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Future Tense - Separate stories podcast

Author: ABC Radio National

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US research says e-health data is particularly vulnerable to attack. The theory of the Extended Mind – should our tools be classified as a part of cognition. And forget the Anthropocene, we’re entering the Synthetic Age.
The future of diplomacy: Backroom manoeuvrings are giving way to public forums. And carefully laid plans can come unstuck with a single tweet.
A not so diplomatic future

A not so diplomatic future


Diplomacy is often viewed as a way of smoothing the friction points between states, but international relations are becoming increasingly assertive and highly personal.
Even those who campaign against the overuse of plastic, argue for a more nuanced understanding of its role in our lives. Future Tense looks at these nuances.
The advantages of going cashless are many and well known. But in the race to a completely cashless future, what do we put at risk and who benefits most?
Interesting alternatives to current burial practices include freeze-drying and shattering a corpse; and dissolving bodies in purpose-built alkaline washing-machines.
The virtue of sharing

The virtue of sharing


Let's look at the virtue of sharing: How could sharing shape our future, and what do we stand to lose if we refuse to share?
Could a fixation with metrics distract and divert us from the real work at hand? And how bad is the Dark Web - really?
"Good enough" solutions are damaging our ability to solve the major global problems of the world. And blockchain is revolutionising digital art.
In Canada, Google is set to re-develop and manage a large area of downtown Toronto. In China, the Communist Party government has been running trials on a personal rating scheme for all Chinese citizens.
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