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KingDom takes to the airwaves with a Review Sweat to lighten our hearts during these pandemic times in the aptly named Catastrophe. Coady & TJ get in on the one-episode fling of fancy to discuss the comedy drama that emerges from a one-night standChannel 4' Catastrophe (available on Amazon) is written by award-winning Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan who team up to star as American boyfriend "Rob" and Irish girlfriend "Sharon" who ramp up their relationship from one-night stand to married couple.What makes this the comedy show worth checking out? Take a seat and listen up to what makes the series such a big hit on both sides of the Atlantic and the comedy connections that are underpinning their story and comedy gems to be mined for.#ChannelFour, #comedy, #couples, #RelationshipGoals, #SharonHorgan, #RobDelaney, #UK, #US
KingDom and TJ go back to the future with actor of stage and screen Ed Stoppard; who has played several figureheads in history, but is now making a name for himself in the future as β€˜the Director’ in Peabody TV’s forward thinking Sci-Fi series adaptation BRAVE NEW WORLD.We get inside the mind of Ed and his connection with the Sci-Fi genre, discuss the cinematic loopholes of films about the future and learn more about what New London life is all about.#AldousHuxley, #BraveNewWorld, #EdStoppard, #NewLondon, #SciFi, #PeabodyTV
MKH takes to the streets of London and selects what could be the most dangerous gangster drama to have a tussle with in a very long time. Gareth Evan (THE RAID, THE RAID 2) produces and directs the new violent, epic drama for Sky Atlantic - Gangs Of London.Coady and KingDom get tooled up and join the gang for a rumble in telly land where there can only be one outcome from a good, bad or ugly recommendation. We will soon find out exactly which mantle this new series sits on for East End recreations of gang thrillers.#GangsOfLondon, #revenge, #stunts, #TheRaid, #violence
Geeksweat welcomes highly esteemed film, stage and television actor Ed Stoppard to our inspiration interview and find out what the mindset is of a seasoned actor with twenty years of industry experience.Having made a name for himself as Hamlet (English Touring Theatre), Sir Hallam Holland (Upstairs Downstairs), Brian Epstein (Cilla), William The Conqueror (1066: A Year To Conquer England), Lord Daniel Hervey (The Frankenstein Chronicles), Philip IV of France (Knightfall) we delve into the craft and creativity of an elegant actor.TJ and KingDom find out more about the intensity of preparing for roles, working on an Oscar winning feature film and what makes character acting such a joy to behold. #Actor, #biography, #CharacterActor, #EdStoppard, #Hamlet, #Knightfall, #ThePianist
Jaymee takes the helm to walk through the trailer talk park with KingDom and MKH in either hand.The delights on show in theme park Hollywood include Disney live action re-make MULAN, Disney & Pixar animated offering SOUL, the long-awaited directorial return of Christopher Nolan with TENET and the retrospective take on another DC character WONDERWOMAN 1984#DC, #Disney, #Mulan, #Tenet, #Pixar, #Soul, #Wonderwoman
TJ delves into Alex Garland's offering featuring Nick Offerman which is a Sci-Fi premise focused on Free Will Vs Determinism, as Lily (Mia Chan) investigates the disappearance of her boyfriend behind the digital curtain of tech firm.DEVS is available on the iPlayer, but JayJay and Steven provide the tech support on what makes this a sci-fi worth thinking about and whether its worth watching.#AlexGarland, #BigData, #DEVS, #ElfenLied, #ExMachina, #SciFi, #SerialExperimentsLain
Jaymee delves into the archives of console / computer game adaptations turned into film and cherry picks the incomparable DOUBLE DRAGON (1994) based on the smash arcade video game of the same name.Alongside, KingDom and MKH they pick apart what went right and what went wrong in the Los Angeles apocalypse of 2007 and what exactly brothers Billy Lee (Scott Wolf) and Jimmy Lee (Mark Dacascos) did about it.Listen to our new alt segment Cult Film and hear the geeks sweat:#arcade, #brothers, #CultFilm, #games #KungFu, #LosAngeles, #MagicPendant, #PostApocalyptic
GeekSweat interviews action film tough guy Sean Cronin; who operates in the industry as a triple threat of Actor, Cinematographer and Director, as he makes his way.Sean appeared demonstrably well in major hits such as James Bond: The World Is Not Enough, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.KingDom and TJ team-up to take down this mercurial actor with a series of questions about his rise and diversification in the film game and the secret behind his longevity.#actor, #ActionMovie #BondVillain, #GiveThemWings, #Rendell, #SeanCronin, #WartimeFilm
MKH takes the throttle on trailer talk and Jay & TJ give chase as they welcome a magical prodigy, resurrect a Marvel hero, survive an alien invasion and refuel the biggest car movie franchise of all time.Sit back and find out from the best review system whether you should watch, wait or ditch A Quiet Place 2, Artemis Fowl, Black Widow and Fast And Furious 9.#AQuietPlaceMovie, #ArtemisFowl, #BlackWidow, #DisneyPlus, #F9, #FastAndFurious, #MarvelStudios
Steven introduces GeekSweat to the second generation of the world famous, grand televangelist Gemstone family who achieved biblical success and are living proof that worship pays dividends in all sizes. MKH and TJ take a pew to hear their story in chapter and verse.Steven cast lights on the dysfunctional and hypocritical family in this comedy series led by the Patriarch Eli (John Goodman) supported by Jesse (creator, Danny McBride) the eldest of the three grown Gemstone siblings that includes Judy (Edi Patterson) and Kelvin (Adam Devine).So lets bring our hands together, close our eyes and listen carefully to whether this gem is worth watching or stoning as a series to watch.#comedy, #DannyMcBride, #family, #televangelist, #TheRighteousGemstones,
Steven talks about the Nineties era UK double bill on BBC2 of The Larry Sanders Show and Seinfeld, both becoming the staple of imported comedy from the land of Uncle Sam on Sunday late night's.Our Cult TV expert breaks down what makes the good, bad-mouthed and uncompromisingly funny of these two shows from the sidekicks to the subplots. MKH and TJ get an education from two kings of comedy.Gary Shandling and Jerry Seinfeld step into the T.V. ring to where the fictional talk show host comes up against the fictionalized, self-referential comedian. So many memories and concepts to explore.#comedy, #CurbYourEnthusiasm, #genius, #influences #LarryDavid, #Seinfeld, #syndication, #watershed
In this episode we meet dual nationality cinematographer Eben Bolter (BSC), who is fast becoming the rising star of film & TV. behind the lens.Cinematographer credits include; The Woman In White (BBC), Strangers (ITV) and The Feed (Amazon Prime). This year Eben has been the eyes and vision behind the Sky One flagship sci-fi series Avenue 5 (HBO).KingDom and TJ bring Eben back down to earth with Q & A session to discover how he arrived at his passion, where his inspiration comes from and how he creates that satisfactory look for the big budget projects.#Avenue5, #cinematographer, #EbenBolter, #HBO, #SciFi
The entire podcast team (except Neo Gio) band together to laydown their best tips and techniques for surviving a disaster with movie and T.V. facts that have become tropes through the ages.What world weathered advice can Coady, Jay, KingDom,, MKH and TJ add to your plucky resolve to survive?? Listen in to hear so much more than you bargained for.#earthquake, #flood, #invasion, #pandemic, #volcano
MKH slides into the trailers of upcoming films in 2020, taking Dominic and Jaymee alongside as they go on the lookout for The Invisible Man, rally around for The Hunt, take aim at Bloodshot and run circles around Sonic The Hedgehog.What can we say about our recommendations for this eclectic mix of films should you find yourself at the cinema, wait for it to go online or simply give it a miss?? Plug your earbuds in or turn up the volume, press play and find out here.#action, #cinema, #Bloodshot, #family, #horror, #online, #SonicMovie, #TheInvisibleMan, #TheHuntMovie
Jaymee helps GeekSweat discover how a fantasy set of novels will now play out in a broader live action series adaptation featuring Henry Cavill (Man Of Steel, Mission: Impossible - FallOut).So has this adaptation become a hit or miss, will it satisfy the original online gamers or the new hordes of online streamers only time with the GeekSweat tribe can tell you the answer to that riddle.#computergame #fantasy, #GeraltOfRivia, #medieval, #Netflix
[ episode recorded during the coronavirus pandemic ]Steven takes the apocalyptic road of the 1975's BBC TV series about a handful of survivors who are left after a flu-like virus wipes out most of the world's population.Dominic and Jaymee ready themselves for this adventure into the work of Terry Nation (also Writer of Doctor Who and The Avengers) and share in the rations of thought about what made this series so compelling.#BBC, #dystopia, #pandemic, #ScienceFiction, #Survivors, #virus
The GeekSweat team overlook the winners and nominees in the Oscars2020 with a focus on categories such as;Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Picture and many more besides.Jay, KingDom, MKH and TJ take the hot seats as a pseudo-panel running the rule over the nominees, eventual winners and possible revisions (if it were possible) to who should win.#2020, #Oscars, #nominees, #revoked, #revote, #winners
The GeekSweat team overlook the winners and nominees in the Oscars2020 with a focus on categories such as;Best Animated Short Film, Best Costume Design, Best Make Up & Hairstyling, Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects and many more besides.Jay, KingDom, MKH and TJ take the hot seats as a pseudo-panel running the rule over the nominees, eventual winners and possible revisions (if it were possible) to who should win.#2020, #Oscars, #nominees, #revoked, #revote, #winners
KingDom is at the helm of Trailer Talk where he brings together The Gentlemen (dir. Guy Ritchie), steps into The Public (dir. Emilio Estevez) and sees if it rains or shines in Weathering With You (dir. Makoto Shinkai).MKH and Coady sit in on the selection of new films that could be your new cinema favourites, something to wait for online or simply more easily avoided entirely. With several ensemble casts on show led by Hugh Grant, Alec Baldwin and Nana Mori respectively.#EmilioEstevez, #TheGentlemen, #GuyRitchie, #ThePublicFilm, #WeatheringWithYou
MKH and Dominic gather round the camp fire to listen to what TJ saw down in the woods, as wee peek inside the anthropomorphic world of Japanese manga series and adaptation BEASTARS.In a modern world of civilized animals where carnivores and herbivores live, work and study together 'Legoshi' (a large, gray wolf) navigates college life, drama club and an extraordinary fascination with a gardening white dwarf rabbit 'Haru'.The series begins under the cloud of a ferocious murder of an alpaca, but what else catches the in this fantasy, psyhco-drama and is there anything that will get the average anime fan salivating for more?#anthropomorphism, #Beastars, #college, #furries, #manga, #shonen
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