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Get Real With Blockchain

Author: Anthony Meisner and Jim Merrion

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This podcast covers everything related to real estate in the blockchain space. We discuss buying and selling real estate with cryptocurrency, tokenizing real estate, and the implication of smart contracts in the real estate industry. We are doing interviews with important people, the latest new and events, legislation and how that will affect the space and fun future casts. Want to reach Jim or Anthony? Email them at
13 Episodes
In this episode of Get Real with Blockchain, we discuss with Stackhouse their innovative way to build housing density using shipping containers. They are on our Blockchain Podcast because an amazing part of their project is rental units using NFT's to manage the rental portion of the project. Tune in to hear more about this Amazing Project from Janelle and Egan the founders.Support the show
We talk with economist Elliot Eisenberg about his view of where cryptocurrency is going to fit into the economy and some of the up sides and down sides of what we are facing getting adoption going forward. You will be shocked when you hear what governments will be able to get away with when these gov coins start becoming more common place.Support the show
Anthony Meisner and Jim Merrion got the opportunity to interview Jarrett Preston with Idoneus, a luxury asset trading company that is releasing their token to the world. One major difference than others, IDON had a built in floor. From real estate to art, aircraft and diamonds. They are doing it all! Support the show
Anthony Meisner & Jim Merrion celebrate a year of co-hosting the podcast focused on all trends in Real Estate and blockchain technologies. It has been an exciting year and the hosts look back on how the market has developed, what trends are emerging as potential winners and project what 2020 and beyond will bring with this transformative technology in the Real Estate space. Support the show
On this episode of Get Real with Blockchain, Anthony Meisner and Jim Merrion interview Chris Wood, Publisher & Editor of BizWest, and Dan Mika, chief Business Reporter, about their take on blockchain technologies and the companies that are emerging as leaders in this space. BizWest recently hosted a well received CEO Roundtable on blockchain technologies and we find out some of the lessons they learned from this event and where they feel innovation is headed. Support the show
Jim Merrion and Anthony Meisner breakdown different events happening across the blockchain in real estate space. They cover everything from Real estate deals getting recorded on blockchain to tokenization of commercial real estate assets. Also touching on some of the high water marks and first time events over the last month. Support the show
Ubiquity Interview

Ubiquity Interview


This is an in depth interview with Ubiquity about everything they are doing to change the real estate and land registry systems around the world with their blockchain solutions. We discuss everything from real estate and title registry to new innovative ways they are applying blockchain technology in this space. We also discuss how ICO's and fundraising is changing throughout the blockchain landscape. Support the show
April Update

April Update


Jim Merrion and Anthony Meisner Break down the latest new in Real Estate and the blockchain space. Everything from tokenization of real estate to smart contracts, legislation, recording of real estate ownership on the blockchain and new companies making their splash. Support the show
We discuss Colorado Senate Bill 19-023 and do an in depth dive into how this will affect the growth in the blockchain space in Colorado. Jim and Anthony also break down all of the terminology with detailed examples of how each piece of this bill will bring stability to the development of companies looking to do business in Colorado. Support the show
In this episode Jim and Anthony breakdown everything that has happened in 2018 and what that means going forward. They talk about everything from the use of cryptocurrency in real estate to how smart contracts are starting to emerge in the real estate business. We will also give our prediction as to what will take place in 2019. Happy Holidays!Support the show
This podcast is an in depth interview with Natalia Karayaneva the CEO of Propy. They are a Silicon Valley startup that is working on global title registry, a real estate listing platform and a transaction platform. We discuss all of this along with their cryptocurrency certification program for  realtors and the difference between US and international real estate challenges. Support the show
On this episode, Anthony & Jim discuss the state of the Real Estate industry today, what pain points the industry feels and why certain blockchain-enabled solutions may be able to help the industry increase security, save money and improve the transaction process. Support the show
On this episode, Jim Merrion & Anthony Meisner interview Mark Lesswing and discuss his whitepaper roadmap on where he sees Blockchain developing over the next 8 years in the Real Estate industry. Mark Lesswing is a Blockchain Entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University. He is the former Chief Technology Officer of NAR, the National Association of REALTORS®, and a tenacious advocate for data standards and innovation. Mark is a frequent speaker at major trade conferences and is active in the open source software community. Support the show
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