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When the clocks go forward things tend to go.....back to the future….Britain voted for Brexit🇪🇺 and remain in Europe; a Joker🤡 will chuckle like Chucky as Mark Hamill is set to voice a new CHILD’S PLAY (2019); the Sisters will be brothers👬 in THE SISTERS BROTHERS (2019); a Natural Born Killer🔪 plus Robin Hood🏹 team up to play THE HIGHWAYMEN and THE TWILIGHT ZONE😱 comes into view once more to haunt us with new fears courtesy of Jordan Peele.

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White Falcon, TJ, Neo Gio, MKH, King Dom & Coady cast opinions and debate on film & the film industry. We also have Eadesy-E "in that house" we bring you news, reviews & interviews.

Our content covers classic shows, up to date trailers, streaming series reviews, trending topics & in depth interviews. You can also find us via "Geeksweat" (or our hashtag circus on social media, #geeksweat).

The podcast identifies emerging and innovative filmmakers who may be the new waves & wavemakers of indie, UK & international filmmakers & creations.

It's all film, filmmakers & anything else we come to mention!!

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GeekSweat goes into stalker mode to keep pace with crime thrillers trailers coming out at the cinema; Zac Efron takes on the life & times of serial killer Ted Bundy, whilst Chloe Grace Moretz subway journey becomes destination psychopath (care of Isabelle Huppert).King Dom, MKH, TJ and White Falcon huddle together around the podcast fire, as gently guided & geared by soundie Eadesy-E. What ratings will we recommend for these latest films??Listen in and find our whether you should stay at home, pop online or venture out to the cinema in Trailer Talk#ChloeGraceMoretz, #FemmeFatale, #LactoseFree, #NeilJordan #PsychoKiller, #SeventiesStyle, #TedBundy #TrueCrime #ZacEfron
#GeekSweat goes sick, psychotic and Sci-Fi in the #TrailerTalk film reviews as we bring to the table Five Feet Apart, Lords Of Chaos on Captive State.Vera Farmiga meets the approval of MKH in more ways than, while her Sci-Fi that also stars John Goodman goes toe-to-toe with hospital romance drama Five Feet Apart and rock star rollercoaster Lords Of Chaos.White Falcon, TJ, King Dom and MKH are ably comptrolled by Sound Engineer extraordinaire Eadesy-E Neo-Gio, ItsStevenCoad and Trev lock horns on the good, the bold and the mimicry of each film.Let us recommend you what's worth watching and where in #TrailerTalk#CaptiveState, #FiveFeetApart, #HerNameWas #VeraFarmiga, #IsThatMachineGunKelly, #JohnGoodman, #LordsOfChaos, #MKHnextPartner, #TeenRomance, #TrailerTalk, #UrbanSciFi
Amazon Prime have taken up the adaptation of Philip K. Dick sci-fi thriller The Man In The High Castle, the epic, war time series features British actor Rufus Sewell playing the American Nazi in a seat of power "Max".King Dom takes us on the journey into the alternate reality where there German-Japanese axis wins WWII and takes over America by splitting it in two, under the shadow of an ailing Hitler and possibly worse dictator to come.This Review Sweat pores over what is fascinating about the re-imagining of the ending of the Second World War and the immaculate interpretations of what changes we should expect and what adventure this may entail.#AmazonPrimeVideo, #AlternateReality, #PhilipKDick, #SciFi, #thriller, #WorldWarHistory
Coady lands the Tardis on another #CultTV session, so GeekSweat can be meet with the Seventh Doctor portrayed by Sylvester McCoy (not his real name BTW!).We are about to experience a Doctor who emerged from a controversial regeneration, clown-like humour and eventually becoming the darkest Doctor of its T.V. time.The Scottish Doctor was voted (in "Doctor Who Magazine" 1990) as the "Best Doctor" over the infamous Tom Baker, and went on to complete several audio plays, but what made him unique?#CultTV, #DoctorWho, #ScottishAccent, #SeventhDoctor, #SylvesterMcCoy
Anthony Andrews of We Are Parable returns to GeekSweat in time for The Academy Awards, also known as Oscars 2019, who could be the winners (or losers)?The GeekSweat gang wait with baited breath and fixed smiles to find out what is in store for each nomination category and what the future holds for some nominees.After #OscarsSoWhite, the success of Black Panther in 2018, the return of Spike Lee and Bradley Cooper's collaboration with Lady Gaga are there any guarantees?#AcademyAwards, #BestPicture, #Oscars2019, #OscarsSoRight, #HotTopic, #WeAreParableYou can find out more about We Are Parable on:
This sessions trailer talk takes in Brie Larson's CAPTAIN MARVEL, Matt Smith's MAPPLETHORPE, Lupita Nyong'o's US and Natalie Portman's star turn in VOX LUX. So action, biopic, horror & musical!Breaking down each trailer and making new connections....White Falcon, TJ, King Dom and Coady debate each other to discover which films are worth watching at the cinema, waiting for it online or indeed giving a save you hassle!!#CaptainMarvel, #Marvel, #Mapplethorpe, #EleventhDoctor, #Us #horror, #VoxLux #MusicalDrama
Have you ever had that feeling of being suddenlyy ricj and then suddenly broke?? The formerly filthy-rich Rose family find themselves proverbially up Schitt's Creek.Coady gives GeekSweat insight into the multiple Canadian Screen award winning series featuring Eugene Levy (American Pie), Catherine O'Hara (Frankenweenie) and relative newcomer Annie MurphyHow bad and funny does it get living in a ramshackle motel, and in a haphazard way in a town once bought as a joke, well let's find out in this Review Sweat episode.#comedy, #EugeneLevy, #Netflix, #ReviewSweat, #SchittsCreek
Lets do the timewarp again, as Coady introduces GeekSweat to the Sixth Doctor portrayed by Colin Baker (no relationto Tom ),as the Doctor faces foes both on and off screen. Like clockwork Coady returns from his travels every five episodes to explore another regeneration of the Doctor and the longest running Sci-Fi show in the world :O #ColinBaker, #CultTV, #DoctorWho, #NoRelation, #SixthDoctor, #WeirdOutfit
Listen to our #InspirationInterview guest Clint Dyer detail how he brought his first feature film into production. SUS (2010) is an interrogation room drama set in 1979: "Election Night", as a chief suspect is interviewed by two violent and unhinged detectives seeking a quick confession. Here is the story of how it was made.
GeekSweat welcomes Theatre Director-cum-Feature Film actor with Clint Dyer for an interview about the scope and scale of his career that allowed him access to the Hackney cinema, work in Stratford Theatre and screen-time with the likes of Armie Hammer, Matthew McConaughey and Liam Neeson. Take a listen to what it take to make a film.#Actor #ActorsLife #MichaelX #Sus #TheatreDirector #Writer
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