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A British Futurama podcast, analyzing the cartoon episode per episode and dealing with every other topic that comes up along the way.
28 Episodes
This week we cover Mother's Day and for some reason find a lot of complaints about the internal logic of a show about a robot revolution in the year 3000 that is foiled by a bra being unhooked. Get in touch at or on Twitter @futuramapod
This week MJ tackles Bender Gets Made solo, for a while. There is also some discussion of Zelda games, evil twins, and Legoland.
In this week's episode of Futurama-Rama we covered the Deep South, but also did a deep dive on how cannibalism works at sea. It is surprisingly organised!Get in touch at or @futuramapod on Twitter.
This week we cover a Hermes specific episode, alongside slave labour camps and the futuristic tech of those old tube message systems.
In this week's episode, we cover 'A Clone of My Own', in which the professor clones himself to bring in Futurama's most obnoxious character yet. We also dig into if old men are actually concerned about children being on their lawns. 
This week we discover Leela's alien origin! Although, it turns out to be a basket of lies from a sitcom parody character. We also talk about getting interns for the podcast, giving life to inanimate objects, and the early days of the internet.You can find the show on Twitter @futuramapod, and get in touch at
This week we cover Raging Bender, but also nuclear bunkers, envying the dead, and MJ gets a TV show he's watched spoiled live on air. 
In this weeks episode of Futurama-Rama, we turn our attention to a Christmas special from a different, lesser-known Matt Groening project: The Simpsons.
This week we tackle the Valentine's Day episode 'Put Your Head on my Shoulders', we also go over what happens in the hallowed walls of car dealerships and novelty songs.
In this week's episode, we debate why Planet Express has never gotten any kind of insurance, we also crown Miss Podcast 2019 in our annual beauty pageant. Oh, and we talk a bit about The Lesser of Two Evils, the sixth episode of Season of Futurama.
This week we debate important topics, like would you let a robot pour beer on you or just hold the beer for a while? We also discuss a Zoidberg-heavy episode and perform some mating dances. This week we debate important topics, like would you let a robot pour beer on you or just hold the beer for a while? We also discuss a Zoidberg-heavy episode and perform some mating dances.
Happy Xmas! This week we cover the first Futurama Christmas special, and generally how nice Christmas specials are in general. There is also plenty of talk about John  Goodman and annoying/frightening birds.
This week we cover A Head in the Polls, also we talk about the dumpster fire of British politics right now and a whole lot about Nixon, we're very sorry and things will be better next week!
This week we cover Brannigan, Begin Again. One of the funniest episodes of the entire show and we have no shortage of praise for this, alongside some discussion of mutiny.
We begin Season 2 of futurama this week with I Second That Emotion! We talk about mutants, Dr. Strangelove, and the practicalities of flushing things down toilets.
This week we look back over the first season of Futurama and go over some listener feedback!
This week we cover Fry and the Slurm Factory. There is also a lot of talk about Budweiser, doing away from time zones, and the Willy Wonka PS2 game.
This week's episode covers When Aliens Attack, the quality of which is a revelation. We also for some reason end up talking a lot about Eugenics and if Zapp Brannigan has staged a military coup.
In this week's episode, we try to figure out why Mars University was branded 'a tragedy'. We also go attempt to understand American Higher Education and decide how many guns you need to sell before you can call yourself an arms dealer.
This week's episode is A Flight to Remember, an extended Titanic parody that evokes some mixed feelings. We also cover the criminal neglect of Zoidberg and try to figure out just what this ancient show Three's Company was. 
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