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A journey through GVB's (Greg Van Borssum's" life and what it took to become a champion. The struggles and mental resilience that it took to bring him back from the edge of being suicidal to becoming a national ambassador, speaker and advocate in the world of mental health. Support the show (
A recent interview with Greg Van Borssum after his successful performance on stage saw him awarded with his Accredited Speakers Designation, making him the first Australian speaker in history to receive the honour and just the 82nd person in the world in nearly 40 years. The interview was hosted by Greg Gazin on behalf of Toastmasters International Podcasts. Toastmasters International are a life changing organisation who assist people in building their confidence, speaking and leadership skills.Support the show



International inspirational Keynote Speaker, Hollywood Film Maker, Champion Sportsman and Suicide Prevention Ambassador Greg Van Borssum lets it all out at the Construction and Mining Industry's National Mental Health Convention about the twists and turns of his life and the importance of "Looking out for your mates".
GVB (Greg Van Borssum) International award winning film maker, world champion sportsman, martial arts master and international speaker on stage at the 2018 TM World Conference of Public Speaking. He shares his views on life, leadership, communication and how personal and corporate leadership have exactly the same elements.Support the show
Overcoming adversity and reaching out for help. Trevor was a flight lead in a Combined Australian USA Special Operations Team in Afghanistan when they suddenly went down, crashing violently in the desert. A number of operators lost their lives and Trevor lost the use of his legs. This is his story of how he dealt with the outcome of that accident and how he continues to fight forward, bettering himself on a daily basis.GVB and Trevor met a number of years ago at an international pistol shooting event and have been the closest of friends ever since. Both men have been through the tough times and several losses and they want to relay to you that no matter what happens in life, Never give up and always remember "Its not weak to speak"Support the show (
In this episode GVB sits down with US Border Patrol officer and World Champion Pistol Shooter Rob Vadasz to discuss Mental health, Suicide Prevention and how to maintain a champions mindset. Both these men are champions of their chosen sports and the importance of the mind and how you keep mentally healthy are fundamental in achieving your goals and in living a fulfilling life.Support the show (
After presenting a keynote speech in Florida for the National Disability Matters Conference GVB (Greg Van Borssum) Mind Warrior took some time out to interview a wonderful young man Pedro Pimenta who was struck down with a form on Meningococcal which resulted in him losing all his limbs overnight. In a flash he went from being a fit young soccer player and musician to fighting for his life and then finding the strength to fight back. He has an incredible mindset and this is an interview you must hear.Support the show (
Greg Van Borssums speech that made him the first Australian Speaker in history to receive his International Accredited Speaker Designation... and just the 82nd person on the world to be honoured with the award. His speech on mental health, recognising the signs and how to put step in place to make your life better was recorded live from the world stage in the Marriott Convention Centre. We hope you enjoy it and learn from it. Support the show
Greg (aka) GVB Mind Warrior is interviewed by leading mind in the medical field Professor Joseph E Ibrahim on the PROF JOE COVID 19 PODCAST.Professor Joseph Ibrahim is an academic researcher, teacher and a practising senior medical specialist in geriatric medicine with over 30 years of clinical experience. He is also a producer, co-writer and narrator of three short films about ethical issues in persons with dementia and ageing. In 2019 Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend reognized him as “People Who Mattered in 2019 for Health”.Host for the show is Dr Prateek Bandopadhyay a well respected doctor and man of many talents. In this episode Greg gives his insights into his no B.S version of leadership in a crisis situation and what he believes it will take to spearhead care teams through this current time of upheaval. He reveals the mindset it takes to win under these situations and the pragmatic approach through care that needs to be implemented to keep people alive. Support the show
Hear Gregs path to becoming Australia and the southern hemispheres first and only Accredited Speaker..Greg's story is one of never giving up.  A failed school kid made good.  In his time Greg has been a national and international bodybuilding champion, national and world pistol champion, Award winning Hollywood Fight Choreographer and director, martial arts master and now an internationally toastmasters International Accredited Speaker.Now his aim is to save lives, help people find their path and to educate the young.Support the show
This episode is part of a series where Greg takes you through his life and gives you some of the ups and down during his journey he took to change his life.  Episode 1:  "The skinny kid who became a National Bodybuilding Champion"Support the show
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