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Geektown Radio - TV News, Interviews & UK TV Air Dates

Author: David Elliott

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Geektown Radio is a weekly entertainment podcast, which looks at all the latest TV & Film News, hosts interviews with people in the tv industry, and gives you the latest TV show UK air dates.

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On the Geektown Radio podcast this week, Ross joins me to chat about all the latest gaming, tv & film news and air date info. We also have an exclusive interview with ‘The Umbrella Academy’s fabulous Emmy-nominated production designer, Mark Worthington.Mark Worthington has previously been nominated seven times for an Emmy and is a four-time Art Directors Guild Awards winner for his work on FX Networks’ 'American Horror Story' and ABC’s 'Ugly Betty'. This year, he adds an eighth Emmy nomination for his spectacular work on Netflix series ‘The Umbrella Academy’.In the interview, we discuss his approach to taking such a stylised graphic novel as 'The Umbrella Academy', and bringing it to screen in live-action. We also talk about his favourite sets and creating the various diverse looks, from the grandeur of Academy itself, to Vanya's apartment, to the craziness of Griddy’s Donuts and The Commission. Along with 'The Umbrella Academy', Mark also worked on Season 1 of 'Star Trek: Discovery'. As he is a big Trek fan himself, I couldn't miss the opportunity to discuss his work on the series, along with working with original showrunner, Bryan Fuller.More recently, Mark worked on the pilot episode of the hugely anticipated upcoming HBO series 'Watchmen', CBS All Access series 'Why Women Kill', and is currently working on Marvel's 'WandaVision' series for Disney+. Along with 4 seasons of 'American Horror Story' and 'Ugly Betty', his previous tv credits include Fox’s 'Scream Queens' & 'Backstrom', ABC’s 'Once Upon a Time' and 'Lost'. His film credits as an art director include 'Legally Blonde 2', 'Austin Powers in Goldmember', 'U.S. Marshals' and 'Tombstone'. He also worked on a little movie I adore called 'Freaked' by Alex Winter (the half of Bill & Ted that isn't Keanu Reeves), so that also comes up in the interview! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
It is a week of returns to the Geektown Radio podcast, as Matt from Entertainment Talk returns to chat about all the latest tv & film new and air date info. Plus, we have the return of the amazing cinematographer Gonzalo Amat, who joins us to chat about his work on the much-anticipated 4th & final season of Amazon's 'The Man In The High Castle'. Gonzalo Amat is the cinematographer for Amazon’s series 'The Man In The High Castle', which returns to Amazon Prime for the 4th and final season on Friday, 15th November 2019. Gonzalo’s stunning framing and visuals plunge the audience into a world of alternate history, where the Axis powers won WWII and North America is no longer the land of the free.He has been nominated for an Outstanding Cinematography Emmy for his work on critically acclaimed drama and was previously nominated in the same category in 2018. He was also recognised by his guild earlier this year with an ASC Award (American Society of Cinematographers) nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Episode of a Series for 'High Castle' as well.Gonzalo has worked on many other notable projects including shooting the pilots for both 'Happy!', and 'SEAL Team', along with working on shows such as 'Person of Interest' & 'Believe', and films such as 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones'. Since working as Director Of Photography on the pilot for 'SEAL Team' he returned to the drama last year, switching his cinematographer's lens for a director's chair, and is due to direct more episodes again later this year. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
On the Geektown Radio podcast this week I'm joined by Darryl from Hollywood News Source to chat about all the latest tv & film new and air date info. Plus, we have an interview with Pete Oswald, the Production Designer behind the upcoming feature film, 'The Angry Birds Movie 2'.After working as production designer on the first Angry Birds movie, Pete Oswald has returned with a sequel which sees teams up the iconic pigs and birds as they face a new enemy together. For these films, Pete faced the challenge of taking the world from a mobile game and bringing it to life on the big screen. He chats about his original design work, creative process, building the story world of an animated film, and more.The flightless angry birds and the scheming green piggies take their beef to the next level in 'The Angry Birds Movie 2'! When a new threat emerges that puts both Bird and Pig Island in danger, Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride), and Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) recruit Chuck’s sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) and team up with pigs Leonard (Bill Hader), his assistant Courtney (Awkwafina), and techpig Garry (Sterling K. Brown) to forge an unsteady truce and form an unlikely superteam to save their homes.The film is directed by Thurop Van Orman with a screenplay by Peter Ackerman and Eyel Podell & Jonathon E. Stewart. It is produced by John Cohen, and stars Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Leslie Jones, Bill Hader, Rachel Bloom, Awkwafina, Sterling K. Brown, Eugenio Derbez, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage, Pete Davidson, Zach Woods, Dove Cameron, Lil Rel Howery, Nicki Minaj, Beck Bennett and Brooklynn Prince.'The Angry Birds Movie 2' is in UK cinemas right now. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The Geektown Radio podcast returns after a very wet weekend at MCM Manchester Comic-Con! I have the lovely Bex Trista of TristaBytes with me who was also (eventually...) at the Con, to chat about all the comics, guests, and various other geeky stuff we saw up north, plus bring you the usual tv & film new and air date info. We also have an interview with Bruce Wayne himself, 'Gotham' star David Mazouz.For the last five years, David Mazouz has been portraying a young Bruce Wayne on ‘Gotham’, where we’ve seen him grow from a scared 14yr old boy to The Dark Knight himself, under the watchful eye of faithful butler and father figure Alfred (Sean Pertwee). We had the chance to pose him some questions about his work on the show, and what comes next for the young actor. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
In a special bumper-edition of the Geektown Radio podcast, I am joined by Matt from Entertainment Talk to chat about all the news San Diego Comic-Con, aka SDCC, along with the usual UK tv air date info.SDCC this year has some major announcement from Marvel, including the return of 'Blade' to the big screen, and the introduction of a female Thor! DC revealed a stack of info about the upcoming new seasons of the Arrowverse shows, along with a lot of hints about what to expect from the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover event. Outside of the big two comic book companies, 'The Walking Dead' dropped a stack of news about the upcoming season, and 'Star Trek' held a huge panel detailing their various upcoming shows, including 'Star Trek: Discovery', 'Star Trek: Picard' and 'Star Trek: Lower Decks'. We chat through the new trailers which were released for 'Top Gun: Maverick', ‘Watchmen’, 'The Witcher', and ‘Westworld’. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
A lost wanderer returns to the Geektown Radio podcast this week as Gray joins me for the first time in a long while! Along with the usual tv and film news and tv air date info, we have an exclusive interview with 'Orange Is The New Black' Production Designer, Malchus Janocko.Since Season 4 of Netflix's smash hit prison series 'Orange Is The New Black', Malchus Janocko has been enhancing the series storytelling, creating elaborate and iconic sets, both inside and outside of the prison, and in the character flashbacks. Along with creating the entire Max prison set, some other notable locations Malchus was responsible for include the pool, ad seg, the Poussey Memorial Library, Freida's bunker, and the sets in Red's, Frieda's, and Poussey's flashbacks. We chat about all of this, plus we get some hints of what to expect in the upcoming 7th and final season.Along with 'OITNB', Malchus has also worked as production designer on such shows as 'Gossip Girl', 'Mysteries Of Laura', 'The Carrie Diaries', and art director on 'The Defenders', 'Luke Cage' and 'The Leftovers'. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
On the Geektown Radio podcast this week we have Bex Trista of TristaBytes back once again for the usual tv, film, and gaming news and tv air date info, plus we have a really fun and interesting interview with Music Supervisor Maggie Phillips.Maggie has worked on some of TV's most popular shows such as Hulu's 'The Act', starring Patricia Arquette, 'The Handmaid’s Tale', starring Elisabeth Moss, FX's 'Legion', starring Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza, and Starz's 'Counterpart', starring J.K. Simmons. Most recently, she has lent her expertise in creating unique sounds to both Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy', starring Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige, and Amazon's 'Homecoming', starring Julia Roberts and Bobby Cannavale, and is about to begin work on 'Fargo' Season 4.Additionally, on the tv side, she has worked on a huge string of great tv series such as 'The Gifted', 'Room 104', 'The Gifted', 'Altered Carbon', 'Ghosted', 'Dietland', and 'Snowfall'. Maggie has also worked on more than 30 films, including Barry Jenkin's Academy Award-winning film 'Moonlight', starring Mahershala Ali, and WB's recent comedy, 'Isn't It Romantic', starring Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
We return again to the Geektown Radio podcast, as Matt from Entertainment Talk joins me for the usual tv, film, and gaming news and tv air date info, plus we have an interview with Emmy-nominated composer Ruth Barrett.Emmy-nominee Ruth Barrett has quickly become one of the most sought-after film and television composers in the UK. Her music is unmistakably original and eclectic, spanning feature films and high-end TV drama. She has an incredible list of tv series to her name including Jed Mercurio’s record-breaking ‘Bodyguard’ starring Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes, David Hare’s 'Collateral' starring Carey Mulligen, ITV hit tv-series 'Victoria' starring Jenna Coleman, and Keeley Hawes's other massive tv hit, 'The Durrells'. Next, she is scoring ITV's upcoming 8-part mini-series adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel 'Sanditon'.On the film side, Ruth's credits include Pete Travis’ 'City of Tiny Lights' starring Billie Piper and Riz Ahmed, Daniel Barber’s 'Harry Brown' starring Michael Caine, S.J Clarkson’s 'Toast' starring Helena Bonham Carter, Neil Thompson and David Kew's 'Twenty8k' For information regarding your data privacy, visit
After a small hiatus last week (due to jetlag) the Geektown Radio podcast is back, and we also have the wonderful Bex Trista of TristaBytes on the show who has been running around Tokyo for the last 5 week... and amazingly returned without injury! We chat about all the things we've been watching whilst we've been away, and bring you the usual tv & film new and air date info, plus we have an interview with Emmy-nominated composer Dominik Scherrer.Dominik is one of the UK’s top composers and has created award-winning music for some of the finest film and television dramas in recent years... basically, if you've seen a decent UK drama in the last few years, you've heard his music. Dominik's work can be heard on shows such as the critically-acclaimed series 'Baptiste', 'The City and the City' and recently won his second Ivor Novello Award for his score on Netflix/BBC drama 'Requiem', which he co-composed with Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes. His previous work also includes the fabulous 'Ripper Street', which won him his first Ivor Novello Award, 'Agatha Christie’s Marple', 'Monroe' and ITV's wonderful sci-fi dinosaur drama 'Primeval'.  Additionally, Dominik recently released an original soundtrack of his score for Amazon's thriller series 'The Widow', starring Kate Beckinsale and produced by Harry and Jack Williams of Two Brothers Pictures. Dominik's previous work with the Williams Brothers earned him a Primetime Emmy nomination for his music on BBC/Starz series 'The Missing'. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
This week we have another special edition of the Geektown Radio podcast, as Dave is away at the moment. But we didn't want you to be left without something to listen to so we bring you a great interview with James Parnell, supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer from Monkeyland Audio.James has worked across a range of projects, from tv shows such as 'The Mist', 'Transparent' and 'Scream', to Oscar-winning movies like 'Get Out' and 'Moonlight'. However, it is his work as a supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer on his two most recent projects we wanted to talk to him about. They are Hulu's middle school comedy 'PEN15' and Netflix romcom 'The Perfect Date'.'PEN15' is middle school as it really happened. Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle star in this adult comedy, playing versions of themselves as thirteen-year-old outcasts in the year 2000, surrounded by actual thirteen-year-olds, where the best day of your life can turn into your worst with the stroke of a gel pen. Behind the awkward teenage jokes is a moving coming-of-age story, based on the two creators personal experiences growing up.For James, the responsibility of creating a soundscape that can reflect all aspects of the show, from its use of humour to its exploration of deeper topics like race, marriage, friendship and self-image, was instrumental. James often noted that he can still "hear" his own middle school experience and drew a lot of inspiration from that to create the sounds for this show. It is designed to be humorous and nostalgic, reminding the audiences' of their own formative years. 'The Perfect Date' is a romantic comedy which follows Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) through his last months of high school where, in a bid to be able to afford tuition at Yale University, develops an app which makes him a “stand-in” for girls needing dates. James was responsible for mixing the sonic core of the film, including all the sounds associated with the app to the different environment of multiple school campuses. His role was to take all the raw sonic elements and combine it into a cohesive soundscape that enhances the action to see on screen. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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