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HEYWHATSUP™? GUNWASH is the future of talk radio; a weekly 90 minute explosion of dark humor, eye-opening interviews, dancehall reggae and psychedelic sounds. Tune in for unguarded insight from the artists, musicians, troublemakers and curators shaping culture in the 21st century. Design, typography, astrophysics, dancehall reggae, conspiracy theories, illustration, drums, nuclear engineering, disco, Polo Ralph Lauren, crime, the 1990's, iconography, iced coffee, late night downtown, drummers, Byzantine art, Air Jordans, micro biology, African fuzz rock, 2nd Street, barbour jackets, exo-politics, guitars, beer, Japanese magazines, Southhampton, turntables, MK ultra, comic books, Miami, Arthur Russel, fly fishing, pirate radio, user interface graphics, ebonics, the water crisis, Americana, wine, silkscreens, bikes, Grateful dead, goo balls, red wing boots, soca music, photoshop, cognitive behavioral therapy, KISS, local farming, talk radio, patois, and of course Brooklyn.
190 Episodes
Wiki from RATKING and a cavalcade of dancehall stars infiltrate GUNWASH for an absolutely incredible marathon of radio.
Instant classic. Pierre returns to GUNWASH and Kenny Basil surprises the studio with an unannounced visit.
Episode 189: GGC RETURNS

Episode 189: GGC RETURNS


Legendary NYC photographer Ricky Powell returns to GUNWASH for some Funky Uncle gems.
Episode 187: AZEL RETURNS

Episode 187: AZEL RETURNS


AZEL makes a triumphant return to GUNWASH, tags the wall, takes his shirt of and bangs on tables.
Episode 186: Transitions

Episode 186: Transitions


On an emotional episode of GUNWASH, Jack Inslee shares some sad news, Allison Hamlin and Anthony Falco join the studio for a look back and a look forward….
This week on GUNWASH the team is joined by 17 year old rapper Aaron Veal, also known as Siddhartha. Tune in to hear Aaron spit some freestyles over both old school and new school beats.
This week on GUNWASH the crew learns a whole lot about wine from wine expert and all around awesome dude Keith Beavers of IN VINO. They also discuss WEEN, Armando’s new art project and Phife Dawg.
Do you prefer sexting or frexting? This week on GUNWASH, the team sit down with Alanna Levinson, editor at Medium + Matter and Meredith Haggerty, an editor at Racked Magazine. Together they discuss the difference between sexting and frexting, christian rock music and looks.
This week on GUNWASH, Sara Radin and Elizabeth Scholnick, trending topics, Kanye West (again), and art of the avant garde audio variety. BONUS: Radin and Elizabeth turn the tables and interview the GUNWASH team.
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