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Mood and medication changes. Prescription drug abuse. Camaraderie and community. Communication.
Think Smarter, Not Harder. Government Mistrust. Medical Malpractice and Negligence. Suicide Awareness. You got this.
If ADHD were a podcast episode.  This one is as random as it sounds.
From childhood abandonment wounds, to Bruce Banner. 
Life lessons from the mountain.  Steep incline, rough terrain and how it related to mental health.
Forty years of fishing.
#27 - The War at Home

#27 - The War at Home


Transparency, secondary PTSD, owning up to your role, holding one another accountable while also hearing each other out. Doing the work, and intentionally working to understand how trauma impacts thought and emotional processes. Getting to the root cause, sitting with the broken and withholding judgement. Truly learning to see one another and take into account the full spectrum of this human experience.
#26 - Dodging Bullets

#26 - Dodging Bullets


⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️ This episode contains the audio recording of an attempted murder. We’re excited to have our buddy Cody back on the show to tell his story of surviving a murder attempt and how it’s changed his life and perception.
Mountain Views. Pivot for Perspective. About Face. Observe and Learn. Carry on. 180+180=360.
#24 - I'm a Hawk!

#24 - I'm a Hawk!


Learning from surprise encounters with the wild, , different perspectives, and fish stories.
#23 - Trauma Response

#23 - Trauma Response


Working through layered trauma responses, visualizing, tapping into traumatic memories, learning to trust yourself and validate your own emotions without being controlled by them .  We work through our emotions, seek the lessons being taught, and choose to focus on the positives. 
Lessons learned.  Fresh off the heels of, and still processing, a whirlwind experience we openly talk about objectification, naivety, disrespect, staying smart and aware, lines crossed, highs and lows, mistakes becoming teaching moments, and holding yourself accountable for your own growth and safety.
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️  We get real, raw and vulnerable about the battles faced behind closed doors with PTSD, addiction, and suicidal ideation. Let's shatter the glass ceiling and break the cycle together. You're not alone.  Listen when you're ready.
The healing process gets worse before it gets better. Own your shit, keep going, reach out, and don't give up on each other.
What the storms we face in life can teach us and how being able to navigate the terrain relates to navigating your mental health.
We walk you through our perspective, experience and thoughts on what is contributing to the workforce challenges we're currently facing.
We walk you through our perspective, experience and thoughts on what is contributing to the workforce challenges we're currently facing. 
We bring you along for the journey and chaos that ensued in the aftermath of a battle with a table saw.  We go into handling shock and trauma, as well as the compound effect experiencing new trauma and a surge of adrenaline can have on those who are already coping with PTSD.
Standing up for what's right and working through explosive anger and how it relates to unprocessed emotions. How to offer true support without unintentionally enabling destructive behaviors and thinking.  
Let's talk about Thanksgiving, and holidays in America as a whole. Redefining American culture, without erasing our history.
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