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Author: Carla Maree

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In each episode, I chat with entrepreneurs, thought-leaders & life's go-getters. They're real people, living a real-life journey & inspiring real change in the world. We discuss their secrets to happiness & success, sources of inspiration and inspiring stories of change. Listeners will learn what makes these people's heart sing and leave each episode with new tips that'll help bring more happiness into their everyday.
34 Episodes
EPISODE – LEE HOLMESBIOGRAPHYLee Holmes is a holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, wholefoodschef and author of the bestselling Supercharged Food series, which includesEat Your Way to Good Health, Eat Yourself Beautiful, Eat Clean, Green andVegetarian; Supercharged Food for Kids; Eat Right for Your Shape, Fast YourWay to Wellness, Heal your Gut, Supercharge Your Gut and her latestbestseller Supercharge Your Life. Lee also runs online health programs;‘Heal Your Gut’, Supercharge Your Gut and ‘Fast Your Way to Wellness’Focusing on gut health, hosts a range of gutfriendly powders, blends and Love Your Gut capsules, the number one naturalgut health product in Australia.Lee is a columnist for WellBeing and Eat Well Magazines and a regular onABC Radio. Her articles have appeared in leading Australian newspapersand journals, as well as The Times and The Telegraph, The Daily Express inthe UK and The Huffington Post in the US. Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit sawher appearing on Network Ten’s Shark Tank Australia, securing a deal tofurther spread the Supercharged Food message.You can find Lee blogging over at a websitewhich encourages S.O.L.E food: sustainable, organic, local and ethical. Itfeatures delicious recipes, information, news, reviews and menu planningideas to make it easy for people to enjoy a satisfying, wholesome andnourishing diet. PICTURESHOWNOTESLee’s path into this journey started as a result of being sick with an autoimmune disease and this led her on her on a path of yoga, meditation, wellness, and a wholefood chef.She started documenting her recipes, posting them on social media and eventually started a blog and released her first cookbook.Lee and Carla discuss food cultureLee talks about SOLE foodLove Your Guts is Lee’s product brand – she talks about their rangeLee’s definition of happiness is being in nature in and spending time with her dog OscarLee’s morning routine involves starting the day with a hot yoga classThe top things that make Lee’s heart sing is doing yoga and meditation, her dog Oscar and spending time with her familyNut encrusted salmon with double baked fries and garlic chips with mayo would be Lee’s fantasy last mealCarla and Lee discuss breaking the habit of negative thought patterns and having self-awarenessExercise is Lee’s non-negotiable thing to do every dayEating clean, having balance and moderation, eating mindfully and taking time and enjoying what you’re eating is; what Lee recommends to help our listeners healthHugh Fernley-Whittingstall from River Cottage (a U.K. cooking TV show) is a massive influence and idol for LeeHer fantasy dinner dates would be her late father, the Queen, and James Mcavoy“Wild Thing” is Lee’s theme songLee’s thing that makes her laugh, is funny movies, her dog Oscar, and her daughter.When Lee is in savasana at the end of yoga class is when she works on her gratitude practiceConnect with Lee, make one of her recipes and send her a message on how it tastes! J BOOKSThe White Cliffs – Alice Duer MillerMen are from Mars, Women are from Venus – John GrayTHINGS DISCUSSEDSocialise with me blog: like: follow: insta: link: watch: 
BIOGRAPHY“Our guest today Kieren Devisser is a plant based endurance athlete and the founder of Endurothon Oz. In 2020, Kieren will be running, cycling and kayaking 25,000 kilometres across some of Australia’s toughest terrain in attempt to raise $1M to save our oceans from plastic pollution. At the age of 16, he rode solo from Uluru to Melbourne to raise money for cancer council Victoria. Now at the age of 22, he has overcome being homeless and is making his way to tackling one of the biggest man-made environmental crisis. His aim isn’t only to raise $1M but also to help decrease plastic pollution entering our oceans from the Australian mainland by 50%.PICTURESHOWNOTESKieran has spent this whole life being surrounded by sport. At 16 he took part on his bike ride from Uluru to MelbourneAfter the bike ride, he finished year 12 and spent 2 years in hospitality and went to Queensland to start his next phase of life. Things didn’t work out and they were in survival mode living on $2 a day. As a way of grounding he would walk along the beach and then see the plastic pollution on the beach. This led him to delve in deeper into this.There are 46,000 bits of plastic floating in the ocean in every square mile and this figure is set to rise. Kieran explains that it degrades to miniscule particles that are catastrophic for marine life.Plastic pollution kills 3000 marine animals every day and starting to raise awareness is the first step.Progression, gratitude, passion, meditation, looking after your body, and choosing to be positive is what Kieran believes happiness isNature is one of the things that makes Kieran happy, waking up next to his fiancé makes his heart smileHis favourite food is a parmigiana with sweet potato fries or a snickers smoothie bowl.Training and exercising is his non-negotiable activity to do daily and is the most effective thing people can do for their health as well as eating more vegetablesKieran’s Dad is his number 1 motivator and also an owner of a winery who inspires himBicycle by Queen would be his theme songWarren Buffet, Gary Vanyerchuk and Kieran’s fiancé would be his fantasy dinner dateThe things that make Kieran laugh out loud are really bad Dad jokes!Kieran’s gratitude practice is repeating what he’s grateful forKieran discusses the top 5 things people can do to help the environment every day BOOKSThe Seven Habits of Highly Successful People – Steven Covey10X - Grant CardoneCrush It – Gary VaynerchukHow to talk to anyone - Leil LowndesTHINGS DISCUSSED
Stephanie Cunningham found herself in Australia after completing a round-the-world push bike tour in 2000. Previously she had developed policy and legislation in the US. Taking early retirement for the push bike ride, she was unable to work in Australia because of visa restrictions.She started yoga classes. She found yoga to be very beneficial but not modified correctly for older bodies. She started yoga teacher training and is the owner of Yoga Lightness. She completed additional training including 500 level. She taught yoga for over 50’s for 10 years.Stephanie sequed into producing a myth busting podcast about expanding the perception of yoga.  She interviews yogis about their experiences guiding students who have differing levels of wellness and fitness. Changing the Face of Yoga  began in March 2017 and over a hundred podcasts have been released to date.Stephanie is passionate about making her retirement fulfilling with service to others, learning new things, her personal yoga practice and living her purpose. She has recently become serious about her painting and has just completed an intense 12 week course and is happily  painting using her new found knowledge. Creativity seems to be the major theme of this period of her life. Link to podcast on Itunes:http://bitly./CTFOYWebsite: SHOWNOTESStephanie took an early retirement after spending her career with politicians and legislators. She decided to go on a bike tour over 130 countries over a year.The bike tour led them to stay in Australia and relocate. This is where Stephanie learnt about yoga in her spare time and her first experience was in Iyengar yoga. This is where she learnt that practices like these required modifications to help the older generation.Her learning took her to further teacher training overseas to USA to do an eight day workshop on teaching older peopleCarla and Stephanie discuss some of the benefits of yoga.Stephanie’s definition of happiness is fulfilmentHer morning routine is two coffees followed by a bit of meditation and plan her dayStephanie’s things that bring her joy are conducting her own interviews for her own podcasts and producing a paintings and spending time with familyStephanie’s favourite food is JapaneseThe best thing we can do for our health is to keep moving according to StephanieBarack Obama, Toni Morrison and Albert Einstein would be her fantasy dinner guestsThe things that make Stephanie laugh are her cat and dog  BOOKSBeloved – Toni MorrisonThe war of art – Steven PressfieldTHINGS DISCUSSEDYoga LightnessChanging the Face of Yoga
BIOGRAPHYAdam is a highly sought-after Amazon expert who has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Kiyosaki.  He is the author of the best selling book, "Primed - Your guide to building a thriving Amazon business" and his Amazon course has been sold into over 40 countries globally with his students having now sold almost $500 Million dollars worth of products on Amazons marketplaces.  He is the co-founder of Reliable Education and a seven-figure Amazon seller himself.  His companies have funded over 8,000 interest-free micro-loans to entrepreneurs in third world countries and they have also funded thousands of free eye surgeries for the blind in Indonesia, a country where more than 4 million people are blind because of curable eye diseases PICTURESHOWNOTESAdam has been an entrepreneur for the last 25 years and does work in the software industry and the real estate industry. His starting point is in education programs online.The strength of his work comes in the form of microloans with benefitting third world countries and charity programsHis students are based all over the world but predominatly Australian and has recently returned from a summit he headed in BrisbaneHappiness on the other side of GratitudeAdam’s definition of happiness is peace of mindHis morning routine involves water and lemon, heading to the beach and learning to surf and meditationThe biggest thing that people can do for their health is understanding that stress can impact physical health according to AdamAdam is lucky to have a vegan chef as a girlfriend so he is lucky as he has a plethora of favourite foodsAdam’s first hero was his mother and philanthropic entrepreneursChristopher Hitchens, Richard Branson and his Mum would be fantasy dinner guestsDave Matthews Band would provide the soundtrack to Adam’s lifeStand-up comedy is Adam’s go to for laughing out loudAdam’s gratitude practice is simply living in a state of gratitude and the biggest thing he could recommend for us to do is to “pay it forward” whether it’s a donation, or a smile, to enhance our own personal philanthropy. BOOKSThe Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself – Michael SingerThe One Thing – Gary KellerShantaram – David Gregory RobertsTHINGS DISCUSSEDWebsite: Reliable.EducationInstagram: @adam_hudson_official
EPISODE – Mariza SnyderBIOGRAPHYHave your hormones been hijacked? Pollution in our air, chemicals in our food, synthetic estrogens in our beauty products, stress in our emotional lives—coupled with naturally fluctuating and declining hormonal levels as we age--leave women of all ages, even young ones, vulnerable to the consequences.    Hormonal imbalance affects our mood, sleep, weight, energy and even cravings. And the tricky thing about it is that it often sneaks around in the background, wreaking havoc on your health, before you even know it’s there. As a result, doctors may dismiss your symptoms or attribute them to something else entirely, leaving you wondering what is really going on in your body and if you will ever feel normal again.   Dr. Mariza Snyder and her new book THE ESSENTIAL OILS HORMONE SOLUTION [Rodale Books | February 2019 | $25.99] are here to help. With her expert guidance, readers can create hormone balance naturally, without taking hormones. The Essential Oils Hormone Solution offers a step-by-step program to reset the body through focused and deliberate changes in daily self-care rituals, aided every step of the way by high-quality essential oils. With over 100 targeted essential oil recipes and life styles changes, readers will be able to easily implement solutions for their specific needs, allowing women to not only balance their hormones, but also reduce cravings, get deep, restful sleep, manage and mitigate stress, improve mood and irritability, banish the worst symptoms of PMS, improve focus and concentration, boost libido, and increase their energy and vitality. Dr. Mariza Snyder is functional practitioner, and the author of six books: The #1 National Bestselling book, The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, focusing on balancing hormones with the power of nutrition, self-care and essential oils.  Other bestselling books are: The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils and The DASH Diet Cookbook.For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on hormone health, essential oils, nutrition, and detoxification.  She has been featured on Dr. Oz, Oprah Magazine, Fox News Health, MindBodyGreen and many publications.  Dr. Mariza is also the host of the popular Essentially You Podcast, designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health. Check out her website,, for women's hormone tips, including recipes and remediesMariza’s started her journey into her health after suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and the impact of stress and learnt a lot from the insights of her self-care.Mariza shares her insights into her book and shares some recipes for wellness for essential oils and a green chocolate shake.Mariza’s definition of happiness is leaning into contentment and filling your day with the things that bring you joyHer morning routine involves starting the day with some invigorating orange or tangerine free.Her interests are hiking, being on the beach and/or party mixes!Avocado is Mariza’s favourite food!Mariza’s routine involve journaling, exercise, eating good food, yogaThe biggest thing we can do for our health is managing our food – using plant focused foods and managing our stress and reducing our inflammationMaya Angelou, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey would be Mariza’s fantasy dinner guestAretha Franklin’s “Rock Steady” would be Mariza’s theme tuneThe things that make Mariza laugh is a good, comedy movieHer gratitude journal is the biggest thing that helps Mariza with her gratitude.BOOKSThe Essential Oils Hormone Solution – Dr Mariza SnyderAmericanah – Chimananda Ngozi AdichieWhere the Crawdads Sing – Delia OwensYou can fix your brain – Dr Tom O’BryanThe Magic of Menopause – Lorraine MianoGrit – Angela DuckworthTHINGS DISCUSSEDFacebook: Tube:
EPISODE – KIMBERLY FRIEDMUTTERBIOGRAPHYKimberly is a former model and actress, in such films as Evil Obsession, Time Under Fire, A Match Made in Heaven, The Russian Godfather, and Elvis is Alive! She has also appeared in television programs, including Entertainment Tonight, CNN, FOX, TLC, BBC, The Doctors, Bethanny, Private Chefs of Beverley Hills, Art Breakers, Silk Stalkings, L.A. Heat, Lateline, and hosted a hit talk show on the Howard Stern station in Los Angeles.PICTURE SHOWNOTESKimberly sees the joy in seeing happiness in other people and seeing people stand in their alignment light her up.Kimberly’s book is about alignment, channel, to create and dream, and have these intuitive circumstances that allow things to manifest.She used hypnosis and NLP as a way of helping her as a practitioner and to hold herself accountable while she was on the radio show.Kimberly talks about reviewing your relationships and creating inner, middle and outer circles and realising where their energy sits.Kimberly talks about lack and drought in terms of dealing with circumstancesKimberly’s definition of happiness is about contentment and being in a drama-free zone and being in a moment of stillness.Kimberly gives herself at least an hour to relax and play with her dogs in the morning.Hypnosis and weight-loss are discussed and thinking of your mind as a conductor and your body is the train.Kimberly’s non-negotiable thing that she doesn’t do without is doing exerciseShe discusses fantasy dinner dates and what makes Kimberly laugh which are animal videos.Her gratitude practice is to thank God every day BOOKSThe Gift of Fear – Gavin de BeckerSubconscious Power – Kimberly FriedmutterLINKS
EPISODE – HAREVEE PENEBIOGRAPHYHarvee’s first business was at 12-years-old, mowing neighbourhood lawns. Five years later, at age 17, Harvee had saved enough and bought his first investment property. He started his second business at 18 as a scaffolder, and five years later built it in to a large construction training and labour hire company. Wanting to ‘get off the tools’, Harvee started his next journey as a part-time intern in an accounting firm while studying accounting at Queensland University of Technology. Over the next five years, he helped build a change management consulting firm which helped over 600 accounting firms around Australia make positive impacts in their clients’ lives; this company was later floated on the Australian Securities Exchange. That’s where Harvee met Ben Walker – the founder of Inspire CA, and together they joined forces and now lead the award-winning team of life-changing accountants at Inspire. Harvee is a TEDx speaker and has spoken on stage alongside his business idol, Michael E Gerber. He is also the founder of Accountants For Good–a global movement that disrupts a very ‘old school’ accounting industry. Co-author of Cashed Up : the 7 step method to pull more money, time and happiness from your business, and Ambassador for Thank you Water and B1G1, Harvee’s passion for spreading the good knows no bounds. Despite Harvee’s success, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for him. Blindsided by testicular cancer, Harvee took this life-altering situation and with his typical true grit and courage, miraculously reduced the tumour markers by 80% in four weeks. As a numbers person, Harvee believes that family is number one. His mission is to create a business that gives him the freedom to always put family first and to help others do the same. In doing this, his mission to make a difference in the world will be accomplishedSHOWNOTESHarvee’s journey into business started at childhood as he learnt from an early age that business was a means to survival as he came over as a 3 year old from New Zealand to escape poverty with his family.Lead, write and speaking are Harvee’s key roles he does every day.Wealth dynamics by Roger Hamilton was a key framework that changed the game for how he conducts his day-to-day life.Harvee talks about where his businesses have impacted other people in other countries.Being true to your life purpose is what Harvee’s definition of happiness.Harvee’s gratitude and routine starts with family first and connection with them first.Looking at your life’s purpose and doing things that light you up is the way that governs your routineHarvee discusses fantasy dinner datesGratitide practices that Harvee undertakes in the business and personal world are creating “team thank you circles” for the things they’ve seen each other do and achieve.BOOKSChapter 1 – Daniel FlynnDoing Good is the New Great – Harvee Pene (coming out in August 2019)LINKS  
Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan is a globally recognized Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, High Performance Coach, and Author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book "SuperWellness™".Her journey began in 2003 after a series of meditation-induced mystical experiences that changed her perception of human possibilities forever.  Since then, she has devoted her life to unlocking the secrets to our Human Potential. Her work integrates together ancient wisdom with modern science, medicine, and spirituality.A graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Edith has been featured on CNN, Yoga Journal, Lilou Macé's Juicy Living Tour, The Goddess Project documentary, and more.   Her academic background includes a Doctoral Degree from Five Branches University, in Endocrinology & Neuromuscular Medicine, a 4-year graduate degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Bachelors with Magna Cum Laude in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.  She's also one of the first 300 coaches to be certified by the prestigious High Performance Institute.In 2015, Dr. Edith created the very first Pranic Festival, a conference exploring the frontiers of human possibilities. Since 2018, her popular podcast - "The Dr. E Show" - has featured a stunning array of world-class guests in areas like health and wellness, science and spirituality, quantum biology, and conscious living.  Through her seminars and programs, Dr. Edith helps Visionary Pioneers become masters of their Energy and Life, so that they can lead and serve at the  highest levels.  For more information, visit: SHOWNOTESIn 2003, Edith had an epiphany and after some soul searching to quite her successful software job and learn to become a Chinese medical doctor and meditation.Edith talks about Qigong practices – for meditation and breathing in Chinese Medicine and during one of her guided meditations in 2003 she experienced a spiritual shift and went through a change in her state of being to her natural self. Since then she had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge to find out more about the worldEdith wanted to help her clients beyond diet and exercise to help with their overall well-being. Especially with regards to inflammatory foods.Her research has shown that dealing with the stress is a primary consideration and dealing with diet is second because stress can be a factor beyond diet and exercise.Edith’s definition of happiness is the courage to be with life as it is and to learn and grow from every experience of life and not lose sight of that. All is peace, joy, and contentment.A – air, agua (water), an a bite of food is one of the keys to wellness and this is how Edith starts her dayWatching a sunrise or sunset is a way to that makes Edith’s heart sing and generally spending time in nature is a way of helping to reset as well as her 4 year old child and husband.Edith’s favourite food is a thaali she ate in Amsterdam.Edith’s definition of health is the ability to embrace all of life’s ups and down and to respect those circumstances and we know to love and respect ourselves from the stressors of life so we can realign through healing.Edith’s fantasy dinner dates would be: Wim (Iceman) Hof, a Russian quantum scientist: Dr. Constantine Workov, Dr. Gerald Pollack – a bioengineer, author of “The Fourth Phase of water”Edith’s theme song would be “You are the sunshine of my life”…Edith’s gratitude practice incorporates gratitude walls, walks, bike rides, phone reminders to ask what she’s grateful for when she’s driving.BOOKSRumi poemsHafiz poemsTao Te ChingA Thousand Names for Joy – Living in harmony with the way things are – Byron KatieVaccines, Autoimmunity and the changing nature of childhood illness – Dr. Thomas CowanSuperWellness – Dr Edith ChanTHINGS DISCUSSEDWikipedia:Qigong (/ˈtʃiːˈɡɒŋ/),[1] qi gong, chi kung, or chi gung (simplified Chinese: 气功; traditional Chinese: 氣功; pinyin: qìgōng; Wade–Giles: ch‘i kung; literally: 'Life Energy Cultivation') is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training.[2] With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi), translated as "life energy"Website: Dr E Show
As an Online Business Coach, Carly helps wellness entrepreneurs to create consistent clients, income and work-life balance. After 10 ​years ​​growing the marketing, communities and sales ​for leading Australian brands ​​she had all the “success” on paper but was no longer fulfilled by the corporate path.In 2016 after a life-changing yoga teacher training Carly said goodbye to the daily grind, moving to Bali. It was from where she would begin to put her experience & expertise to best use, supporting wellness, health & fitness professionals to grow their tribe online, launch new programs & services, and get fully booked with dream clients…When she’s not coaching, you’ll find Carly at yoga, drinking coconuts at the beach or enjoying the amazing foodie-scene in Bali.SHOWNOTESCarly has been a business coach for people in the health and wellness industry for about 3 years after finishing her yoga teacher training.Carly talks about her journey that lead her to live in Bali and how her website supported her dream and her life in BaliCarly’s definition of happiness is a barometer for success. An innate feeling of deep knowing and contentmentCarly’s morning routine is a hot water and lemonThe top things that give Carly joy is time with the people that she loves with good food and drink, post-yoga, and travel. Her non-negotiable is having a good coffee.Her favourite food is a berry crumbleEat well, sleep, exercise and connection to community are the things that Carly believe are beneficial to people’s health.Carly talks about her inner circle and how they’ve all got a passion and warm energyCarly’s fantasy dinner guests would be with her familyCarly’s theme songs would be happy dancing songs like “Walking on Sunshine”Carly’s things that make her laugh out loud are being silly with friends and making funny voices.Carly’s gratitude practices are journaling, feeling grateful, and “appreciation moment” awarenessBe courageous, follow your heart and go and do that is Carly’s advice she would give to others. BOOKSBreaking the habit of being yourself – Dr. Joe DispenzaLucky Bitch – Denise DuffieldIkigai – The Japanese secret to living a happy life – Garcia Website:
BIOGRAPHYABOUT THE GUEST: DANIEL T. DEBAUN Daniel DeBaun is an internationally recognized expert in EMF radiation, EMF shielding, and EMF-related health issues with special focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Daniels concern regarding the health impact of EMF emissions grew from over thirty years of engineering experience in the telecommunication industry, where he held a variety of executive positions at SAIC, Telcordia, AT&T, and Bell Labs. He is the co-author of Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology.SHOWNOTESDaniel first discovered about the dangers of radiation with his own sons after creating a protective shield to help them with radiation from their laptopsElectromagnetic radiation comes from everywhere, even low levels created from Earth and light but mostly comes from transmission signals through electronics.Daniel discusses light on the electromagnetic spectrum and the dangers of radiationDaniel talks about the dangers of the heat coming off electromagnetic radiation and the microwave signal and the impact to healthDaniel offers ways to help combat some of these issues to protect ourselves to this unnecessary exposure especially those at risk groups like women who want to fall pregnantDaniel’s definition of happiness is exercise and loves hot power yoga – he feels it is the best form of education and healthDaniel’s things that bring him joy are family and friends, keeping them close and enjoying their company, finding hobbies such as fishing, and eating. Daniel’s favourite meal would be pasta.Daniel’s fantasy dinner date – would be his father and uncle and a surprise guest.Daniel believes that people need to take ownership of their own health. THINGS DISCUSSEDIs Constant Cell Phone Use Damaging Our Brains? Telecom insider Daniel T. DeBaun reveals health risks of mobile devices in his book, Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology, and offers solutions for minimizing danger. According to former telecommunications industry executive Daniel T. DeBaun, the constant and ever-increasing exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation emitted by cell phones, tablets, laptops, WiFi and smart meters is one of the most critical health issues facing our society today.  Not only can EMF radiation adversely affect those of us who use mobile devices, but studies indicate that EMF radiation is especially harmful to our children, many of whom begin using wireless communication devices before they learn to talk, says DeBaun, who with son Ryan co-authored the book, Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology. DeBaun says that a recent study of 350 children aged 6 months to 4 years found that nearly all the children (96.6%) used mobile devices and most started using them before age 1. In Radiation Nation, DeBaun summarizes the latest scientific research linking EMF radiation exposure to everything from minor pains like headaches, to very serious concerns, such as fertility problems and cancer. Researchers found those males who used laptops for only a few hours showed reduced sperm count; women who placed cell phones in their bras developed tumors in the breasts; regular cell phone users have developed rare forms of brain tumors, says DeBaun. Even though EMFs emitted from mobile devices can affect our biology, DeBaun says that doesn't necessarily mean that we must give up our gadgets. Fortunately, there are simple and effective steps we can take to minimize the risks posed by EMF emissions, and we explain those steps in the book, says DeBaun. In Radiation Nation, Readers Will Learn:What EMF radiation is and how it affects the body biologicallyThe major health risks, including fertility issues for both men and women, DNA damage, cell mutation, cancer and other serious health risksThe latest scientific studies are broken down by disease or conditionHow EMF radiation specifically affects children and those suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivityWhy the current safety standards for EMF are insufficient and need to be rewrittenThe EMF sources of greatest concernThe most practical precautions you can take for yourself and your loved ones There hasn't been one complete source for information regarding the EMF radiation safety issue. We wanted to change that. We've worked incredibly hard to write an easy-to-understand book. We think of the book Radiation Nations the ultimate EMF safety layman's guide for those looking to educate themselves, says DeBaun. - promo code “happy20”
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