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Author: Chris Ippolito

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Are you an entrepreneur who is still stuck at your 9-5? GetCoached360 is here to help!

Our guests are experienced business coaches sharing business advice for entrepreneurs looking to quit their day job and take their business full-time. GetCoached360 is the business coaching podcast on mindset, productivity, marketing, and everything else that an aspiring entrepreneur needs to reach financial freedom.
56 Episodes
2020 was definitely a year to remember. When I started the podcast last year, my goal was to record at least 52 episodes. I achieved that by recording 60.  In this final episode for season 1, I recap the lessons I learned and the plans for GetCoached360 in 2021 and beyond.
Aspiring to be an entrepreneur is easy. What many people struggle with is getting started. But what ultimately prevents people from reaching success is not going all in. In this episode, Dustin Miller and Chris discuss a wide range of topics, including polymathy, self-education and most importantly, how each of them overcame their own limiting beliefs. Overcoming these limiting beliefs allowed them to dive into the deep end of entrepreneurship. You can find the show notes at
To uncover your true identity, you need to eliminate the limiting beliefs holding you back. In this episode, Vitanna Constantino shares the practical ways to help overcome these limiting beliefs, such as leveraging the human need for habits and routines to change your behaviour, as well as the power of mindset and gratitude. You can find the show notes at
When starting a business, the one thing you should avoid is becoming a commodity. A commodity business competes on price, and this will make success much more challenging. Instead, look for ways to separate yourself and become unique. You can find the show notes at
Sometimes the best to solve a problem or to overcome a challenge is through the process of elimination. When you eliminate, you reduce the number of pieces involved, and you simplify. This is what Dr. Kayvon Khalizadeh discusses in this episode of the GetCoached360 podcast. You can find the show notes at
Practicing mindfulness is something that can help a lot of people, not just entrepreneurs. This episode of GetCoached360 with Melo Calarco explains the benefits and how to develop a mindfulness practice for your life. You can find the show notes at
Podcasting is great! It's the medium that's having the most significant growth in recent years, and there's a lot of potential for success. Whether you're thinking of starting an independent podcast or adding one to your business, this is a great episode to get you started. Scott Burgess shares his advice on what to do before you launch your podcast, the equipment you're going to need, and how to reach the top of charts quickly. You can find the show notes at
Entrepreneurship is about creativity. In this episode, Russell Nohelty discusses the journey of a creative and the mindset he feels you require to maintain resilience through the inevitable failures. He also explains the importance of embracing our failed creations and how to leverage those failures to increase revenue.  You can find the show notes at
When Lee Chambers lost the ability to walk, his life took a different path. He learned the importance and value of building a life around good health. In this episode, Lee shares a system to optimize sleep so that entrepreneurs can have the required energy to grow their businesses. You can find the show notes at
Juliet Clark shares how to create a smarter lead magnet to attract your ideal client. She also gets into why books make for great lead magnets and how to turn a podcast into a book. If you're looking for a better way to attract your ideal customer, there's lots of great marketing advice in this episode. You can find the show notes at
Vikram Deol gets vulnerable with what his personal journey of growth has looked like. The big take away from a conversation like this is that everyone's journey looks different, so we should be careful in our judgements of others. You can find the show notes at
Kate Martin tells us that maximizing time is more of a shift in focus. We need to spend less time thinking about ourselves and more time thinking about helping people out. A change in focus allows us to freely express our intent and be more authentic in building relationships with the people we want to be working with. You can find the show notes at
Scott Aaron is a specialist in establishing connections, creating residual income using LinkedIn Lead Generation, and building personal brands. In this episode, we will be taking a deep dive into LinkedIn and how you can use it to build your reputation and expand your network. Scott will also be talking about the benefits of LinkedIn and the features that make it easier to connect with the right people. You can find the show notes at
Lucas Root started developing his meta-learning strategies in college. Mastering the skill of learning launched him into a career on Wall Street where he shared a room with some of the most brilliant minds in the business world, trying to solve huge problems. In this episode, Lucas shares his strategy and shows that anyone can learn the superpower of meta-learning. You can find the show notes at
In this episode, I have Robert Belle, Champion Of Creativity, Ambassador Of Wellness, and Pursuer Of Excellence. He is a transformational speaker who helps people reclaim their Creativity. Prepare yourself to let your imagination run wild. Show notes for this episode can be found at
In this episode, Dan and I also talked about leadership's importance in all aspects of life. It's a skill set that can be taught. It is something you want to develop no matter what position you are in, especially in business. According to John Maxwell, leadership is influence. For aspiring entrepreneurs, you need to be able to influence a group of people with the same vision toward a unified goal. Show notes for this episode can be found at
In this episode, Jordan and I discuss the value of storytelling and how it is an excellent skill for any entrepreneur to learn. Show notes for this episode can be found at
In this episode, John Brocas will share his unique approach to business as well as help clear up misconceptions. The foundation of his plan is love, forgiveness, and compassion. John believes that there is a spiritual source of grief when someone is struggling to move forward with their goals. He is passionate about helping people get over that grief because he wants to see people succeed. He has been there, and he wants to give back. Show notes for this episode can be found a
When Mike Young's mortgage business was failing, he invested years and money on his skills. His intent was to turn the ship around, but later, he realized a purpose bigger than himself. He is now dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs like you who want to understand what they need to do for their business to really work. More importantly, he explains to us the significance of getting coached. Show notes for this episode can be found at
Alexis Haselberger is a time management and productivity coach who has worked with big companies such as Google, Upwork, Capital One, and Silicon Valley Bank. She helps people achieve work-life balance and use their time intentionally to do more of what they want and less of what they don't. Alexis and I talk about creating a system to outsource your mind, so you no longer have to miss out on all the brilliant ideas you have. Show notes for this episode can be found at
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