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Author: Nerdsmith

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Geek Thyself is a show for those that love to learn about various topics, but do not have the time to research all the different questions that they would like to learn more about. The host, Heather, researches and discusses a new subject each week. She condenses hours of research into a half hour podcast packed with trivia and facts. Topics discussed cover a wide range of fields, including: science, history, medicine, gaming, literature, and cats.
161 Episodes
This week Heather breaks down the Easter season, and what it could mean for your furry friends.
Calling all Whovians!! Its time to talk about the Doctor!Doctor Who?Well, that is the question, isn't it... but to us, he's just The Doctor.
After a bit of a brief hiatus, Russ and Heather are back with more juicy, geeky tidbits!
Get into the spooky season feel with this episode of Geek Thyself!Its story time with Heather featuring the Tell Tale Heart and The Cask of Amantillado by Edgar Allan Poe
Geek Thyself - Idioms

Geek Thyself - Idioms


No sense beating around the bush, or is that where the two birds are better than the one in the hand?? No matter!Its time to talk idioms!
Today we look back at the reign of Queen Elizabeth the II.
8 out of 10 Cats? Q.I.? What's so fascinating about game and panel shows? Let's geek out!
Time to break down the facts about the newest health info available on Monkeypox with Russ and Heather!
Let's talk Marvel Ladies!
In this solo episode, Russ talks about the past time that makes sure we're never bored - boardgames!!
Friends to lovers? Coffee shop AU? Dead Dove Don't Eat?Heather and Russ talk fanfiction in this episode of Geek Thyself!
Geek Thyself - Snooker

Geek Thyself - Snooker


What is snooker? Nobody knows. JUST KIDDING!Heather and Russ are here once again with another bitesized bit of infotainment for you!
April Fools! Our episode is a couple days late... because its April Fools! Not at all because our producer didn't upload the episode on time... maybe its due to March Madness??
Time to get lucky! Or do you feel lucky? Do ya?Russ and Heather talk luck of the Irish and the myth of the leprechaun on this episode of Geek Thyself!
Unsure about NFTs? What exactly is a blockchain? Russ and Heather break it down for you in this episode of Geek Thyself.
Romance is in the air! Lets talk about the saint behind it all.
Russ and Heather talk about the the new strain of COVID-19.
Russ is here with guest Autumn to talk about her recent visit and how perceptions line up with reality!
Russ and Heather look at holiday faves!