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Author: Julian & Megan

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Every geek needs a shoulder to rant on. Listen to Straw Hat Goofy and Jstoobs rant and ramble about Film, TV, Comics, Books, wizards and the meaning of life.
7 Episodes
Jstoobs and Straw Hat Goofy chat with Frank Caliendo and the many voices inside his head.
Julian & Megan discuss their love of Star Wars & anticipation for the Bad Batch series with special guest MaceArrWindu!
Jstoobs & Straw Hat chat all things DC with special guests The Panda Red & Moose.0
Straw Hat & Jstoobs don't hold back talking the high highs and low lows of a very unconventional & historic Academy Awards! 
To prepare for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier's finale, Straw Hat Goofy and Jstoobs invite Nicque Marina and Theories by T to look back on the series and collectively hate John Walker.
Jstoobs and Straw Hat Goofy kick off their podcast with a very simple question: Marvel or DC. We're talking comics, film, television and which one got us bullied the hardest.
We really just tried to make a short introductory episode and it turned into an hour long discussion on movies, Roald Dahl and Pixar. Sooooo....enjoy!
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