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FULL CIRCLE is hosted by Jerry Bryant who pioneered one of the earliest and longest-running Jesus Music syndications, the Jesus Solid Rock Radio Show, heard on over 100 radio stations. Jerry was a part of the early Jesus Movement of the 70s! His Jesus Solid Rock concerts in Carbondale, Illinois helped to usher in early CCM to the Mid-West. In 1978, Jerry became pastor of the Last Days community in Woodland Hills, CA. with Keith and Melody Green and later moved to Lindale, TX., to work with the Agape Force. Jerry ended up back in Carbondale and continued with his radio show and concerts before moving to Nashville in 1993. After an extended absence from the air, he's back to doing what he loves: RADIO!

You'll hear fresh interviews from Matthew Ward (2nd Chapter of Acts), Randy Thomas (Sweet Comfort Band), Sandy Brock (Servant), Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Melody Green, Scott Wesley Brown and Chuck name just a few; plus great Classic Jesus music from Sweet Comfort Band, Larry Norman, Mustard Seed Faith, Keith Green, Mylon LeFevre and so much more!

We'll take old and new fans of CCM back to where it all began!

FULL CIRCLE is the winner of the Angel Award for 2008, Excellence in Media, Radio Division.

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267 Episodes
Some classic Jesus music, including: Look At The Son – Richie Furay, Psalm 5 – Bill Sprouse, We’ll See – Richie Furay Band, Mighty Maker – Richie Furay Band, Promise Of Love – Richie Furay, Seasons Of Change – Richie Furay, Someone Who Cares – Richie Furay, In My Father’s House – Richie Furay, Yellow Moon Rising – Richie Furay, My Lord And My God – Richie Furay
Some classic Jesus music, including: Faith Is Not A Formula – Will Mcfarlane, Quiet Faith – David & The Giants, Faith Is Not A Formula – Will Mcfarlane, Faith Beyond Rhetoric – Refined By Fire, Faith Has Eyes – Pat Terry Group, Hope – Mason Proffit, Psalm 23 – Vision, Hope Like A Stranger – Bob Bennett, What’s Your Hope In – The Wall Brothers, Without Love – Andrus, Blackwood & Co, Love - Petra
Some classic Jesus music, including: One Man Gets Around – Charlie Peacock, How Will They Know? – Denny Correll, Pass It On – Bryn Haworth, Tell Them All – Paul Clark, I Want To Make A Difference – Michele Pillar, A Billion Starving People – Keith Green, Cross That Line – Randy Stonehill, What Can One Person Do – Rob Frazier, Out In The Highways – Steven Curtis Chapman, Please Don’t Send Me To Africa – Scott Wesley Brown, People All Over The World – Farrell & Farrell
Some classic Jesus music, including: And The Wind Was Low - Love Song, All I Know - Mustard Seed Faith, Sail On Sailor - Mustard Seed Faith, Lost But Not Forgotten - Lewis McVay, How Long - Lewis McVay, Faultline - Mustard Seed Faith, Lost Inside Your Love - Lewis McVay, I Need You - Lewis McVay, Come For The Children - Mustard Seed Faith
Some classic Jesus music, including: Lord Of Glory - Connie Scott, Noah's Song - Phil Keaggy, The Rd Sea Parted - Scott Wesley Brown, Waters Of Rest - Jamie Owens Collins, The Baptism - Michael Card, Walking On The Water - Daniel Amos, The Well - Carmen, Living Water - Denny Correll, Cup Of Water - Servant, Watergrave - Servant, Washed To Sea - Mark Heard
Some classic Jesus music, including: Trust In God – Allies/Randy Thomas, It’s All Waiting – Paul Clark, Healings – Bob Bennett, Living In The Pages – Bruce Carroll, Not By Sight – Petra, Here Come The Big Guitars – Randy Stonehill, Tulsa, Oklahoma – Will Macfarlane, The Outlaw – Dana Key, Gospel Light – Terry Talbot, Now I Can See – Phil Keaggy
Some classic Jesus music, including: Learning To Trust – David Meece, Which Way The Wind Blows – 2nd Chapter Of Acts. Healing Waters – Mr. Mister. Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened – Petra, All Things Are Possible – Dan Peek, How Long – John Michael Talbot, Patiently – Michele Wagner, When God Ran – Benny Hester, If There Was Only Time For Love – Dogwood, Do I Trust You – Twila Paris
Some classic Jesus music, including: Two Hands – Children Of The Day, Moonless Night – Karen Lafferty, Who’s The Master – Becky Ugartechea, Sweet Dying Lamb – Jamie Owens, Look All Around You – Marj Snyder, In Jesus’ Name – Selah, More Than Words – Joy Strange And Parable, It’s Only Right – Honeytree, Fill Me With Your Love – Amy Grant, Light In The Darkness – Margaret Becker, Carry On Wayward Son – Rachel Rachel
Some classic Jesus music, including: Feels Good To Be Forgiven – Eddie Degarmo Come To Find Out – Bryan Duncan I’m Forgiven – Bruce Hibbard It Doesn’t Hurt That Much – Kenny Marks Forgiving Eyes – Michael Card Here I Am Again – Harvest Forgiven – Silverwind Just Take A Step – Michele Pillar You Can Be Mine – Kim Boyce Neverending Love – Twila Paris How Many Times (Seventy Times Seven) – Whiteheart
Some classic Jesus music, including: Free The Fire In Me – The Imperials, All The World Should Know – Glad, Take It To All The World – 2nd Chapter Of Acts, When There’s Love – Keith Green, Turn It Over – Bob Ayala, Pilgrim – Barry Mcguire, Shine Your Light – Jamie Owens Collins, The Battle Belongs To The Lord – Petra, Stand Like Steel – Randy Stonehill, Selah – Larry Norman, And The Rain Came Down – Chuck Girard, Don’t Let Go Of My Heart – Paul Clark, It’s Gonna Take Love – Farrell & Farrell
Some classic Jesus music, including: Dreams – Jon Gibson, Faith Takes A Vision – James Ward, He’s Gonna Make Your Dreams Come True – Stephanie Boosahda, Spinner Of Hopes, Weaver Of Dreams – David Stearman, The Possible Dream- Farrell & Farrell, Beautiful The Dreamer – Paul Smith, Clearer Vision – Twila Paris, The Vision – Darrell Mansfield, You Call Me A Dreamer – Will McFarlane, Dreams On Sand – Alwyn Wall Band, Be Thou My Vision – Kemper Crabb
Some classic Jesus music, including: Follow The Light – Barry Mcguire, It’s All Waiting – Paul Clark, I Had A Dream – Randy Matthews, The Trumpet Song – Dan Whittemore, Hey There Stranger – Tim Shepherd, No Deal - Jim Gill, Midnight Son - Resurrection Band, The River Is Rising - Greg X Volz, The River Will Flow – Whiteheart, Keep Me In Your Love - Phil And John, Egypt - Bryn Haworth
Some classic Jesus music, including: Thief Song – Scratch Band with Steve Scott, Bad Fruit - Randy Stonehill, A Different Kind Of Light – 77’s, Tower Of Babel – Steve Scott, Something’s Got To Change – Steve Scott, Love In The Western World – Steve Scott, Lie Down In The Grass – Charlie Peacock, Who Among The Angels – Steve Scott
Some classic Jesus music, including: Armed And Ready - Sweet Comfort Band, On With The Fight - Allies, The Fight Song - Geoff Moore, Concealed Weapon - Morgan Cryar, What Would The Devil Say - Steve Camp, Occupy – Petra, If God Is For Us (Who Can Be Against Us) DeGarmo & Key, Jesus Will Reign - Darrell Mansfield, End Of The Book - Michael W Smith, Only The Overcomers - Harvest, We Can Overcome It All - David Meece, Hold On – Matthew Ward, Rise Up O Men Of God - Phil Keaggy
Some classic Jesus music, including: Trains Up In The Sky – Mylon Lefevre, We Are The Reason – David Meece, Coloring Song – Petra, Shut De Do - Randy Stonehill, Friends – Michael W. Smith, By My Spirit – Leslie Phillips, Medals – Russ Taff, Destined To Win - Degarmo & Key, Awesome God – Rich Mullins
Some classic Jesus music, including: Welcome Back - Love Song, Maranatha - Love Song, I Wish We'd All Been Ready - Larry Norman, Fools Wisdom - Malcolm and Alwyn, Easter Song - 2nd Chapter Of Acts, The Victor - Jamie Owens, Your Love Broke Through - Phil Keaggy, King Of Hearts - Randy Stonehill, Rise Again - Dallas Holm and Praise, How Can They Live Without Jesus? - Keith Green
Some classic Jesus music, including: Saviour's Day - Sir Cliff Richard, Star Song - Sheila Walsh, Gift Of Love - Kim Hill, For The King - Phil Keaggy, Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Amy Grant, Christ The Messiah - Michael W Smith, No Eye Has Seen - Michael W Smith & Amy Grant, The Birth Of A King / O Holy Night - Steve Green, Silent Night, Holy Night - Bebe & Cece Winans, Home For The Holiday's - Various Artists Including Steve Camp & Cece Winans, Millennium Prayer - Sir Cliff Richard
Some classic Jesus music, including: I Love Walking With You- Andrae Crouch, Travel On With Me – Michael & Stormie Omartian, Soft Spot – Matthew Ward, Dance With You – 2nd Chapter Of Acts, His Love For You – John Mehler, All Your Ways – Paul Clark And Friends, At The Mention Of Your Name – Phil Keaggy, Dance – John Fischer, Just Another Injustice – Mark Farner, Young At Heart – Phil And John, Full Circle – Phil Keaggy And Rex Paul
Some classic Jesus music, including: Angels – Amy Grant, Got To Let It Go – Amy Grant, Find A Way – Amy Grant, Thy Word – Amy Grant, Love Of Another Kind – Amy Grant, If I Can Only Imagine – Amy Grant, Lead Me On – Amy Grant, Saved By Love – Amy Grant
Some classic Jesus music, including: Mountain Top – Amy Grant Old Man’s Rubble – Amy Grant I Know Better Now – Amy Grant There Will Never Be Another – Amy Grant Too Late – Amy Grant Nobody Loves Me Like You – Amy Grant Doubly Good To You – Amy Grant Sing Your Praise To The Lord – Amy Grant
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