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Do they ship or do they sink? Listen in to find out if your favourite TV or film couples make the cut!
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#podtober day 2 people, we actually did it! Despite getting back from a six hour road trip we made ourselves record and edit and we're glad we did.In this episode we give one of the most iconic film couples of all time the Ship or Sink treatment, and it was the couple who made us want to start this in the first place! Listen in now to find out whether the rogue with a heart of gold and the strong princess sail on the tide or go down with it...Now also on YouTube!
Heyo, welcome to the first episode of #podtober! That means one episode per day, every day of October for a total of 31 episodes of Geeks & Marriage!We'll mix in some Tea Talks like this one when we just talk about life stuff and a bunch of Ship or Sinks from your favourite TV shows and films!Check out our favourite place to go for delightful teas, today's flavour was Go Go Goa, tastes like a milder chai - now on YouTube!
Coming back to you in a big way and we cover the primary 4 relationships of the Big Bang Theory. See how we feel about the relationships of Penny & Leonard, Sheldon & Amy, Howard & Bernadette and finally Raj & Anu (it's the best we had for him). We take a look at these end-game relationships in detail and see if they'd work in real life, do they ship or do they sink? (Now with sound effects!).Stay tuned at the end for a tasty little blooper and how Alex sounds in pain.
We're Moving to Glasgow!

We're Moving to Glasgow!


Yes you heard it here first folks, Geeks & Marriage are moving up to the great north!In this episode we talk about why, how we made the decision and how we're going to catalog our new and wonderful adventure for all of you folks at home to enjoy!
 Today Alex & Maggie take on one of the most adorable couples on TV right now, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.It's a classic situation of opposites attract, but it's much more developed than that, and we talk about it in almost rambling (Maggie) detail!Listen in now to hear whether we think they'd work in real life or not!
Today Alex & Maggie take on the commanding officers of The Orville, Captain Ed Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson!These two were married, divorced and now command a science ship together in the middle of space. Nothing Alex and Maggie can't handle!Listen in to hear whether or not they'd work in reality compared to the TV show.
Today we have a nice talk with our personal trainer about health and living and all things for making your lifestyle just a little easier! //She's also super funny and sweet and an amazing personal trainer. We even convinced her to start her own podcast so don't forget to check that out for tips on healthy and happy living! //Check out our last episode where we talk about 2019 film trailers! Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review! If you want to support the channel, send us a coffee over on Ko-Fi.Emy's Podcast -
Okay so this a weird one. See the list below for why!1. The audio is super weird, we're quieter than usual, there's a bit of an echo and there's some white background noise for some reason. None of this showed up in the test recordings.2. We confused the Kree from Marvel will the Krell from the book we're reading at the sorry in advance for all that.3. We were super tired.Other than that, enjoy the episode and don't forget to let us know which trailers so far in 2019 have you pumped!Check out our last episode where we interviewed Anita Kirkbride about social media and romance. Sharing is caring, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review! If you want to support the channel, send us a coffee over on Ko-Fi.Random Useless Fact - You can lead a cow upstairs but not down.Good News - Canada opens its first pay-what-you-can grocery store in order to cut down on food waste.
On today's episode we chat to social media expert Anita Kirkbride about the nature of love, the impact of social media on romance and overall marriage.Check out Anita's details below, including her business podcast and social media expertise website.Twitter - - -'ll be back to our regular schedule soon, some big updates and changes heading your way so don't forget to watch this space!Don't forget to check out our lastepisode, where we had an interview with Stephen Kent of the Beltway Banthas Podcast.
In this episode, we chat with Stephen Kent of the Beltway Banthas podcast about the nature of love and the expectations of love in the Star Wars universe, especially moving from episode 6 to episode 7.Check out Stephen's details below and don't forget to check him out as well.Twitter - Twitter -'re also thinking about moving over to Patreon so let us know what you think, what rewards you'd like to see and if you think it's a good idea!Don't forget to check out our latest episode, where we had an interview with Andrew Davis of the Popanimecomics podcast and website!
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