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Author: Sabrina

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Welcome to the Full Penetration Podcast! This podcast is aimed at talking about dating, relationships, sex, work, spirituality, purpose and everything in between! The point being emotional honesty and complete vulnerability. No games, no dancing around difficult topics, just full penetration into the vulnerability that is necessary in this life! I hope to engage you. I hope to give you a safe place to feel vulnerable. I am here for you and vulnerability, though it may be scary, is necessary to get to know your true self. And I want you to know your true self!IG: fullpenetrationpodcastEmail:
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I recently undertook a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat and I want to share my experience with you!  After intensive time with no phone, no speaking and just time to meditate, I have felt powerful and positive effects on my life.  I recommend, if it feels that you are so called to do a Vipassana retreat, that you go to and check out locations and dates near you!Thank you so much for listening!  If you have any questions or would like to engage mean, I can be found on my Instagram @fullpenetrationpodcast or All Beings Be Happy~Sabrina
In the past, I've been super inspired to publish a new podcast.  I've felt motivated and excited.Lately, I haven't been feeling it so much.  But that's no reason for me to hide.  These feelings are just as fully penetrating as the happy ones.  They are all brave.
Let's talk about it:  we all have ego running around rampant in our head.  Most of us don't even know it but usually when we are hearing a voice in our head, it's our ego and not our true self.  The ego may seem like one big, daunting embodiment of the self... But really, it's fractured and doesn't want to be acknowledged.  It likes when you don't notice it is there.I have identified different parts of my ego and broken them down into different personalities.  These different personalities show up at different times for different reasons. I work hard to hear them when they're around so I don't overly identify with them.  Because, truly, they are not me.  They are all the layers between me and my true self.This episode, I give you a glimpse into my brain and introduce you to my ego personalities.  Maybe this sounds like another M. Night Shyamalan iteration of the movie Split, or maybe it's just me trying to break apart my ego and slowly detach from it.  You decide!Let me know how you deal with your ego!  Message me on IG @fullpenetrationpodcast or email me at!I hope to hear from you!  Thank you so much for listening.
I had a couple realizations about my life that led Alex and I, ultimately, to break up.  I still want to do the podcast.  I still want full penetration.  It's a hard time but I just wanted to keep you updated.
It’s important that you talk with your partner about what commitment means to you and what values you have surrounding commitment.  In addition to that, it’s crucial for you to know and define unconditional love and talk about how it manifests in relationships.  This week, Alex and I discuss commitment and unconditional love.  It’s a tough conversation because we both have our own values surrounding what those things mean to us.  I invite you to like, rate, review, comment, subscribe and share!  Thank you and enjoy!
Alex and I got into our first true “fight.”  There was no yelling, no name-calling, but there was a ton of fear and tension.  When we humans fight, we tend to regress into a place of protection from our fears.  We feel threatened and react accordingly.  Often times, partners are brought together to trigger one another’s fears so we can heal.  During this episode, Alex and I discuss the fight we had and how our fears dance with one another.  I invite you to like, rate, review, comment, subscribe and share!  Thank you and enjoy!
As a couple, or even someone who is single, it is important for us to sit down with those we love and discuss our goals.  By doing this, we can enlist their help in achieving our goals, or at the very least their support.  Alex and I discuss our goals this week by using this formula:Describe the goalQuantify the goalExpress our partner’s role (or friend or family) in our goalListen to this week’s episode to see how we can communicate and achieve our goals!  Please like, rate, comment, subscribe and share!  Thank you and enjoy!
Alex left town!  But before he left, there was lingering tension between us.  Once we both acknowledged the tension (after I dropped him off at the airport) we decided to record our conversation as we explored and tried understanding the perceived problem.  Listen in to see how we discuss and solve what could have been a potential fight!  I invite you to subscribe, and please rate and review our podcast.  Thank you, and enjoy!
I hope you have been enjoying learning about Alex and I, and how we came into our relationship with open honesty and vulnerability. More than that, I hope you’ve been able to have vulnerable conversations in your own life.  On this episode, we talk about the future, kids, travel and other topics that we’ve never talked about until we recorded it for you, our listener!  This episode, we even navigate a conflict that has created tension between us and resolve it by expressing ourselves truthfully and vulnerably. I encourage you to subscribe, so you never miss a moment of this journey.  And I invite you to rate and review our podcast.  Thank you so much and enjoy this week’s episode.
Now that we’ve moved in together, find out what it has been like for us!  What important discussions did we have about living in the same space?  How did we try to assess our compatibility as we were making this big decision?  We even talk about what it will be like to fight in the future!  Listen to hear about our most recent vulnerable conversations!  Make sure to subscribe to get notified about future episodes!
Meet Sabrina and Alex

Meet Sabrina and Alex


Meet Sabrina and Alex!  We’re newly in a relationship and have been completely vulnerable with one another since day one!  Now we want to be vulnerable with you!  How did we meet?  What journeys were we on before meeting?  What intense conversations have we already had even though we’ve been together only two weeks?  Did I mention we moved in together? Listen to find out!Please email any feedback, questions, or comments here:
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