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Some classic Jesus music, including: Mighty Wind - Terry Talbot, Gospel Light - Terry Talbot, See The Vision - Terry Talbot, Down To The Well - Terry Talbot, Make Me Worthy - Terry Talbot, Taking’ Me Higher - Terry Talbot, Potters Clay - Terry Talbot, Lamplighter - Terry Talbot
Some classic Jesus music, including: In Remembrance – Andrae Crouch, Your Steadfast Love – Kelly Willard And Lenny LeBlanc, Right Where You Are – Al Denson, True Love – First Call, It’s Real – Crystal Lewis, To Know Him – David Meece, Neverending Love – Twila Paris, If I Stand – Rich Mullins, Jesus It’s You – Mylon Lefevre, It Is Well With My Soul - Wayne Watson
Some classic Jesus music, including: Peaceful Children – The Road Home, I Know What It’s Like – Parable, Cats And Dogs – Pat Terry Group, Habit Of Hate – Sweet Comfort Band, Where Love Begins – Rob Frazier, Which Side Are You On – Randy Matthews, Look Me In The Heart – Wayne Watson, Dad Song – Kelly Willard, Love Has A Mind Of It’s Own – Donna Summer And Matthew Ward, Lay It Down – White Heart, My Peace – Chuck Butler
Episode 278 - worship

Episode 278 - worship


Some classic Jesus music, including: Ugadano Thawanu Maija - Terry Clark, Oh The Love – Terry Clark, Make A Noise – Liberation Suite - Terry Clark, Your Love For Me – Terry Clark, I Shall See God – Roby Duke, Jesus Mighty Fortress – Terry Clark, Time Enough – Terry Clark, Tuyo Soy – Terry Clark, Following – Terry Clark, Living Loving Eyes – Terry Clark
Episode 277 - alone?

Episode 277 - alone?


Some classic Jesus music, including: Who Will Be My Friend? – Andy Pratt, For Annie – Petra With Greg Voltz, Find Your Way To Me – Randy Stonehill, Healing – Dion, Praise Him – Ed Raetzlof, To Know Love – Barry McGuire, That Is What The Lord Will Do For You – Phil Keaggy, I’ll Just Depend On Him – Kelly Willard, Rested In Your Love – Roby Duke
Some classic Jesus music, including: Don’t Let Your Heart Be Hardened – Petra, Threw It Away – Mark Heard, Come To Me – Jerusalem, Soften Your Heart – Keith Green, Mercy Seat – Mylon LeFevre, Better Than I Know Myself – Andrus, Blackwood & Co, Changing My Heart – Denny Correll, Changed Hearts – Sweet Comfort Band, If You Will Believe – The Way, Sail Me Away – Daniel Amos, Say It Like It Is – Malcolm and Alwyn
Some classic Jesus music, including: (Songs that teach His word) Perfectly Complete - Paul Clark And Friends, Psalm 103 – Brush Arbor, Psalm 61 - Matthew Ward, Blessed Is The Man - Pam Mark Hall, Daniel - Pat Terry, Childish Things - Sweet Comfort, Acts 3 – Parable, Garden Song - Bob Bennett, Mansion Builder - 2nd Chapter Of Acts, Make A Joyful Noise – James Vincent, He’s Alive - Don Francisco
Some classic Jesus music, including: The New Earth – John Michael Talbot, A Brand New Song – Love Song, New Day – Fireworks, Make Me New – Twila Paris, New Life In Me – Denny Correll, New Tomorrow – Lenny Leblanc, Brand New Start – Mylon LeFevre, Brand New Life – Wendell Burton, New Day – Jamie Owens Collins, Kind Of A Woman – Al Mossburg – Moment Of Truth, Making My Life Brand New – David Meece
Some classic Jesus music, including: The Star – Dan Peek, Early One Christmas – Bruce Cockburn, The First Noel – Tim Miner, Joseph’s Song – Michael Card, Prince Of Peace – Sheila Walsh, Drummer Boy – Barry Mcguire – Terry Talbot, Angels We Have Heard On High – Michele Pillar, Silent Night – Kelly Willard, The World Was In His Hand – David Edwards, Shiloh Has Come - Evie, Saviour’s Day – Sir Cliff Richard
Some classic Jesus music, including: Norman’s Kitchen - Randy Stonehill, My Life - Phil Keaggy, Hold Me Jesus - Amy Grant, My Eyes Are Dry - Keith Green, Stubborn Love - Kathy Trocolli, Life On The Vine - Wes King, The Warrior Is A Child – Twila Paris, Clean Before My Lord - Honeytree, Happy Man - Bj Thomas, I’ve Got A Reason - Richie Furay, Anyone But Jesus - Barry McGuire
Episode 271 - legacy

Episode 271 - legacy


Some classic Jesus music, including: Be A Receiver – Benny Hester, We All Know He’s Coming – Benny Hester, Jesus Came Into My Life – Benny Hester, Out Of The Natural – Benny Hester, Legacy – Benny Hester, When God Ran – Benny Hester, Nobody Knows Me Like You – Benny Hester, On Christ The Solid Rock – Benny Hester
Some classic Jesus music, including: It Was Love – Chris Eaton, Heal The Broken Hearted – Liberation Suite, Nobody Knows Me Like You Do – Benny Hester, He Will Carry You - Scott Wesley Brown, Rest – Kelly Willard, Don’t Give In – Leon Patillo, He Covers Me – Steve Camp, There He Was – Michele Pillar, When The Praises Start – Keith Green
Some classic Jesus music, including: I’m Walking – Bob Bailey, Wide Eyed Wonder – The Choir, People All Over The World – Farrell & Farrell, In A Little While – Amy Grant, Everything’s Going To Be Alright – Al Green, Competition – Degarmo & Key, Line Of Fire – Brent Lamb, Jerusalem – Gentle Faith, First Prayer – Randy Stonehill, In The Morning Time – Tramaine Hawkins
Some classic Jesus music, including: Don’t Look Back – Phil Keaggy And Rex Paul, Four Lepers – Paul Clark, Only God Can Do That – Blues Counsel, Rock Steady – Sweet Comfort Band, What Are You Waiting For? – David And The Giants, Come As You Are – Michael Card, Strange Joy – Bob Bennett, Irresistible Grace – Scott Wesley Brown, Billy Frank – Randy Stonehill, Til Your Love Broke Through – Billy Batstone, Bob Bennett And Alex Macdougall
Some classic Jesus music, including: From The Start – BJ Thomas, You Gave Me Love (When Nobody Gave Me A Prayer) – BJ Thomas, What A Difference You’ve Made – Amy Grant, You – Pat Terry Group, Peace Thru The Day – Karen Lafferty, Dear Jesus – Kelly Willard, Do You Know Him? – Bob Ayala, I Can Be Friends With You – Petra, Shotgun – Albrecht, Roley & Moore, Over There – Matthews, Taylor And Johnson, Happy Man – BJ Thomas, Home Where I Belong – BJ Thomas
Some classic Jesus music, including: Look At The Son – Richie Furay, Psalm 5 – Bill Sprouse, We’ll See – Richie Furay Band, Mighty Maker – Richie Furay Band, Promise Of Love – Richie Furay, Seasons Of Change – Richie Furay, Someone Who Cares – Richie Furay, In My Father’s House – Richie Furay, Yellow Moon Rising – Richie Furay, My Lord And My God – Richie Furay
Some classic Jesus music, including: Faith Is Not A Formula – Will Mcfarlane, Quiet Faith – David & The Giants, Faith Is Not A Formula – Will Mcfarlane, Faith Beyond Rhetoric – Refined By Fire, Faith Has Eyes – Pat Terry Group, Hope – Mason Proffit, Psalm 23 – Vision, Hope Like A Stranger – Bob Bennett, What’s Your Hope In – The Wall Brothers, Without Love – Andrus, Blackwood & Co, Love - Petra
Some classic Jesus music, including: One Man Gets Around – Charlie Peacock, How Will They Know? – Denny Correll, Pass It On – Bryn Haworth, Tell Them All – Paul Clark, I Want To Make A Difference – Michele Pillar, A Billion Starving People – Keith Green, Cross That Line – Randy Stonehill, What Can One Person Do – Rob Frazier, Out In The Highways – Steven Curtis Chapman, Please Don’t Send Me To Africa – Scott Wesley Brown, People All Over The World – Farrell & Farrell
Some classic Jesus music, including: And The Wind Was Low - Love Song, All I Know - Mustard Seed Faith, Sail On Sailor - Mustard Seed Faith, Lost But Not Forgotten - Lewis McVay, How Long - Lewis McVay, Faultline - Mustard Seed Faith, Lost Inside Your Love - Lewis McVay, I Need You - Lewis McVay, Come For The Children - Mustard Seed Faith
Some classic Jesus music, including: Lord Of Glory - Connie Scott, Noah's Song - Phil Keaggy, The Rd Sea Parted - Scott Wesley Brown, Waters Of Rest - Jamie Owens Collins, The Baptism - Michael Card, Walking On The Water - Daniel Amos, The Well - Carmen, Living Water - Denny Correll, Cup Of Water - Servant, Watergrave - Servant, Washed To Sea - Mark Heard
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