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Get in, Loser! You're going on a drive with 3 of the internet's most animated personalities. Imari Stuart, Zach Clayton, and Tara Harris guide us through internet drama, early 20's indoctrination, and everyday life's hurdles. Buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride.
9 Episodes
Get in losers, we’re spilling all of the tea on Harry and Francesca and why Francesca is honestly too bitter to handle. More TikTok drama unfolds as the team dive into the Sienna Mae and Jack Wright situation.  Tune in to hear them finally address the hate comments on the podcast and reveal how they really feel about the Trisha Paytas stans.
Get in, loser, today’s all about how to slay on OnlyFans. Zach and Imari are teasing their steamy collab, plus sharing their thoughts about Tana, Jake Paul, and Cole Carrigan’s “sex” tapes. Tara’s exposing a sticky situation from her past that involves not one but two men, and some lucky fans are getting advice from the team on how to deal with guys that aren’t interested and cheating best friends.
This week, Tara, Zach, and Imari talk about how they *maybe* shouldn’t have cancelled Trisha Paytas, Imari tried to get into a Chainsmokers party, and Zach’s near-death experience. Tune in to hear their wild stories, what they think about other influencers, and who Tana wants to fight next!
Get in, loser, this week we’ve got a surprise visit from Tara’s favorite TikTok squad, the Hustle Boys. The gang are diving into their wildest first party stories, Zach’s exposing his deepening friendship with Tara’s ex, and we’re doing a fit check for Addison Rae, Billie Eilish, and more crazy outfits. Tune in to find out who just cannot pull off tie-dye.
Get in loser, this one’s all about the hookups. Tara, Imari, and Zach each have a little something going on with scandalous boat rides, old flames becoming roommates, dry spells, and, well, the opposite. Plus, the plot is thickening with Mads, Jayden, and Nessa’s love triangle.
Get in loser, all the TikTok relationship drama is about to get exposed. Tara, Imari, and Zach are sharing what they really think was going on with Nessa Barrett  and Jayden Hossler, Addison Rae and Zack Bia, and what Addison was doing with the Kardashians (??). Tune in for a crazy game of guessing Urban Dictionary slang and to hear why David Dobrik might deserve a second chance
Get in losers, Tara and Imari are going through Zach’s DMs and what (+ who) they find is shocking! Tune in to hear all about Tara’s most recent hook up experience and how Imari had a threesome in front of his manager in a wild game of Truth or Drink!
Get in and get ready for the tea to be spilled by your favorite TikTokers. In this first episode, they don’t hold back. Make sure to grab a drink and tune in to find out which influencers they want to f*ck / marry / kill, which of your faves are actually problematic, and what really happened at The Reality House.
Get In, Loser  |  Trailer

Get In, Loser | Trailer


You're going on a drive with 3 of the internet's most animated personalities Imari Stuart, Zach Clayton, and Tara Harris. Coming Soon!
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Gina Nally

You 3 are funny as shit.... Hot Mess Express...... All aboard!! @taraswrld I rate it a 10 can't wait for the next one.

May 4th
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