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IGN shoots a week’s worth of gaming news straight into your ear!
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Brandon Writer

Hello gamescoop. please please please run the audio through a compressor. the loud points are extremely loud while the whispering or mumbling is inaudible. very difficult to listen to in a car or my semi truck. thanks

Jun 10th

Will C.

That last guy who read... Was he on cocaine? Damn! Calm the heck down

Jun 3rd


new fallout sounds like Minecraft. R.I.P.

Jun 1st

Cameron Cosby

I was almost screaming the answer to 20 questions.

May 17th


My mom threw out my gameboy advance because it "took to much space"

May 14th

Justin Cole

I actually got the 20 questions right! And I can't prove that to anyone...

May 12th

Jon Bjorling

Bye fb55. 8

May 5th

Jose Rodriguez (MSP Student)


Apr 30th

Aasif Khan


Mar 3rd

Tammy Lynn Balmain

lloveve the name lol

Dec 14th

Yandell Ortiz

This is a cool photo

Nov 28th

Owen Dibb


Nov 3rd

Tasha S.

my husband and I are so excited about all these new games coming our way, he he he...

Oct 28th

Jamie Woughter

you guys are awsome

Oct 20th

Skylar Merolillo

Hey guys, I have an hour and 15 min drive to work. thanks for making it suck that much less! great stuff!

Oct 18th

Alex Hall

What about motorsport 7

Oct 14th

Hunter Pond

i love your pod casts

Oct 7th

iTunes User

Loved the show, listened all the time. Then the new format came and its just wierd. Its all broken up, the theme song isn't there, its not being recorded on the same day so there are constantly different people on each segment change. Also the audio has taken a massive drop in quality because of this. I love the show just please, please bring back the old format

Aug 30th

iTunes User

What a podcast! No matter what system(s) you own, what games you play (or "game" if you're also a Three Red Lights listener), or if you have absolutely no interest in games, you'll appreciate Game Scoop! Produced, edited, and hosted by Daemon Hatfield, Scoop! covers gaming news on all major platforms (Nintendo's Wii and DS, Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PS3 and PSP, and even a little PC) with commentary from a number of editors writing on IGN's different channels. The group discusses and debates happenings in the industry from game delays, to recently reviewed titles, to studio mergers and what it means for us gamers (and them; they're gamers too). While there are a number of regulars who offer their thoughts (cranky Craig Harris and Greg Miller, who's hilarious and LOUD), Daemon makes the show so inclusive, you'll feel like you're sitting at the table with him. He's funny without trying, humble, and he'll make you question what you have to be down about. Before a subject starts spinning its wheels, you'll appreciate his meticulous editing that splices in music or in-game audio relevant to the next topic, resulting in a smooth transition and concise final product. This is how podcasts should be and while I haven't heard all the podcasts in the world, I doubt I'll find one to top it. Keep it up guys! My only complaint is that this deserves to be a video podcast. Do that, and I'll give it six stars; don't ask how. :D

Aug 30th
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