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Author: Barstool Sports

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The official Barstool Game of Thrones podcast pairs the biggest fans of the show at the company with the most anticipated series of 2019. The crew will feature names like Riggs, Clem, KFC, Ellie, Ria, Trent, Feitelberg, and more. Every week they will break down each episode, give instant reactions on Sunday night, predict what will happen next, and explore the theories that surround the season. Unfiltered and uncensored as only Barstool can provide. Download today, new episodes will be out on Sunday nights.

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Comments (2)

Abe Montoya

Filler? Not at all. Calm before the storm and a great setup for next week. I could sit down with you guys I think.

Apr 22nd

Robert Hilbert

Abe Montoya I could not agree more. This episode was better than the first. These are the characters we all fell in love with. These scenes were great. This isn't wwe it is a well thought out and epic story.

Apr 22nd
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