enjoys volunteering with NGOs.
3 strategies to drive traffic to your blog is a podcast episode I recommend you should listen to, if want to drive traffic to your blog or website. I want to write so that people can read. I want to record a podcast so that people can listen to it. So do you. Whatever content type you create on the internet, without the right kind of people interacting with it, it is useless. Take that from me. So, in today’s episode of the Fruitfulujah Podcast, we will look at 3 Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Blog. Like I said, the aim of this show is to help you plan and launch fruitful internet projects. So, if you have any questions you will like me discuss on the show, feel free to send me a message with your questions or suggestions. Read more:  Follow us: @fruitfulujah on Twitter | fruitfulujah on Facebook
You need traffic to your website more than you know. Probably you have heard people talk about making money from their websites and you want to do the same. Well, whether it is through affiliate marking, selling books, offering services, etc. you will need people to visit your website. That is the only way you can carry out your goals. However, let me be frank with you, generating enough traffic to your website is not an easy job. If you can do it right, the result is enormous. Today, I will discuss 8 post types that drives traffic to your website. You can choose to use any of the post types I mentioned in my show on your blog. If you have just launched a new website or you have an old one, it does not matter, you will find these post types very helpful. Read more:  Follow us: @fruitfulujah on Twitter | fruitfulujah on Facebook
Choosing your domain name is like choosing your company name, it takes thought and care. If you don't choose the right domain name at the very start, changing it later on will affect your traffic.  Here are 10 proven tips you can use to chose the perfect domain name for your website or blog. 
What email marketing strategy are you using for your blog or website at the moment? Here are five email marketing strategy that works. Email marketing is not new. It is the act of sending valuable content to emails subscribers on your list. Despite successes of social media, email marketing has come to stay. Any serious online entrepreneur must have a workable email marketing plan. It is sad to think that social media has taken over email marketing. It is not true. Social media sites are using email marketing to woo their users over. They send a lot of email notifications to their users. Email marketing works. Read more:  Follow us: @fruitfulujah on Twitter | fruitfulujah on Facebook
The perfect audience is all you need to make that million you want to make from your product. The perfect audience is that person that will listen to you and buy whatever you sell. She is the one that would make your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur come true. That is your target audience. You must find her. Read more:  Follow us: @fruitfulujah on Twitter | fruitfulujah on Facebook
Lara is a chat-bot built specifically for public transportation directions and fare quotes in Lagos. She’s like that friend you call on when you find yourself lost in an unfamiliar place. Lara gives users public transit directions on-demand, 24/7. Lara is available as a progressive web application on & Facebook Messenger. In today’s episode of The Fruitfulujah Podcast, where I simplify technology for everyday people, and help you build fruitful internet projects, I interviewed Ladi Ojora, one of the team members, about the project. Read more:  Follow us: @fruitfulujah on Twitter | fruitfulujah on Facebook
Freelance mastery is a great way to make extra income no matter the state of the economy. A Freelance is a self-employed person available to work. She works or can work for many companies or employers. She is usually hired for a limited period. Who can freelance? Anyone, including you! You can meet your goal with a lot of ease when know more about freelance before you step into it. You can get that freelance job you want when you prepare for it. Freelance can make extra income while maintaining her current place in any company. My guest on the show today is Fumnanya Bernard. Fumnanya Bernard is the Chief Limit Breaker at She hosts the Limit Breaker Show.
Let’s talk about the right approach website development. Should you hire an expert or do it yourself? That’s a tough question. There are decisions that we make in life that shows how important that thing is to us. Take for an example, when we need a doctor, we don’t go for a quark. We go for the best. When we need a dentist, we look for the best. Now, to set up a website that can earn you millions so that you can take care of yourself and family. You want to do it yourself. It is usually referred to as the DIY approach. That is, Do-It-Yourself approach to website development. But look at it this way, this business is going be online 24/7. You want your visitors to part with their hard-earned cash when they visit your online store. You want your clients to trust you. You want to rank high in Google’s search results. Why entrust such an enormous work to yourself and not hire the expert to do it for you? That is web development for you. Everyone can do it these days. (Don’t get me wrong, it is good) But is that the right approach?
If you have ever heard someone describe blogging as the “old fashion way of communication”, then that person is inferring that blogging is dead.  In the beginning, there was blogging. And for businesses looking to build an audience that helped grow the bottom line, it was good. – Brian Clark To be clear, blogging never went away. Blogging is not dead, either.
Should you backup your site or not? Backup is not an option. It is a must. Most people hardly talk about backup until disaster occurs. It ought not to be so. When you make plans to set up any website, you should think of backup as part of the project from the first stage.
SSL (secure Socket Layer) certificate provides encrypted communication between two computers. A websites with an encrypted communication (https) protects its business, and has the safety of her customers at heart. And, you know customers love that. Learn how to get a free SSL certificate on your website
Job search is a tough job already! The sad thing about it is that, you won’t get paid for doing this kind of job. It is had work to use traditional methods of job search in the 21st century with little  or no results. Has technology done anything to make the job search process a lot more easier? Yes, it has!
Blogging mistakes. You have to fix them if you want to stay a top the game. However, how can you fix them if you don’t know what they are? I have you covered! My guest today is Sam Adeyinka.
Podcast has taken Nigeria like a storm the same way blogging did a few years ago. At least one successful podcast is released every month. More often than it used to be. Dayo Samuel is my guest on the show. He is the Founder of the Nigeria Podcasters Network(NPN) group on Facebook. He teaches entrepreneurs how to magnetize, mesmerize and monetize their audience using podcast. He hosts the podcast. We covered questions like: What is a podcast? How to launch a podcast the right way? What least requirements you need to launch a successful podcast? How to monetize a podcast? and more!
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