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A podcast on science from scientists. Here we ask those seemingly straight forward questions that don’t have such straight forward answers. Each episode takes a tongue in cheek look at current research and research practises whilst lifting the veil on what is scientific truth. Mostly we nerd out about the crazy complexity of the world, with the occasional calling out of mischief in the research community. We try to give a full account of the topics under discussion but as always, further research is needed.
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We have Erdinç Sezgin with us today, and he is telling us about the wonders of the cell membrane, and how biophysical methods help to understand them from a whole new angle.  Find Erdinç on Twitter  and his group's website --- Send in a voice message:
Can viruses get sick?

Can viruses get sick?


Today we ask the question can viruses get sick? And can you get sick if your aren't even alive? We take a look at giant viruses and their arch nemesis, the virophage.  --- Send in a voice message:
On this weeks episode we tackle the really big question of the morality of reproduction. Should we be obligated to have children because of evolution? --- Send in a voice message:
This week we are discussing the future of protein production. Is there a hard limit to how many people we can feed on this planet and if yes, are we going to reach it soon? Can we create food from scratch without a dependence on soil? Stay tuned for answers to these and many more questions! --- Send in a voice message:
Why did alchemy die?

Why did alchemy die?


Why can't I turn lead into gold and surely I can drink something to live for ever? Today we talk about alchemy; what it promised, who was practising it and ultimately why did chemistry supersede it.  --- Send in a voice message:
This week we are discussing disaster on the highest level. Do we have to prepare for extinction events that would kill all of humanity? And if yes, which ones are the ones we should focus on? --- Send in a voice message:
The double helix structure of DNA is probably the most famous biomolecular structure out there. In this episode, we are exploring other structures that our genetic code is forming, and what role they might be playing in the processes of life beyond mere sequencing information. Be prepared to dive into the many shapes of DNA. --- Send in a voice message:
Is scientism on the rise? Today we are discussing what exactly we understand under the term scientism, and how it affects the public perception of both scientific findings and the academic community.  --- Send in a voice message:
After we had a longer summer break, we're introducing the new season, our slightly modified approach to the podcast and tell the story how we got here.  --- Send in a voice message:
In the second part of our transhumanism feature, we look permanent germline modifications. Is anyone allowed to change their share in the human genepool, and do we have a wider responsibility than only our own offspring?  --- Send in a voice message:
This week on Further Research Needed we tackle Transhumanism! We discuss how we understand the term and get into the weeds on how feasible it is. Join us to see if Transhumanism might already be here or whether it is just around the corner. As always, further research is definitely needed. --- Send in a voice message:
Part of academic publishing is the prestige of the journal, measured by previous citations. We are diving into this system, why we have it and what the future of quality assessment of academic publishing could look like. --- Send in a voice message:
On this week's episode of Further Research Needed we discuss: Can scientists have opinions? Scientists are being trained to report data without intermingling their personal opinion. However, voicing one's opinion and having the freedom to talk freely is as valuable in science as it is everywhere else. Today we critically look at the available outlets, that are available for opinion pieces - from journals to Twitter. Join us for a quick rant about "peer-reviewed" opinions and some constructive criticism. Though as always, further research is definitely needed! --- Send in a voice message:
Engineering vs Science

Engineering vs Science


Is science just engineering? or vice versa? In this episode we pick apart the two and try and work out if it's a problem that they are so intertwined.  --- Send in a voice message:
This week on Further Research Needed we tackle the question: Are universities businesses? Changes in how universities behave will have far-reaching consequences for education, research and public services. We discuss if unis are getting more commercial than in the past and why they would want to in the first place.  --- Send in a voice message:
Which scientific theories do you know, that are no longer accepted today? Academic consensus is changing slower than any of us could really notice. Sometimes it's a good idea to look back at the theories we left behind over the centuries; and this is exactly what we do in this episode. We each bring one superseded theory to the table, and discuss them with respect to past and current scientific consensus. The natural conclusion follows: which theory is next? --- Send in a voice message:
This week on Further Research Needed we try to answer the question: Are antibodies overpowered? Joining us is Sebastian Ols, expert in vaccine research and first time guest on the show. We discuss how our bodies manage to produce a truly astonishing diversity of antibodies, why antibodies get better over time and what innovative strategies are being used to make even better vaccines. Whether you haven't thought about your immune system in ages or consider yourself well prepared for a fierce discussion about antibodies, this episode will blow your mind. Just as it has blown ours! Strap in, get ready for some hard science and as always, remember, further research is definitely needed.  --- Send in a voice message:
The 2020 science recap is here! Featuring life on Venus, a plane without moving parts and some deep protein folding. Sit back and relax while we share our favorite breakthroughs and meme the grumpy scientist about each other's choice. Guaranteed 99% virus free!  --- Send in a voice message:
This time, Pedro Veliça (creator of Pedromics) is joining the show. Peer review is a cornerstone of academia and scientific publishing, but certainly not beyond improvement. Can private companies ensure the quality of research through free labor, or do we need reform of the peer review system. We're presenting a few alternatives and discuss potential implications for us as scientists, but also our truth standard in general.  --- Send in a voice message:
Join us for the second installment of the guessing game. This time we will guess about our risk of death, the power of the sun and vaporizing all bodies of water. Find out who takes the guesstimation crown and compete with us for the best estimate.  --- Send in a voice message:
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