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For interviews are by King DomπŸ§”πŸΌ, Jay πŸ‘©πŸ» talks trailers, and save us from MKH’s πŸ‘¦πŸΏ goring (a.k.a. Hot Topic), with Cult TV πŸ‘½πŸ€–πŸ‘Ύ for ever and a Review Sweat πŸ€“.


GeekSweat episodes continue arrive in a conveyor belt of Trailer Talks, Hot Topics, IMDb-listed interviewees, Review Sweat on the latest online series and Cult TV recaps plus Doctors of Who. New guests, new content, new venues and a new presenter…..your next best podcast is right this way.

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Meet Dominic, Giovanni, Jaymee, Malachi, Steven and Trevor as they cast unscripted chat on all things film, filmmaking and filmmaker-y to debate the industry, classic shows, up-to-date trailers, streaming series, trending topics and inspirational interviews.

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[UNOFFICIAL MISSION: This podcast aims to identify emerging, innovative filmmakers who are new wave & wavemakers of indie, UK & international filmmakers & creations for better and brighter filmmakers]

Podcasts segments average approx. 30 mins (Interviews average approximately 60 mins).

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Not featuring the biopic of CROWDED HOUSE....
Steven talks about Dark Shadows with KingDom and MKH
MKH has hot Asian men on the brain, but what is he really talking about here??
Trailer Talk returns with MKH at the helm Jay, TJ and MKH waxing lyrical about Bad Boys 4 Life and a few other films too!
KingDom presides over the glory and gratification that is the 2019 Geekies Awards (c/o: GEEKSWEAT) for the best performances, productions and programmes in 2019.
Martin Scorsese explains why many women didn't go into the speaking parts of his films, so MKH speaks on "going in" on Scorsese's seemingly politically incorrect approach to storytelling. To some, Scorsese is a living legend and genius director!!! For others, he is simply a man out of time, who is right? With his recent criticisms of the "fairground attraction" films that are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MKH takes time to wonder what type of representation (or simulation) a Scorsese film stands for based on his uber-masculine template. Could these latest comments be the off-shoots of a fantastic marketing campaign or deep-rooted true feelings? The director of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Wolf Of Wall Street is brought to book alongside good-fellow presenters Jay and King Dom. #collaborators, #MoviesForMen, #Scorsese, #TheIrishman, #ToxicMasculinity, #WomenParts #ManOutOfTime
GeekSweat teases new trailers and takes ratings on DC cinematic universe feature Birds Of Prey, big screen musical theatre adpatation Cats and franchise bombardment sequel Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker. MKH smoothly segue ways the GeekSweat gang through the latest trailers and is joined by King Dom and Jay as they take in the sights and sounds of the latest movies for the cinema. We are watching, while you are waiting for our recommendations on another instalment of a famed intergalactic space odyssey, Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-running stage theatre triumph and the Harley Quinn harem in a comic book movies. #BirdsOfPrey, #CatsMovie, #cinema, DC, #giveitamiss, #online, #rating, #RiseOfSkywalker, #sequel, #StarWars, #TrailerTalk
Trevor introduces the sci-fi thriller that divides two worlds within the boundaries to the GeekSweat team, Countepart stars screen &T TV legend J.K. Simmons who takes on not one, but two roles in a complex, neo-noir thriller that is redefining the terms of a doppelganger story. KingDom and MKH take note on what works and perhaps what doesn't in this near-future world, Kafkaesque vision that explores the possibility of parallel wells not just separated by choices, but separated by government, institution and ultimately bureaucracy. Review Sweat comes to you as a complementary take on what's worth watching on your available online streaming service, that you may have heard about or may have not. #alpha, #Berlin, #Counterpart, #doppelganger, #HowardSilk, #JKSimmons, #Oz, #prime, #Starz, #UN
Steven Coad talks about the weird and wonderful things behind Matt Smith's eleventh Doctor of BBC's Doctor Who. #BBC, #DoctorWho, #MattSmith, #SciFi, #TheEleventhHour, #TheRaggedyDoctor
Gary Lewis is a walk and talk expert on Alfred Hitchcock and his time in Leytonstone (east London). As part of the "Alfred Hitchcock Society of Leytonstone", Gary aims to preserve the history and origins of the world's greatest film Director. KingDom and Coady are full of questions and suspense as Gary reveals early incidents and accidents that shaped and influenced the famed Master of Suspense and his films. A great opportunity to understand what we can see and know that is connected to Sir Alfred Hitchcock. GeekSweat's Hot Topic is a fact-finding mission for the gang and it was also recorded live at The Stone Space Gallery (dressed up as the Leytonstone Picture Palace) as part of the Barbican's "Leytonstone Loves Film" event (c/o: Waltham Forest's London Borough of Culture). #Blackmail, #film, #Hitchcock, Leytonstone, #TheLodger, #MasterOfSuspense, #Rialto You can find out more about Alfred Hitchcock Society of Leytonstone on:
GeekSweat teases new trailers and takes ratings on Stephen King sequel DOCTOR SLEEP, a real-life rivalry in FORD V FERRARI and seasonal British romantic comedy in LAST CHRISTMAS TJ takes the reins, in the absence Jaymee; while KingDom and MKH are critiquing the up and coming cinema hits (or misses) for you to think about: watching, waiting until it comes online or simply just giving it a miss. So have a listen in on how things match up for Christian Bale & Matt Damon, Emilia Clarke & Henry Golding and Rebecca Ferguson a& Ewan McGregor. #cinema #DoctorSleep, #FordvFerrari, #LastChristmas, #rating #sequel, #TheShining #TrailerTalk
Coady inherits the Review Sweat mantle to discuss SUCCESSION a satirical, black comedy produced by Jesse Armstrong for HBO. The series observes the Roy family, dysfunctional owners of a global media empire led by a patriarch who is declining in health and considering an heir. Brian Cox is the most recognizable actor who is ably supported by Hiam Abbass, Alan Ruck and Sarah Snook. In 2018, the compelling ensemble cast garnered the attention and awards of the Golden Globes (Kieran Culkin) and Critic Choice Awards (Matthew McFadyen). This topical insight into how the rich and privileged live in the upper echelons of society in America appears to have a rich tapestry of characters that you will love to hate and want to see more of. #comedy, #HBO, #inheritance, #media, #power, #satire, #tycoon
Steven takes GeekSweat back to school on the Dan Harmon project that launched a thousand faces, not least Donald Glover, Ken Jeong and Alison Brie. What was so special about this series; where did it pass, where did it fail and how much revision took place in creating the formula for 6 core characters and an ever-expanding supporting cast. Dominic and Trevor enrol to the round-up of one of the most ground-breaking, yet formulaic shows in recent TV history and what it meant to creators and comedy tropes. #ChevyChaseCall, #CollegeHumour, #Community, #DaniPudi, #DanHarmon, #DonaldGlover, #SixSeasonsAndAMovie
Marlon Palmer is the special guest of this Inspiration Interview, as Director of 'Kush Film'. For over two decades Marlon has become one of the hardest working and longest-serving distributors of film in the UK. Notable Kush Film exclusive and premiere screenings include: Belly, Bullet Boy, Coach Carter, Daughters Of The Dust, Eve's Bayou, Four Brothers, The Players Club, Romeo Must Die, Ray, Rush Hour, Scary Movie Trevor and Malachi take time to learn about Marlon's childhood dream, hustle and his entrepreneurial mindset that has seen him bring his marketing and PR skills to the forefront during the fledgling years of independent films, short films and BAME films in the UK. #cinema, #exhibitor, #entrepreneur, #KushFilm, #marketing, #MediaDevelopment, #TottenhamHotspur
Jaymee looks at the issue of representation in big-budget productions by putting WARRIOR (Amazon Prime / Cinemax) in the spotlight and discussing it's origins (as a concept by Bruce Lee) and historical accuracies (delving into the Chinese Exclusion Act). This episode explores the authenticity of the story to recreate the era on the small screen for a wider audience; particularly in redefining a south-east Asian cast and the range of storytelling that is possible. 50 years in the making, we reveal key instigators who made this happen!! Jaymee reveals some very interesting insights into the development of this critically acclaimed show to the GeekSweat team in this Hot Topic segment with Steven, Trevor and Dominic in tow. #AmazonPrime, #BruceLee, #Chinatown, #MartialArts, #SanFranciso, #TongWars, #Warrior
Dominic takes the helm on trailer talk as we go deeper into Downton, juggle with a joker, see double Will Smith and then double-tap out for safety in a zombie comedy. Jaymee and Trevor join forces to give feedback on what is worth watching at the cinema, what can wait until streaming and what should be given a miss at the cinema. From a successful English TV series to one of the most recognized villains in comic book history, to the book adaptation and finally the most refreshing zombie movie. #DowntonAbbey, #GeminiMan, #JokerMovie, ZombielandDoubleTap
Trevor goes back, forth and back again about why DARK is the premier series on time travel to date. The German science-fiction drama is becoming critically acclaimed, yet it may be a little less known in the wave of U.S. sci-fi. What are the 'stranger things' setting this apart from the 'fringe', as a 'counterpart' to the 'westworld' of sci-fi and 'the expanse' of its audience to a 'legion' instead of just 'the man in the high castle'. Dominc and Steven look for clues (and a German translator) as Trevor unfolds the time-bending mystery emanating from the sleepy town of Winden and its ominous nuclear power plant that echoes through history.
The Ninth Doctor has gone already, but don’t worry he’s left the TARDIS in the more than capable hands of bright young thing David Tennant. Join us we look back at the 10th Doctor and his many companions as Doctor Who becomes the biggest show on TV...again. #DaleksVsCybermen #TheDonnaDoctor #SmithAndJones #WeepingAngels #Doesn’tSheLookTired
SFX & Make Up Artist Gabriela Heath opens up her box of tricks for King Dom and TJ to pore over in an Inspiration Interview. Gabriela takes us on a journey from her humble roots in Romania to her award-winning short films. What is it like behind the scenes? What is the difference in the attention to details? What scale of preparation is required? How did she cope with a zombie apocalypse horde running across London? Find out all these details and more with a simple click of the button. Inspiration interview is an opportunity to hear from an IMDb listed filmmaker with firsthand experience in the film and TV industry as it unfolds and emerges around us. #actors, #allergies, #awards #BestMakeUp, #MakeUp, #MUA, #movies, #SFX, #TheWalkingDead, #zombies
With the imminent release of Once Upon A Time In America in cinemas, Jaymee discusses the infamous Director and how he may fall out of favour with the public. Our latest Hot Topic explores the good, the bad and the ugly of one of America's most divisive and yet influential filmmakers of all time with Dominic and Steven on hand. #Americana, #FilmNoir #OnceUponATime #OnceUponATimeInHollywood, #Tarantino #UmaThurman
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