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Sixteen Bit (Cam) is a video game collector and enthusiast from Toronto
The Still Loading Podcast covers gaming history & culture
Santi Fox is the Global Art Director at K-Swiss & esports ambassador
Danny Hunstman is BJJ black belt under Rigan Machado and owner of Lehi Judo Club
Retrohangover is video game themed podcast duo from Florida More Retrohangover:
Dayne Aristizabal is a retired professional MMA fighter, BJJ black-belt and owner of Agema Jiu Jitsu & MMA More Dayne:
Kelton Cram is a costume, monster & weapons concept artist for film, TV & video games.
Brett Weiss is a video game and pop culture author. Website: Amazon Author Profile : YouTube :
Gaszia is 1/2 of bass artist duo X & G. Find more X&G:
Tim Spencer is a stand up comedian and writer / producer of the YouTube show "Joe on a Boat" Joe on a Boat: AirBnB :
LEViT∆TE is an audio visual artist artist from Seattle Website : Facebook : Instagram: Soundcloud : YouTube: Twitter: Spotfiy :
Patrick Hickey Jr. is a English professor, journalist, voice-actor & author of the book series, "The Minds Behind the Games". Find more Patrick:
Adonis "Igama" Jordan is a downtempo music producer, a project manager for Envelop immersive audio experiences & a world traveler. Igama: Envelop:
Josh is a multi award-winning marketing professional with over a decade of multichannel experience. Josh has led teams of marketers, writers, and designers in digital marketing initiatives for companies such as Salesforce, Dr. Axe, Discover, Pluralsight, Progenex and many more.
Steve Phillips aka "Durandal" is a bass music producer, record label owner and video game collector. Find more Durandal: Find more Subswarm: Find More Åbysmal Ẹntities:
Mike Rushforth is a commercial airline pilot, music producer & guitarist for the band "After Tomorrow" Mike Rushforth tunes: After Tomorrow:
Derek Page aka "Dekai" is a bass music producer, drummer & crytpo crowdfunding expert. Find more Dekai:
Chase Henson is the drummer for Mome Wrath , a prolific illustrator and accomplished concept artist. I met chase at a smash brothers tournament in college we he performed nothing short of a prison rape on my main character Meta Knight. Chase taught himself how to play drums, draw super cool shit and has one of the most inspiring work ethics I've ever encountered. He also loves to play video games and draws a ton of inspiration from games in general and specifically the Legend Of Zelda franchise. We had an amazing conversation and this episode was easily one of the easiest flowing and most genuine conversations I've had to date. Find more of Chase's art: Facebook : Instagram: @Artofchase Fine more Mome Wrath:
Omar Prestwich is the social media manager at K-Swiss, founder of the record label DAMN SON! and a professional photographer. Omar wouldn't label himself as a "gamer" but like most his age, he has still had quite a few run ins with the medium. I find Omar to be one of the most interesting characters I've ever met and despite him not being a "gamer" this was easily one of the funnest conversations i've ever had. We touch on how he got his dream job at K-Swiss and how the legendary shoe company recently released the first ever pro gaming shoe. We revisit his earily childhood gaming memories playing at friends houses growing up poor in the latin community and in a small farm town. Lastly, among many other topics we highlight the infamous nudity-ridden sports game "BMX XXX" Find more Omar below: Facebook - Instagram - Linkedin - Twitter -
Adam Scott aka "Atamu" is one of my oldest and dearest friends. By day, he travels the world filming and creating videos for various companies. By night, he creates video game inspired pop and fan art. Adam also has one of the deepest collections of video games, movies and gaming collectibles this side of the Mississippi. On this episode of the podcast we touch on the Final Fantasy franchise specifically debating how good or bad Final Fantasy 10 is. We touch on the legal grey area that video game fan art currently resides in. We touch on anime, ESRB ratings and many other topics. Lastly we close the episode out with a fantastic gaming memory that involves an epic night of Halo LAN party gaming ruined by a sneak attack from a skunk. I had a fantastic time talking with Adam. Make sure to check out his video production services, his fan art and stalk him on social media. Website : Art : Facebook : Linkedin:
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Pedro Peregrino

Awesome podcast. It's very interesting to find out people's first impressions of games.

Aug 22nd
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