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Author: Vanessa Rende

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Game On is a unique and one-of-a-kind audio blog experience, hosted by Author, Speaker, and Coach Vanessa Rende.My goal with #GameOn the audio blog: To bring high-performers, celebrities, and individuals obsessed with self-development and growth, raw and real unedited messages, downloads, stories, and strategies that help YOU challenge yourself and WIN on your personal and professional growth journey.Find me Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To learn more about my written Blog, Coaching, Events and Products, visit
12 Episodes
Discover how creating the discipline and practice of plugging into yourself before you plug into all the ways, worries, struggles and distractions of the world can change your life, business, relationships and every other area of your life. In this blog, I go over the top 6 (yeah, there’s more depending on your own needs, goals and way of being!), I avoid everyday to make sure I am plugged into myself, clear about my day’s intentions and pumped for aligned action to achieve more with LESS!Read the written version, get more awesome content, freebies and stay connected with me at
Everyone has a purpose in life. Eventually, we get tired of settling, feeling unhappy and existing in a reality full of stress, worry and confusion. In this blog, I share the real meaning of life for all of us. Plus tips on how to start shifting your reality today.
Wondering what else you can do to shift your energy, vibration and frequency to match your desires?You’re probably already self aware of your emotions and the impact it has on your energy. You probably journal and meditate too. And you probably already know that we can’t have anything we don’t make space for, but how often are you doing the MOST important part of managing your energy?In this short and sweet audio blog I share a powerful message that came to me a few days ago on releasing.Please remember to like, share and subscribe!Visit for more profound content, free stuff and information on working with me. 
There comes a time in every soul searching high-achiever's journey when you feel stuck. And all the personal development, mindset, energy, spirituality experience and work you're doing just doesn't seem to be cutting it any more. The elusive "next level" seems just an arm's length away, and you feel like you've tried everything, but it's just too far away from you to reach.During this audio blog, I share with you guys:1) My own personal short and recent story of being stuck and how I overcame.2) Why we get to these "stuck" points - yes, even those of us who are deep in personal development and personal growth.3) What needs to happen for you to get unstuck.Plus many other random nuggets of gold from my soul to yours.If you love it, please subscribe, share and rate it so I can reach more people with this powerful message.Learn more about me at
Everyone reaches a point in their lives when the begin to soul search., especially high-achievers. For many, what they find is too uncomfortable to face, let alone change. So they fall back into settling for the next best thing, or the thing that sounds more attainable and feasible.This cycle leads to bursts of success, happiness, intimacy and other temporary feelings of happiness and completeness, but they do not last. Eventually we find ourselves searching again and feeling lost, incomplete and as if something is still missing....again.In this audio blog, I talk about:- What that looks like for many of us and what it really means.- How to discern between the voices of fear, doubt and limiting beliefs and true (soul) alignment, and- My quick, highly-effective way for shifting into non-negotiable alignment.If you love this audio blog, please share, subscribe, rate and leave me a comment to help me reach more people with this message. To learn more about me and my work, visit
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be really happy? Have you ever noticed that as you’ve evolved as a human being and grown in age and wisdom, your idea of happiness has changed significantly? I used to believe that happiness was an elusive state of being that only some people got to enjoy. I never understood what it truly meant or how to tap into it - let alone CREATE IT. In this blog, I share my 6 go-to tough love tips for creating real, long-lasting happiness. If you love it, please share and subscribe. iTunes: Play: learn more about me, visit
The personal development and self-help industry was built on the foundation of helping people fix themselves. But the problem is that 99.9% of the time, they are telling us to work out more, or do more Mindset work. They are singling out one or two areas of our existence and consciousness while ignoring the rest of us. And because we are already running on old programs and dragging things in our DNA, we fall for the wick fixes. Hardly does anyone ever talk about the different parts that make us who we are. The parts we ignore, repress, stuff down or just refuse to acknowledge. The parts, that when congruent, truly make us whole and complete. Isn’t that was true personal growth is all about? Finding what you need in you. Feeling complete and not having to look to anyone or anything to feel whole. In this blog, I talk about what each part of SELF is, and why they are all equally vital to true personal growth, transformation and lasting change. Thanks for listening! And don’t forget if you love it, share it and subscribe. iTunes: Play: learn more about me, my work and to get freebies, head over to
Have you ever noticed that the second you decide to step out of your comfort zone and decide to do something new, scary or super exciting, you are flooded with thoughts, emotions and feeling that tell you to turn back around?Everyone experiences it, and it causes us to prematurely give up, stop and wonder why the thing we want so bad feels so hard. In this blog, I explain why that happens to all of us and how you can build a muscle that fixes it. If you love it, please share and subscribe!iTunes: Play: more about my work at
When you TRULY get tired of your own bullshit, and your very soul demands freedom from it, there is no fear, limit or even deep-rooted belief that can stop the force behind you to move forward and BE MORE.That's what The Game ON Movement is all about.To learn more, visit
If you are a high-performer looking for the next way to UP your game, or know that you’re on a journey to be the best you possible (whatever that means for you), this blog entry is for you!I’ve been on a high-performance journey for over 15 years, calling my self out, killing comfort zones and crushing fear. Today I share the ten things I do every day to keep pushing myself to the next level as the fully integrated, whole and best version of me. Don’t forget to subscribe and share. iTunes: Play: learn more about my work, visit 
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