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Guys from Queens Network Inc (GFQ Network) has rapidly become one of the leading producer of “talk-radio” style Internet programing. Each of GFQ’s shows are produced live within the Queens NYC headquarters, and consists of numerous long-running web-based programming.

GFQ was founded and created by Andrew Zarian in April 2009, now joined by over a dozen more people on the creative team who host and contribute to the various broadcasts. Each show can be seen live on our website, and can be downloaded as an Audio/Video podcast from the GFQ Network website.

746 Episodes
AEW go head to head with NXT. Andrew and Rich have the results of Fyter Fest and Great American Bash night one.
A week after Apple's WWDC, Andrew and Paul reflect on the massive changes Apple has made in MacOS Big Sur. Will the iPhone come with MacOS next year? Paul explains why Microsoft should be copying Apple. Should Microsoft Windows look more like MacOS? Plus Microsoft redesigns the start menu, and YouTube raises it's price for YouTube TV again. Is cord cutting becoming too expensive?
We broke the story yesterday and will go into detail regarding what's happening with Velveteen Dream and his WWE Status. Allegations, Car Crash and more. Also, WWE will be returning to having a live audience at the end of July. We have all the latest news regarding where and how many people will be in the building
Many of us got our morning and afternoon hosts operating from their homes pretty quickly back in March. We had just a few days - or even just a weekend - to get our on-air talent connected from their kitchen tables or bedrooms, along with news and traffic reporters. Bryan Jones, Engineering Support Specialist at the Telos Alliance, helped dozens of broadcasters get operational from their homes. Now, we’re discussing longer-term home and remote broadcast operations. What are the best practices and key concerns from an IT perspective? What pitfalls should we avoid while improving these remote operations for long-term service? Plus, Chris Tobin describes his station’s unique remote operations setup.
Apple made a slew of announcements during it's annual WWDC keynote. Notably Apple officially announced Apple Silicon, their ARM chipset. Will Apple have greater success with ARM than Microsoft? Andrew and Paul also tackle Apple's marketing. What changes would they make to Apple's marketing? Plus Apple announces iOS 14 with widgets and details MacOS Big Sur.
This week we discuss SpeakingOut and what possible impact this will have on not only the wrestling industry but consequences for fandom and those involved. The possible sale of a major independent company. We’re not telling you who!
The global COVID-19 is truly global. North America’s oldest city - and tied with New York for the largest - is Mexico City. Cuauhtemoc (“Cuau”) Pereda is the Managing Director at @FM (, a network of almost 50 stations throughout Mexico, and oversees a network of talent, operations, and engineering professionals. Cuau joins us to discuss how they’re doing social distancing, while working with both union and non-union employees. It’s a lively look into big-market radio in another country.
Andrew and Rich break down last nights WWE Backlash PPV. Edge tore his tricep and we have all the latest on how this happened. Paul Heyman is out as lead writer and there's a lot more to the story.
Many people use their cell phones and other devices to record conversations. The audio can turn out, well, almost useless. Most people try to clean up the audio, and in the process remove the audio they need to hear. Tim Dolbear is an audio engineer, specializing in mixing, audio restoration, and forensic audio analysis. He joins us to discuss these topics, as well as give advice on “how to listen” to audio.
Apple is expected to announce a shift to ARM chips for Mac. What are the benefits of Mac running on ARM chips, and what are the biggest problems? Andrew and Paul briefly debate whether Intel has fallen behind AMD. And Sony is set to announce the PlayStation 5. What should you expect from the announcement?
Beth Mann started collecting radios early in her career - and never stopped. As President/CEO of Edge Media Group in Cadiz, Kentucky, Beth directed the construction and operation of the DJ Everett III Radio Room - a showcase for almost 300 radios dating from 1919 to present day. We’re on location at WKDZ-WHVO-WPKY touring this radio museum, plus seeing a replica broadcast control room from the 1960s.
Today on the show we discuss the card for this Sunday's NXT In Your House PPV. We also breakdown AEW Dynamite and Raw along with your mailbag questions.
We had a chance to sit down with Sean Ross Sapp the managing editor of to discuss the current state of pro wrestling and where he thinks it’s headed.
Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) typically need towers for their backhaul radios and access points. Broadcasters need Internet access at their transmitter sites. It’s like a mariage made in heaven! On this episode of TWiRT, Kent Winrich, CTO of Open Broadband, a North Carolina-based WISP, describes the technical aspects of a WISP network, and the frequency bands used for network deployment.
Microsoft officially released Windows 10 Build 2004. Paul runs down some of the notable changes in the build and also delves into the next Windows 10 Build, 21H1. Andrew and Paul try to figure out HBO's strategy for HBO Max. Plus Andrew gripes about the pandemic causing issues with the supply chain for electronics. And should all conferences be held virtually now?
NXT and AEW both had great shows last night and we are breaking it down. We have all the latest backstage news and rumors also answering your mailbag questions.
Sports broadcasting usually involves following and describing a moving target. On the auto and truck racing circuits, that target is moving about 200 MPH. Doug Watson directed and built broadcast facilities, and developed reliable techniques, for radio coverage of NASCAR races. He shares what works and what didn’t for making sure the weekly race broadcasts were exciting, accurate, and delivered to nearly 500 radio affiliates.
Today on Mat Men Andrew and Rich give you a preview to this weekends AEW Double or Nothing PPV. We also discuss the tragic passing of Shad Gaspard and Owen Harts Dark side of the ring episode.
Audio is important to both Radio and TV, but there are key differences in audio production techniques. Rob Ashard is a Sound Supervisor (“A1” in the USA) for several top TV shows produced in England. Plus his weekly on-air shift at Radio Caroline keeps his heart in radio. This week, Rob shows us some of the large audio “desks” he uses for TV audio production, and describes a technique for low-latency “talkback” setup to remote talent.
NXT announced that their next PPV will be called "In Your House" and the card is stacked. Rich and Andrew break it down for everyone. AEW Double or nothing in a week away and the card is shaping up.
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