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Guys from Queens Network Inc (GFQ Network) has rapidly become one of the leading producer of “talk-radio” style Internet programing. Each of GFQ’s shows are produced live within the Queens NYC headquarters, and consists of numerous long-running web-based programming.

GFQ was founded and created by Andrew Zarian in April 2009, now joined by over a dozen more people on the creative team who host and contribute to the various broadcasts. Each show can be seen live on our website, and can be downloaded as an Audio/Video podcast from the GFQ Network website.

760 Episodes
Broadcasting from home - working alone - informing and entertaining - keeping virtual company with our listeners; we’re doing the best we can during these continued lockdowns and social distancing. Industry events keep getting canceled or postponed, and we’re substituting in-person meeting with virtual ones and with webinars. Is it working? Are some things actually a bit better this way? Kirk and Chris explore these notions. Plus we’re talking with Greg Dahl. He’s bringing “The Next Best Thing” to 40 cities across the USA over the next 4 months in a socially distanced mobile equipment show.
This week on Mat Men we discuss all the changes coming to WWE TV and the corporate structure. WWE is searching for a home for Summerslam and wants it to be in front of a live audience. Will this be possible?
Engineering in various disciplines is a big part of Corny Gould’s career path. From major market broadcast engineer, to audio processing algorithm developer, to podcast content creator, Corny Gould applies techniques from each specialty to improve the others. Today we’re looking at gathering accurate sensor data from a model rocket that may be moving close to Mach 1, and reliably transmitting this data to a ground station.
Rocky Romero discusses the current state of pro wrestling and the "Talk ’N Shop A Mania” PPV this Saturday on Fite.TV
This week on Mat Men we discuss the issues with this year's Summerslam. We also review all of this weeks TV and your viewer questions today on Mat Men.
This week on Mat Men we discuss this week's TV. AEW was the best show of the week. What does WWE have to do to respond to this? WWE has canceled SummerSlam in Boston and will have a new location announced. Will it be in front of a live audience?
Paul Shulins is President of Shulins’ Solutions, a radio and tv broadcast consulting firm based in Andover Massachusetts, specializing in remote control solutions, studio design and construction, antenna protection systems and ratings metrics.
Microsoft held their Xbox Games Showcase today where they announced Halo Infinite, Gears 5, and Destiny 2 for the Xbox Series X next gen console. Andrew and Paul discuss the new games and the showcase. Plus rumor has it that ARM may be for sale. Who would be in a position to acquire ARM?
This week on Mat Men we discuss Impacts big PPV tonight. Could this be a turning point in the company again? Gallows and Anderson have signed a 2 year deal with Impact that allows them to work in NJPW. What does this mean for their relationship with AEW?
What’s a former DJ and Promotions Director doing building radio studios? Well, he’s lovin’ it! Bill Jackson is now the Principal Studio Engineer for Educational Media Foundation K-LOVE & Air1 Media Networks. He’s expanding the number of studios and replacing the consoles at EMF’s Franklin, Tenn, studio complex. We’re talking about how AoIP has made possible a revolution in studio interoperability and nationwide connectivity.
Andrew and Paul reflect on Apple's big announcement that it will utilize the ARM chipset in future devices. How is ARM changing the computing landscape, and is Intel in big trouble? Paul questions why all laptop computers do not come with SIM card support. And Andrew quickly discusses automating his smart home.
Imagine the pressure of making sure every game-day broadcast for the Tennessee Vols gets on-the-air and sounds great. That’s what Tim Berry does in his “spare” time! Tim is the Chief Engineer at WUOT-FM at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He also maintains numerous Amateur Radio repeaters in East Tennessee. Tim joins us to talk about close calls and “audio feed negotiation” as well as connection reciprocity.
This week on Mat Men we discuss night two of the GAB vs Fyter Fest Battle. Both shows were great but did NXT take the edge?
Thank you for helping us get to 500 TWiRT episodes! Chris Tobin says he’s up for 500 more! This week, Tom Ray joins us to review some past topics and see how they’ve changed in the past 10 years. Chris Tobin checks in from high above Manhattan. Plus, we predict the future for some of today’s technologies.
AEW go head to head with NXT. Andrew and Rich have the results of Fyter Fest and Great American Bash night one.
A week after Apple's WWDC, Andrew and Paul reflect on the massive changes Apple has made in MacOS Big Sur. Will the iPhone come with MacOS next year? Paul explains why Microsoft should be copying Apple. Should Microsoft Windows look more like MacOS? Plus Microsoft redesigns the start menu, and YouTube raises it's price for YouTube TV again. Is cord cutting becoming too expensive?
We broke the story yesterday and will go into detail regarding what's happening with Velveteen Dream and his WWE Status. Allegations, Car Crash and more. Also, WWE will be returning to having a live audience at the end of July. We have all the latest news regarding where and how many people will be in the building
Many of us got our morning and afternoon hosts operating from their homes pretty quickly back in March. We had just a few days - or even just a weekend - to get our on-air talent connected from their kitchen tables or bedrooms, along with news and traffic reporters. Bryan Jones, Engineering Support Specialist at the Telos Alliance, helped dozens of broadcasters get operational from their homes. Now, we’re discussing longer-term home and remote broadcast operations. What are the best practices and key concerns from an IT perspective? What pitfalls should we avoid while improving these remote operations for long-term service? Plus, Chris Tobin describes his station’s unique remote operations setup.
Apple made a slew of announcements during it's annual WWDC keynote. Notably Apple officially announced Apple Silicon, their ARM chipset. Will Apple have greater success with ARM than Microsoft? Andrew and Paul also tackle Apple's marketing. What changes would they make to Apple's marketing? Plus Apple announces iOS 14 with widgets and details MacOS Big Sur.
This week we discuss SpeakingOut and what possible impact this will have on not only the wrestling industry but consequences for fandom and those involved. The possible sale of a major independent company. We’re not telling you who!
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