DiscoverGangstalkers of America; a TI's life
Gangstalkers of America; a TI's life
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Gangstalkers of America; a TI's life

Author: Gangs of America Gang stalking

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Targeted individuals #remoteNeuralMonitoring #WarCrimes #sightillogicalsoundillogicalwarfare #CrimeoftheCentury #humandroneprogram # New World Order #prostitution #Covid #iamone #boeing # slavery #phoenixMedia #cyberwar #psywar #secretGovernment #MK-ultra #monica #MiTM #mindcontrol # secret Society #gaymafiaterroristcell # telco Fraud #justinGoines #RICO #warcrimes

The illegal activities that you hear about during this podcast are real and are occurring. MKultra provides (along with other hacked into system) this home grown terrorist cell way too much information.
*remote neuro link
*emf broadcasting VR
*yes the kidnappings are real
*yes I have tried to report-actually the US District attorneys office was informed about some of them ahead of time.
*yes this is a premeditated organized crime ring with all planned out ahead of time and worked over and over again throughout the world.
*yes they have kidnapped people from prisons, lied and impersonated law enforcement, attorneys, judges, etc.
**always know what’s going on never. Know when these people will cause you to lose your soul , and never be reunited back.
**lost souls - Hollywood flex spas-

FROSTY (frost mike) the-snowman, didn’t have a soul.

Check out their playbook

More crucial information as they continue their mind rape murder kidnapping and cyber terrorist attack oh and their telecommunication hacking of all networks all across the globe. Yeah they hacked all cell, data, diol tux (including the one running under the ocean from east coast to Europe) shh that’s a secret. Plus radio satellite and all other frequencies. Questions about that? Ask windstream Nuvox communications of Ohio, Gabriel communications, peerless communications, CORELOGIC, switch box Inc., Accuserve (they took kirks company and using it for money laundering) nick and brother jeff strickmeyer-Compton road. Also Jeff, Darin’s ex boyfriend. He should know. What about the attempted murder of Bruce? How many people have they all killed using ghb manufactured off tylersvile rd? — David jay and his partner should know right!? Casey Findlay, Evan Evans-wait removed and sold for fighting against them. Ken aiko same. What about Tim Robinson, CURTIS MCDANIEL? Tim from Chicago and vince Mcarty? Sold Vince to arizona? Domains by proxy maybe? What about hacking google amazon Facebook columnist WOW- widenopenwest. Threatening torturing and trying to command people- these guys got it down. I will not do what you demand , I will not get over it, bend yourself over the guardrail bitch I’m fucking tired of you fucking tools, douche bag, asshole wannabe Illuminati devil worshipping lying conartist oh yeah be sure to check out all the fraudulent names and identities on website.(where is josh smith ,David post) and my nephew JOSH WYATT. Brian Schaefer taken you the old Wolfe’s bar or taken by tim Wolfe? What about walrus? Strike! Doesn’t Alison or holly have anything to say about the details details details surrounding 65 1/2 smith place Kirk and stawns porn studio? Come on now
I’ll just keep putting it out there for the world to know about ALL ABOUT THOSe people involved. I am better than all these people, mines the truth so is yours, look it up on the eye rape monitor or the script stop thinking you can falsify reality and remove the truth from the record books. You have copies of peoples brains and ml-ultra isn’t going to help you since you stole the know how from the government. Google eyes is a real thing but that’s because they are using the google satellites to spy control and manipulate corrupt and ruin the entire world. Control this bitch. Murdering asshole lyingbastard lying fucktards like Brian Kirby or paller - Chad brown what? Oh what I think he was trying to tell me. Where is Dustin Kelly ? Ej white , adam klosterman, ask Doug boerger PI..FROSTY the...
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Calling out the drag Queens in the steveson, the pool and the Tom Symanski's and the Damien Luca Now this Stephen. The power from Covington, living somewhere near Jessica Dimone. On the hill and Covington. I think I have their address. Somewhere in my notes multiple times. My Church Street, it might be church St. I have to check later, but I know it's posted somewhere in my notes or somewhere on the website. very explicit language
Truth is they wanted to be put out there 'cause they want to continue. Torturing me and terrorizing me and my life. And brain ****** me and neuromonitoring me and. Remote neuromonitoring if broadcasting me and shoot me full of EMF. Fields changing my life and torturing me trying to be involved in my life like they're my mom. Or my parent. And these people deserve nothing besides to hang from the guillotine.
Brief 5 Minute podcast about Gangstalking gang stalkers, target individuals, TS artificial intelligence. U S government area 51. Mind control brainwashing subliminal messaging. Direct Energy weapons. Do. Enough broadcasting after magnetic fields, broadcasting neural links and slavery.
Machine gun Kelly Mgk starredIn this movie called the nerve also and a good movie talked about in this is red Dawn the movie red Dawn the nerve they’re playing a game same we making suckers are doing it let me tell you HAL let me find out
Talking at the game Matthew to sell homegrown terrorist so Cyber terrorist and their invasion in peoples lives and blocking peoples freedoms making them slaves driving them crazy for going to kill him selves or somebody else blackmailing sign people up rape kidnapping and murder human trafficking and slavery thanks, Ohio Cincinnati Ohio gay communities there a great thanks for starting this from spreading around the world psychos strippers strippers and drag queens
noon time exposure-

noon time exposure-

2021-07-1706:19 this petition to help stop No-touch Torture, Gangstalking, and other illegal activities being set into motion by a secret society running on a parallel dimension. End "Simulated Reality" syndrome So one thing that these people do other than less the minds of men, women and children and take over their bodies and treat everybody like a puppet. Like I fisted up there, but hold puppet. They're controlling. But they like to take over the peoples bodies like. Zombie type thing. Body sharing body snatching. And they do it to people. Over the world. So next time you sit down next to your best friend. It might not be your best friend. Maybe somebody had a? Split personality, so to speak.'cause these people split their wig pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. Now they're dominating conversations and beating people to death mentally and physically to get them to give up their astrial projections and shove them up their astrial plains. So when in doubt. Look it up so if you doubt anything I am saying about this whole thing, go to the state of Ohio attorney generals website The court case file unsolved homicide website. And look up Kenneth Aaron Schroeder. Joey labute Brian Schaefer look up Chase Singer David Castleberry You won't find it. You wont find the. HELP END The targeted individuals program and no touch torture EMF broadcasting, brain rape and murder corruption, manipulation of the US government, law enforcement and U.S. citizens worldwide. It's not just affecting us here in the US. This is Havana syndrome and the attack on Washington DC is to do Direct Energy weapons. Kidnapping, rape murder, human trafficking slavery help bring it out in the open. Please sign the petition. One disadvantage of the gang stalkers have is that they want to act like they don't know what they're doing is wrong, and that nobody knows about it. But we're going to make sure people know about it past the sun. This podcast is good for. Proving that they're doing what they're doing, as well as proving that they knew what they were doing, and they've heard warnings in science and before now that they are guilty of doing everything that are bales is doing as Co conspirators or accomplices, or using their aliases for thousands and thousands of virtual identity's.
Anger management

Anger management


It's part one of a multi part series discussing EMF broadcasting. Electromagnetic fields. Telecommunications harassment fraud. Intimidation, stalking, bullying, kidnapping, rape and murder done right here in United States and worldwide.
An update for today concerning the events that are troubling and bullying forcing us all into WWIII THANKS TO NWO
Six minute brief podcast calling out the rape murder kidnapping fraud all of it in a little nutshell quick and brief last night
Be sure to stay at the Radisson Inn tonight in covington (though actually going to be torturing Zach kirk Dylan and others in price hill/Delhi.
Game off your chair so I can see peoples lives brains memories families corruption in control operation dark star Columbus Ohio drug bust operation dark star anonymous political corruption and more
Extremely CRUCIAL podcast putting the names locations and information about gang stalking, telco fraud, all other fraud, kidnapping, rape, murder and all the other fraudulent and illegal crimes that these gangs of terrorists are committing. LINKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA PROVIDING PROOF OF active groups or “districtsRAPE” CYBER CRIMES MITM FRAUD MURDER KIDNAPPING TRAFFICKING AND MORE.Oh don't forget Nichole (Reynoldsburg Ohio Chris Yoder, also.) and more names to come. they’re doing human trafficking guns drugs prostitution slavery extortion, it’s mafia if not terrorist. Smuggling, killing, kidnapping, hurting, threateningThey’re doing so much shit scares the fuck out of me. One thing that is the hardest part to understand is that there is an electromagnetic field to use an EMPs or just electromagnetic field itself to read people’s minds and also subliminal message people and to broadcast their voices out throughout the world- most places. Punta cana at our resort didnt have issues but since then they have taken over the rebuilding of Puerto Rico due to figuring this out from me going. On vacation. They are actually responsible for. The hurricanes there and the one that hit new or leans years ago. Also I would check and ensure they are not responsible for the tsunami that hit A few years ago. Natural disasters give them the ability to “set up” electricians and other incorporated businesses and for them to install the wiring and systems the way that they need in order to broadcast their subliminal messaging and to change and take control of people’s heads and lives.this this where the serval mesh comes into play. Bodies have an electrical charge running through them, wifi, internet, satellites. Frequencies, transmission, it’s too much to type out right now and I’m not even sure I could explain it cause I don’t fully know how they are doing it, but they said they stole that from the military. Brainwashing mind control subliminal messaging they stole and say they perfected it. I’m a firm believer they just created the end of the world. They’re in the closest thing to the next world war actually there are it, they have already begun WWIII, and it’s the “gay mafia” against everyone else- the chicken shit bustards just forgot to tell anyone and just started collecting people’s personalities while replacing them with knowledge they wanted them to have, brain mapping it’s a bitch. The movie Independence Day pretty much.. Parasites they feed off you, your brain, and your memories until they hit all they want, and then leave you for dead. It’s scary. Me telling you this there anybody at all would be a time where they Yep just like I just did was start putting threats out there against me my family you saying they’re going to hurt you kidnap you tell me kidnap me very much keep it quiet but they want to just stand here and act like they own me and control me and I’ve had their voices recorded before I fed the conversations recorded they stole an audio cassette out of my car the other day when I was going to the District Attorney’s Office they stole it out of my car and I dont know how they got keys. Last week with the iPhone and they stole it out of my house for 24hours and replaced the screen protector then stole it again after I dropped it hidden into the wall and removed and stole the SIM card. I saw her again install the SIM card. They stole the Sim card out of my luggage when my brother and I were coming back from Cabo as well. More in a bitDearborn Michigan
Podcast from last week that was not published and it's affiliated Coconspirators manipulation of telecommunications internet radio waves electromagnetic fields. Using our brain waves reading EVERYONE'S thoughts, seeing through everyone's eyes just like they are cameras broadcasting a live show. It's like baby monitors everywhere all the time. Rnm livestream broadcasting human trafficking murders kidnapping rape child molestation corruption of a minor. And selling out every UNITED STATES OF AMERICA citizen and human being for financial gain. Enslaving military past and present and the government welcome to DOOMS DAY WELCOME TO WWIII. GLOBAL THERMAL NUCLEAR WARFARE..... The best advice / choice is not to play at all.. He'll the computer in War games was smarter than people are today. And that was almost 30 years ago.
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