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FULL CIRCLE is hosted by Jerry Bryant who pioneered one of the earliest and longest-running Jesus Music syndications, the Jesus Solid Rock Radio Show, heard on over 100 radio stations. Jerry was a part of the early Jesus Movement of the 70s! His Jesus Solid Rock concerts in Carbondale, Illinois helped to usher in early CCM to the Mid-West. In 1978, Jerry became pastor of the Last Days community in Woodland Hills, CA. with Keith and Melody Green and later moved to Lindale, TX., to work with the Agape Force. Jerry ended up back in Carbondale and continued with his radio show and concerts before moving to Nashville in 1993. After an extended absence from the air, he's back to doing what he loves: RADIO!

You'll hear fresh interviews from Matthew Ward (2nd Chapter of Acts), Randy Thomas (Sweet Comfort Band), Sandy Brock (Servant), Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Melody Green, Scott Wesley Brown and Chuck name just a few; plus great Classic Jesus music from Sweet Comfort Band, Larry Norman, Mustard Seed Faith, Keith Green, Mylon LeFevre and so much more!

We'll take old and new fans of CCM back to where it all began!

FULL CIRCLE is the winner of the Angel Award for 2008, Excellence in Media, Radio Division.

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303 Episodes
Some classic Jesus music, including: Never Knew – Erick Nelson He Lives – Erick Nelson Since I Opened Up The Door – Love Song Somethings Happened To You – Erick Nelson Carry Me Along – Erick Nelson Jesus Is Calling – Erick Nelson Flow River Flow - Erick Nelson Set My Spirit Free - Erick Nelson The Gift – Erick Nelson
Episode 301 - go!

Episode 301 - go!


Some classic Jesus music, including: People All Over The World - Farrell & Farrell Take It To All The World - 2nd Chapter Of Acts Go - Harvest Back To The Street - Petra Jesus Saves - Dallas Holm Please Don’t Send Me To Africa - Scott Wesley Brown The Other Side Of The World - Rich Mullins Jesus Commands Us To Go - Keith Green Carry The Light - Various Artists Don’t Tell Them Jesus Loves You - Steve Camp
Episode 300 - 300

Episode 300 - 300


Some classic Jesus music, including: Love Song – Love Song Lighter Side Of Darkness – Mustard Seed Faith King Of Hearts – Randy Stonehill Full Circle – Phil Keaggy Clean Before My Lord – Honeytree You Ask Me Why – Chuck Girard Oh Happy Day – Batstone-Bennett-MacDougal (Jesus Music Again) Right On Time – Resurrection Band He’ll Do The Same For You – Paul Clark I’ll Just Depend On You – Kelly Willard Yours Alone – Bob Bennett Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful – Keith Green
Some classic Jesus music, including: Down In The Lowland – Russ Taff I’ve Been Hiding – John Fischer Hard Times – Jamie Owens Collins Worry To Much – Mark Heard Picking Up The Pieces – Erik Nelson Heart Of The Matter – Bob Bennett Someone To Turn To – Allies Come Follow Me – Holy Of Glory Ain’t Gonna Fight It – Daniel Amos I Will Be With You – Margaret Becker
Some classic Jesus music, including: Love From Above – Mark Farner To Forgive – Steve Taylor Forgiveness – Charlie Peacock To Forgive – Al Denson Create In Me Clean Heart – Keith Green Love Like A Child – James Nesbit Shower The People With Love – Mylon LeFevre Let Us Be One – Love Song Loving You, Loving Me – Mike Johnson Jesus Loves The Church – Phil Keaggy
Some classic Jesus music, including: Angels We Have Heard On High – Kim Hill, Little Drummer Boy – White Heart, Do You Hear What I Hear – Michele Pillar, God With Us – Bob Bennett, And In That Day - Phil Keaggy, Mary, Did You Know – Barry McGuire & Terry Talbot, The First Noel – Tim Miner, Silent Night – Kelly Willard, O Holy Night – Crystal Lewis, This Little Child – Scott Wesley Brown, Breath Of Heaven (Mary’s Song) – Amy Grant
Some classic Jesus music, including: The Day Of Salvation - Sonlight, Walk In The Spirit - Sonlight, I Saw His Face - Sonlight, Light The Light - Seawind, Walking In The Light - James Vincent, Your Life In Mine - Sweet Comfort Band, No Matter What Shape You’re In - Michael Omartian, Don’t Let It Fool You - Rick Riso, The Light Of His Love - James Felix
Some classic Jesus music, including: A Brand New Start - Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart Jesus, It’s You - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Morning Star - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Peace Begins Within – Mylon LeFevre Trains Up In The Sky – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Crack The Sky - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Praise Hymn - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart The Warrior - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart More (Of Jesus) - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart Again And Again - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart You Comfort Me – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
Some classic Jesus music, including: I Need You - Pantano/Salsbury, Peace and Power - Ron Salsbury & J.C. Power Outlet, I Choose To Follow You - Ron Salsbury & J.C. Power Outlet, Lover Of My Soul - Pantano/Salsbury, Hold On - Pantano/Salsbury, Soul Seeker - Pantano/Salsbury, You're The One - Pantano/Salsbury, I'm Just A Record - Pantano/Salsbury
Episode 293 - choices

Episode 293 - choices


Some classic Jesus music, including: Two Roads - Country Faith, When I Was Ready To Listen - Chuck Girard, Remember - Bob Cull, Now That You've Heard The Truth - Will McFarlane, The Choice Is Yours - Jim Lemke Band, You Keep Running - Denny Correll, Choose You This Day - Harvest, Changed Hearts - Sweet Comfort Band, What Do You Plan To Do? - Dogwood, Stand On What You Believe - The Hope, The Holy Spirit Song - Children of the Day, Walk It On Your Own - The Pat Terry Group, My Heart Belongs To Him - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
Some classic Jesus music, including: We Will Stand - Russ Taff, I've Come Too Far - Russ Taff, This Love Is Strong - Russ Taff, Walls Of Glass - Russ Taff, Walk Between The Lines - Russ Taff, I Still Believe - Russ Taff, Winds Of Change - Russ Taff, Long Hard Road - Russ Taff
Some classic Jesus music, including: Vision - Russ Taff, Try Again - Sounds Of Glory, Finish What You Started - Russ Taff, I’m Not Alone - Russ Taff, Down In The Lowlands - Russ Taff, I Want To Change - Russ Taff, I Cry - Russ Taff, Silent Love - Russ Taff
Some classic Jesus music, including: Passport – Phil Keaggy, Learning To Trust – David Meece, All Things Are Possible – Dan Peek, All I Need To Do Is To Trust The Lord – Tom Autry, Through It All – Andraé Crouch & The Disciples, Trust In God – Allies, Draw Me – Keith Green, Which Way The Wind Blows - 2nd Chapter of Acts, Patiently - Michele Wagner, Hope Like A Stranger – Bob Bennett, I Will Be There – Phil Keaggy
Some classic Jesus music, including: Feelings – Greg X. Volz, All That Really Matters – The Alwyn Wall Band, Wake Up – Edin Ådahl, The Bad Has Made It Better – Randy Matthews, The Orphan – Michael Omartian, Thank God He Came – Jeanie Greene, He Is Strong – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart, Warmth Of Your Eyes - Lazarus, You Were There All Along – Michele Pillar, Help Is On The Way – Steve Camp, Strength Of My Life – Leslie Phillips, Where Would I Be? – Denny Correll
Episode 288 - one way

Episode 288 - one way


Some classic Jesus music, including: You Are The One! – Keith Green, Jesus Is The One – The Way, If You Will Believe – The Way, Jesus Came Into My Life – Benny Hester, Could He Be The Messiah – Michael W. Smith, Jesus Is The Answer – Andrae Crouch & The Disciples, Just One Way – Kerry Livgren, Everyone Needs The Lord – Jon Gibson, My Heart Belongs To Him – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart, All To Him - Denny Correll, One Way – Larry Norman
Some classic Jesus music, including: Making Melody In My Heart – Honeytree Clean Before My Lord – Honeytree It’s Only Right – Honeytree Simple Song – Honeytree Diamond In The Rough – Honeytree I Am A Servant – Larry Norman I Am A Servant – Honeytree Up To Something Good – Honeytree Walk With Me – Honeytree Pioneer – Honeytree
Some classic Jesus music, including: Tell Me How You Feel – Phil Keaggy, Find Your Way To Me – Randy Stonehill, Everybody Needs The Lord – Jon Gibson, I’ll Be A Friend To You – Kenny Marks, I Will Never Leave You – Reneé Garcia, I’ll Just Depend On Him – Kelly Willard, I’ll Keep My Eyes On Jesus – Seawind, Nod Over Coffee – Mark Heard, Lord Of The Past – Bob Bennett, Trials Turned To Gold – Keith Green, Rested In Your Love – Roby Duke
Some classic Jesus music, including: King Jesus Is His Name - Larnelle Harris, This Baby – Steven Curtis Chapmen from “The Music of Christmas”, Angels We Have Heard On High – Michele Pillar, Celebrate the Child – Michael Card from “The Final Word”, I Saw Three Ships – Twila Paris from “It’s the Thought”, I Wonder As I Wander – Wayne Watson from “Songs 4 Life Miracle of Christmas”, Silent Night, Holy Night – Russ Taff, The First Noel – Tim Miner, The New Twelve Days of Christmas- First Call from “An Evening in December”, In the First Light – Glad from “An Acapella Christmas”, One Small Child – Evie from “Come On Ring Those Bells”, All is Well – Michael W. Smith from “Christmas”
Some classic Jesus music, including: All Your Ways – Paul Clark & Friends, Looking Glass Incident – Paul Clark, Beware – Paul Clark, You Must Be Born Again – Paul Clark, Drawn To The Light – Paul Clark, Don’t Judge Your Brother By His Face – Paul Clark, Song For Salvation – Paul Clark
Some classic Jesus music, including: Feel Like Singin' – Sweet Comfort Band, Don’t Run Away – Allies, You Led Me To Believe – Sweet Comfort Band, What Did It Mean? – Sweet Comfort Band, On With The Fight – Allies, Easy As 1, 2, 3 – Allies, Take Me Back – Allies, How Much Love – Allies, Send Me – Allies, In The Light Of Heaven – Sweet Comfort Band
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