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Good Game: Spawn Point (GGSP) is the show for gamers, by gamers. Hosted by Gem, Goose, Rad, and assisted by D.A.R.R.E.N., GGSP is your daily destination for the latest game reviews, gaming news, let's plays, live stream playthroughs, and stories on gaming culture, coding, and the hottest tech. Video games are changing the world, so let us be your guide. Oh, and remember... Be nice, have fun, and keep gaming!
168 Episodes
The Apongalypse Special

The Apongalypse Special


Every game in the galaxy has been turned into Pong, and to reverse this evil curse the GGSP crew must seek out three ancient gaming artefacts and confront the dreaded Lord Pongos!
10th Anniversary Special

10th Anniversary Special


Join the entire GGSP gang, including special guests Bajo and Hex, for a look back at a decade of this crazy show about videogames. Will D.A.R.R.E.N's circuits overload at the sight of his old co-hosts?
This week on GGSP: we review the rhythm action of Cadence of Hyrule, and our heroes face the final boss in The Apongalypse!
This week on GGSP: we review the mysterious space adventure Outer Wilds & continue our epic quest to save all games in the universe from becoming Pong!
This week on GGSP: we review the slices dicey dancey VR rhythm action of Beat Saber, and continue our fight against Le Dark Lord Pongos in The Apongalypse Episode 3: Les Gamerables!
This week on GGSP: we review the retro inspired adventure of Forager, & venture into the cursed realm of Noob Land to find the next gaming artefact to stop lord Pongos!
This week on GGSP: we review the latest kart racing contender Team Sonic Racing, plus, an epic adventure begins in the first episode of The Apongalypse!
We review the augmented reality wizardry of Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and the card battling of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission! Plus, more questions are answered in Ask SP, and we bring you The Scoop on the latest in gaming!
This week on GGSP, we put our pirate pants back on and head to the Sea of Thieves to see how its waters fair one year later, and we check out the early access for the super ambitious creative sandbox of Dreams!
This week on GGSP, we look at how well the Switch handles VR with the Nintendo LABO VR Kit, plus You Review Unruly Heroes, we answer more questions in Ask SP, and discuss the latest news in The Scoop!
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