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Hi! I'm Michelle, founder of The Whole Smiths and author of two best-selling, healthy cookbooks. Somewhere along my journey into health and wellness, I realized wellness and feeling good was about more than just diets and exercise. It's about the people we surround ourselves with, our mindsets, the belief systems we hold on to and the habits and rituals we hold for ourselves.In Get Wellthy, we explore a myriad of wellness topics that have the potential to improve our lives, reset our bodies, shift our minds and get us feeling good again. Not to mention, we do it in a fun, approachable, and super unpretentious way. And if that doesn't hook you, I'm a wanna-be comedian so come join us for the jokes and let me entertain you.
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If you’ve been feeling discouraged about life, whether it be because a business idea isn’t working out as planned or you’re finding yourself  feeling inadequate after scrolling social media, you’re going to want to tune in today.Today Michelle and Brad share a conversation they had with actress Katee Sackhoff. You may know her from shows like The Mandalorian, Battlestar Galatica, Longmore and so many more. Katee is magnetic and has an authentic positivity about her. Her positivity might be something you think comes naturally if you’ve seen it in action, but during this conversation we uncover the truth about where that positivity stems from.Yes, Katee is an extremely successful actress, but she has so much more to offer. Her pearls of wisdom and infectious outlook on life are something that are well worth tuning in for and will surely propel in your path to true wellness.Episode Highlights: The dangers of social media and the impact it has on our everyday lives.The intention of choosing positivity.Katee’s story on thyroid cancer and why she chooses joy.The law of success and sticking it out.The importance of having an identity outside of your job.Michelle tries to sound smart by using yet another term that doesn’t exist...and as always Brad calls her on it.Find More on Katee Sackhoff:Katee’s InstagramLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Anyone else tired of trying diet after diet after watching others succeed, only to find nothing has truly changed? Especially long term?You’re not alone. And also, you’re not broken...the diet industry is, and in season two we are talking a lot more about this.If you log onto social media, you will find an influx of “before and afters,” highlight reels, and a host of different diets. And today Michelle and Brad talk about the dangers of taking these things too much to heart, EVEN from the self proclaimed “experts.” The true key to wellness is that there isn’t one true key and that’s why you’re here. It’s time we start letting go of the black and white ideologies and disordered ways of living and start leaning into what truly makes us well. Spoiler alert, it’s not just about the food. Listen today to find out more and start living a life that leads to true wellness.Episode Highlights: A welcome back to season 2 from Michelle and...STILL temporary co-host Brad.Four components Michelle and Brad feel are not being addressed in the diet industry.A discussion on whether we should eliminate complete food groups or not.Michelle and Brad have an entertaining conversation about the Real Housewives and French foods.How social media plays into all of this and why we need perspective when viewing it.The importance of knowing there is no magic pill and one size fits all when it comes to health.Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Sleep. It’s something we all do, all need more of and we’d like to state that it’s more than likely something a large majority of us struggle with. So what are we to do about it?Recognized as a vocal pioneer of integrative and functional medicine (or what he calls “good medicine”), Dr. Frank Lipman is the founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center and the Chief Medical Officer at The Well, both in New York City. He is the best-selling author of seven books—How to Be Well, The New Health Rules, Young & Slim for Life, Revive,Total Renewal, The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality and his newest book, Better Sleep, Better you.Today, Michelle and Brad are diving into the topic of sleep with Dr. Frank Lipman. Dr. Lipman shares a wealth of information about the importance of sleep and what we can do to improve our sleep.As Michelle and Brad wrap up on season one of Get Wellthy, they recap that the basis of what all of their guest experts have shared isn’t a crazy fad diet, magical pill, or restrictive way of life, but simply this: get back to your roots. Take care of yourself. Figure out what’s causing you to get out of alignment and work on it.Make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast so you can get notified when season two releases, and until then, be sure to catch up on all previous episodes and start implementing the wonderful tips that have been shared so far that will help us all on our journey to Getting Wellthy.Episode Highlights:What causes people to have issues with sleeping.Tactical things we can do to improve our sleep.The era of sleep aids and why it’s an issue.Whether or not naps are beneficial.Caffeine and the impact it has on our sleep.How our sleep patterns change with the seasons.Michelle and Brad discover that the source of all of their marital problems have to do with sleep.Find More on Dr. Frank Lipman, MD.: Order Better Sleep, Better You HERE!Instagram: Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths: Order Athletic Greens HERE!Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
A note from Michelle and Brad:First of all, we want our listeners to know how truly much you mean to us. Over the course of the last year, we have shifted gears more than once and you have stuck with us along the way. This podcast has been quite a journey, but honestly it is the perfect thing for the direction we want to be going. We have been diving into joy and alignment over the course of the last few months and the shifts we’ve made and addition of the podcast have truly made us feel more joyful and aligned. Thank you all for showing up week after week and supporting us. None of this would be possible without our listeners!Today, we want to share yet another change to be coming in the near future and we want to share it with our loyal podcast community first. As you guys know, we have been teasing this for quite a while now, so the long awaited announcement is finally here!Again we want to thank you all for your support, and we can’t wait to take you along on this next journey with us!Episode Highlights: Michelle and Brad give their special announcement.Michelle talks more about future plans and the future of The Whole Smiths.Michelle and Brad chat about what they are subtracting from their lives.The special announcement is talked about the remainder of the episode, so in order to find out more you’ll just have to take a listen! ;)Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Get 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
When we are feeling overwhelmed, burdened, or near burnout why is it that our reflex is always to add? Add a new system to take on more, add some type of organizational tool to help us stay afloat, add help so that we can continue to carry our already full plates. What would happen if we attempted to subtract, rather than add?Well, today that’s something we are going to explore.Leidy Klotz is the Copenhaver Associate Professor at the University of Virginia. Today we are discussing his new book Subtract, and believe us when we say after this interview is over, his book is going to be just about the only thing you’re going to want to add to your life. We cover the “why” behind our tendency to add to our plates, what we can do to start shifting our thinking, and how all of this impacts us as humans.If you’ve related to our previous episode about feeling less joy, more burnout, and feeling on the verge of giving up, don’t miss today’s episode as we continue to conversation and get one step closer to truly becoming Wellthy.Episode Highlights:Michelle tries to fire Brad and then proceeds to butcher Leidy’s intro. (Maybe Michelle should be the co-host.)What it means to truly subtract.How we have been conditioned to add rather than subtract.What we can subtract from our lives to live more abundantly.How the overload of information has impacted us as humans.Michelle and Brad leave listeners with a BIG CLIFFHANGER for episode 24, so make sure you’re subscribed!Find More on Guest: Order Subtract HereLeidy’s Twitterleidyklotz.comLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Get 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
What if we told you that you were in control of the amount of joy in your life? Would you believe it? Would you accept the challenge to begin finding it?Kelsey J Patel is an author and meditation teacher who is also certified in EFT and today she is helping us continue the conversation on discovering joy. There are many different facets of our lives that play into joy and today Kelsey walks us through the process of what it takes to be truly joyful.As you will hear in this episode, Kelsey is someone who radiates joyfulness. Through this episode, Michelle and Brad both hope that you will be able to take away some of Kelsey’s wisdom, apply it to your lives, and become one step closer to living an abundant life full of joy.Episode Highlights: The importance of processing things we have gone through.A conversation on what joy truly is.How to develop self-awareness to begin experiencing joy.A conversation on whether or not we are in control of our own joy.Actionable steps on how to begin practicing intuition.Find More on Guest: Get Kelsey’s book, Burning Bright HEREThe Pure Joy AppMagik Vibes PodcastIG: @kelseyjpatelwww.kalseyjpatel.comLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Get 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Is Michelle going to write another cookbook?  Do Brad and Michelle enjoy working together? How did you guys meet? How do you deal with the haters?You asked, and today, Michelle and Brad answered. If you’ve ever wished that you could sit down and hang out with Michelle and Brad, today’s episode is right up your alley. Michelle and Brad spend time answering some of your most frequently asked questions.While we know you all love the information-rich episodes, every now and then it’s nice to have a more lighthearted and fun approach. The dynamic duo share everything from how they met, to Michelle’s rendezvous with John Mayer and brush with Beyonce. (Was it in her imagination or in real life?) So grab your favorite drink, pop in those headphones and enjoy.Episode Highlights:Do you like working with each other as husband and wife?Will you write another cookbook?What is your number one health tip?Is Michelle as cool, fun, smart, and funny as she is in real life?!Do you have any marriage tips?Do you still do Whole30?Who is your dream podcast guest?What’s Brad’s favorite recipe that you make?Brad shares his number one health tip and his healthy “habits” from college. Hint: it involves a lot of creatine, fast food, and beer.Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Get 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Has anyone else been struggling with endless anxiety this year? Has it felt compounded with each month that has gone by?There’s no doubt this past year has brought a lot of fear and anxiety to the forefront of our lives. Fortunately, this fear and anxiety is something we can get a grasp on. It’s not a product of our circumstances that’s here to stay.Dr. Jud Brewer is an internationally renowned addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist and New York TImes Best Selling author. Dr. Jud is an associate professor at Brown University and executive medical director at Sharecare. In his new book, Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind, he shares with us the science behind anxiety and the importance of understanding it. Not to mention giving us the tools to successfully manage it.Dr. Jud has studied anxiety for years, but he has also personally dealt with anxiety. In today’s episode, Dr. Jud shares his story about his experience with anxiety with us as well as some tools that we can use to break free from the fear that chains us down. This episode is packed full of easy to digest and useful information, and you’re not going to want to miss it.Episode Highlights:Jud’s story about his struggles with anxiety and what led him to studying it more.What mapping is and how it can help with anxiety.Why willpower doesn’t work.How we can train our brains to break unhelpful behaviors.What social contagion is and how it impacts us.Michelle shares about a tarot card reading she received and since she didn’t like what they had to say she swears the reading had to be about Brad.Find More on Dr. Jud Brewer: Get Dr. Jud’s Book, Unwinding Anxiety HEREdrjud.comIG: @dr.judLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Get 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do to prevent the decline of your memory or overall brain health as you age? It seems so normal to think of an elderly person and tie memory loss or impairment with their age, but the truth is, that simply doesn’t have to be the case.Today we are talking about this with two brilliant physicians, Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai.Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, are a unique husband and wife team of neurologists on the cutting edge of brain science and wellness. The Sherzai's work with their patients to achieve optimal brain health by advocating for holistic community-based lifestyle changes.While brain health can feel like a daunting subject, their new book,  The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution (available today, March 23rd), is a brain-health conscious cookbook and lifestyle program grounded in rigorous science and explained in easy-to-understand terms complete with anecdotes, recipes, and holistic actionable steps.We talk more about the book in today’s episode, but we also cover so much more about what we can do to improve our brain health and help prevent disease as we age.Episode Highlights:The impact of lifestyle on brain health.A conversation about whether we are doomed because of our genes or not.What we can do to prevent brain disease.How even “normal people” can make changes to impact brain health for the better.Brad and Michelle fangirl about how amazing the Sherzai’s are (and they actually aren’t over exaggerating...they’re incredible).Find More on Guest: Get the Sherzai’s New Book Here!www.teamsherzai.comSherzai MD Instagramwww.healthymindsinitiative.orgLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
How has your mood been over the last year? Are you struggling with emotional rollercoasters? Or even worse, do you just feel to be in a slump all of the time with few “highs”?A few weeks ago, we decided to poll our Instagram community to get an idea about how everyone has been feeling over this last year. It was both saddening and confirming to know that more than eighty percent of people felt a decline in their mood and they were struggling with how to fix it.Fast forward to today’s episode. Michelle and Brad have made the decision to get super intentional about joy as a whole. What does it mean to be joyful? Are joy and happiness the same? What if you’ve achieved everything and still feel empty? Today Michelle and Brad are diving into this and opening the door to exploring the answers to all of these questions over the next year.While you might not find all of the answers by the time that you wrap up this episode, one thing you will know for sure is that you are not alone. Joy may be lacking for a lot of us in this season, but as a community we can rise to the occasion and choose to be intentional about how we can truly find joy in our lives. We hope you’ll join us!Episode Highlights:The difference between joy and happiness.How to lean into finding joy regardless of what season you’re in.Michelle and Brad touch on the future of the podcast and The Whole Smiths as it pertains to joy.Michelle and Brad share their light hearted banter over extremely controversial topics such as recycling, trash, music preferences, and more.Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Today, Michelle and Brad have their first repeat guest, Stephanie Telfer-Lara!As you guys know, Stephanie is a spiritual psychologist and today she shares all about what it means to tap into our higher selves. She explains how spirituality can play into our lives, why it’s important in the first place, how we can discover what spirituality means for ourselves, and more.This episode goes deep, but in a way that is easy to understand and digest. Just like every other topic on this podcast, the goal is to remind you that wellness is so much more than what we put in our mouths and how many hours a day we exercise. There are essential elements that play into our wellness as a whole, and spirituality might very well be one that you’re missing out on.Listen today to explore more about spirituality, what it might mean for you, and to learn about the tools that you can utilize to begin exploring your spiritual journey.Episode Highlights:Michelle and Brad anoint Stephanie as their first repeat guest.The difference between religion and spirituality.What makes people crave spirituality.How we can use spirituality to help us find our purpose.Difference between the ego and the higher self.Tools we can use to differentiate ego vs. higher self.Michelle tells a scary ghost story at the end, and even scarier she gives an update about Brad giving up caffeine--so listen all the way through!Find More on Stephanie:Book a Consultation with StephanieFind Stephanie’s Course HereLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order Athletic Greens HERE!Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Do you ever get that feeling that you’re sitting in a seat you haven’t earned? That maybe you aren’t qualified to do whatever it is that you’re doing? How do we determine if there is truth to those reservations, or if it’s all in our heads?Likey, it’s in your head, so how do we tell ourselves to knock it off and can keep moving forward?These are just some of the questions that we find answers to today during our conversation with Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin. Not only is Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin a psychologist, author, and coach, but she is an expert on the topic of imposter syndrome. Through this conversation, you will learn what imposter syndrome is, how to manage it and what resources are out there to help us combat this unwanted mental battle.Listen to today’s episode to learn more, and make sure to check out the resources below.Episode Highlights:What imposter syndrome is.What to do once you realize you are struggling with imposter syndrome.What type of people struggle with imposter syndrome.Whether or not there is a healthy balance of imposter syndrome.Michelle announces the next big endevor with the podcast: to record from the moon with Elon Musk.Find More on Dr. Lisa Orbe-Austin: Own Your Greatness MasterclassBook:  Own Your GreatnessIG: @drorbeaustinwww.dynamictransitionsllp.comLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
We all know that person who can down a plate of brownies and not gain a single pound (cough cough, Brad).And then there are some of us who can look at a photo of a cupcake and instantaneously gain three pounds. Why the heck does this happen and what are we doing wrong to cause this?!Dr. Sylvia Tara is a biochemist and a bestselling author, and today she is talking to us all about fat and the role it plays in our bodies. This conversation is enlightening and more importantly encouraging.We learned a ton about the importance that fat plays in our bodies as well as why each of us respond so differently to what we consume. That cookie cutter diet might work for your friend, but you’re not a failure just because it’s not working for you. Drop the shame and listen in on this conversation to learn more!Episode Highlights:The purpose behind the diet industry and why it keeps us from actually learning the truth about fat.The different types of fat and what that means for us.The role that exercise plays in relation to fat.Why our bodies respond differently to fat.Michelle asks Brad to rate her as if she was a movie. Any guesses as to what rating he gave her?! (Hint: It definitely wasn’t PG.)Find More on Dr. Sylvia Tara:Get Dr. Sylvia’s Book  “The Secret Life of Fat”thesecretlifeoffat.comIG: @sylviataraphdLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Still pondering how to actually invest in good friendships since our amazing episode with Kristen Boehmer? Us too!That’s exactly why we invited Kat Vellos to join us on Get Wellthy. Kat is an author, speaker and community creator specializing in the areas of connection and adult friendship.Over the last year we’ve all been forced to isolate, sit in front of screens, and reconcile current friendships. Many would contend that these circumstances have been a massive disservice to our relationships, methods of connecting and well being. Today Kat spends some time reframing our thinking about what it truly means to invest in our relationships, how we can continue to have friendships even in the midst of a pandemic, whether it’s better to have a vast amount of surface level relationships or only a few relationships that take place on a deeper level and more.If you enjoyed our first episode on friendship, you’re going to LOVE our conversation with Kat.Episode Highlights:What makes it hard to find friends as adults.What the loneliness epidemic is.What the four pillars of connection are and how to use them to find friendship.How to find the balance between just making small talk and trying too hard to bond.The role that social media plays on our relationships.Michelle and Brad try and convince themselves that they don’t look as old as the characters in Sex and the City (no comment).Find More on Kat Vellos: Website: www.weshouldgettogether.comBook: We Should Get TogetherBook: Connected from AfarSign Up for Connection ClubIG: @katvellos_authorLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Get 20% off your first Belcampo order with the code: WHOLESMITHSOrder my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
“Oh, you think parenting toddlers is hard? Just wait until the teen years!”Chances are if you’re a parent, at one point or another, someone has projected their negative feelings toward being a parent of older kids. But is that really the narrative we need to accept?Today on Get Wellthy, we are chatting with Kirsten Cobabe who is known as the “teen whisperer” and has some amazing resources for parents of teens. Kirsten was so helpful in answering many of the questions that come along with being parents of teens. Not only was she helpful, but she was encouraging. Parenting teens doesn’t have to feel like a continuous struggle, in fact it can be enjoyable.Listen today to hear some tips from Kirsten as we cover everything from how we can be intentional as parents to what we can do to facilitate healthy communication with our growing kids.Episode Highlights:Michelle and Brad seriously contemplate the status of Brad’s “temporary-ness” as he continues to try to escape work for the hot tub. Spoiler alert, sounds like he will be temporary for a while.How easy it is to carry the way our parents “parented” us into our our parenthood journeys.Why it’s so important to be intentional as parents in the pre-teen-teen age ranges.How to approach conversations and facilitate healthy communication with our teens.Oversharing vs. being able to let them know that we understand where they are coming from.How to break our kids into technology in a healthy and realistic way.How school has changed this year and how to support our kids through it.How to approach kids who don’t open up.Find More on Kirsten Cobabe:kirstencobabe.comIG: @kirstencobabeTeen 2.0 by Robert Epstein  Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Get 20% off your first Belcampo order with the code: WHOLESMITHSGet 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Do you ever have moments where that voice inside your head just keeps talking and you can’t get it to stop?The voice that replays that and awkward interaction over and over again? Or that negative self talk that you just can’t seem to turn into a positive. The voice that’s rehashing past events or worrying about future ones? That voice.Ethan Kross calls that “chatter” and details all we need to know about that voice in his new book, Chatter. Today we are talking to him all about why this happens, what that means for us, and how we can reign it in and get control.Ethan is a scientist, psychologist, one of the world’s leading experts in controlling the conscious mind and he is a leading expert when it comes to all that we need to know about these internal dialogues.This conversation comes at such a fitting time as the chatter within all of us is at an all time high with today’s current events. The fact is, we have this chatter for a reason. It’s a powerful tool if we can learn to train it, but if it’s left untamed it can be extremely destructive. Listen today to hear more about how we can use it to our benefit rather than our detriment, and get a sneak peak in Ethan’s brand new book, Chatter!Things We Discussed In The Episode:Michelle shared one of her not great (or should we say terrible) ideas for an inventionWhat “chatter” is and how it impacts our daily livesHow we can think more objectively to help with chatter that might not be good for usWhy negative emotions are actually helpful for us in small dosesHow we can help out kids to maintain their chatter at healthy levelsFind More on Ethan Kross: Order Chatter Here!Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Get 20% off your first Belcampo order with the code: WHOLESMITHSGet 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Have you ever spent months of your life being dedicated to a diet and exercise plan, and yet your health goals are never reached, the scale never budges and you still feel like SH!#?!Today Michelle and Brad chat with Dana Monsees from Real Food with Dana. She is a  board certified dietitian-nutritionist, and body image coach. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what works and what doesn’t in our wellness worlds.Dana spends her time today sharing about how diet and exercise are not always the solution to our health. In fact, most of what makes us truly healthy goes so much deeper than the foods we consume and the exercise regimens we choose. Dana has a special way of explaining the science behind why things in our bodies work (or don’t) the way they do, while still keeping the information she shares simple and interesting.If you have given yourself grief over eating that piece of cake at the birthday party or have found yourself feeling guilty for skipping a workout after a super stressful day, you absolutely need to listen to this episode because it will transform the way you talk to yourself, view the foods you eat, and ultimately make you a ‘wellthier’ human overall.Things We Discussed In The Episode/Episode Highlights:Michelle challenges Brad to try 60 days caffeine free--and as usual Brad shuts her down big time (...and he wonders why he’s temporary).The impact that our views on food have on the way our bodies process it.The impact stress has on our hormones, blood sugar, and health overall.The importance of having a healthy inflammatory response.Tactical tips on how to get a hold of your health (that don’t have to do with food).Find More on Dana Monsees: Dana’s Website: Real Talk with DanaIG: @danamonsees_cnsLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Get 20% off your first Belcampo order with the code: WHOLESMITHSGet 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Stephanie Telfer-Lara, MA. is a spiritual psychologist and transformation coach specializing in anxiety and EFT (emotional freedom technique.) Today, Stephanie shares a bit about her journey with anxiety and how tapping has helped her tremendously along the way.Wondering what the heck tapping is? Brad was too. In short, tapping is an easily accessible tool we can all use to help us manage the times we are feeling out of alignment. Today Michelle and Brad spend some time exploring more about this topic including the science behind why it actually works. Not only is tapping a free tool, but it’s something that can be done literally anywhere and anytime.We can always use more tools to add to our wellness toolkits, and tapping is definitely one you’re not going to want to leave out!Things We Discussed In The Episode/Episode Highlights:Stephanie’s journey through anxiety, illness, and recoveryWhat EFT is, the science behind it, and how it might benefit youThe five-step process to doing EFT and a practice round walking you through how to perform tapping yourselfTemporary co-host Brad botches his one shot at the outro, but Michelle insists on continuing to record as Brad tries everything in his power to sabotage it so they can “re-do.” (It’s actually quite hilarious and we think Brad should be a keeper.)Find More on Stephanie: Book a Consultation with StephanieFind Stephanie’s Course Here Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Get 20% off your first Belcampo order with the code: WHOLESMITHSGet 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Have you ever had seasons where life feels murky and difficult but you’re not quite sure what needs to be adjusted? Maybe you’re going through the motions and giving your best every day, but something still feels “off.”Today on Get Wellthy, Michelle and Brad sit down with life coach Randy Spelling and talk extensively about the importance of seeking clarity and pinpointing the cause of those murky seasons. Randy explains why this is important and shares action steps that you can take to start getting your life back into true alignment and finding inner peace.Randy is a life coach and passionate practitioner of change and result. Not only is he passionate about helping others find the clarity and confidence to live the lives they were designed for, but it’s apparent that he practices what he preaches daily through his own practices.Listen to today’s episode to learn more about Randy, his personal evolution and path to becoming a life coach along with tried and true wisdom about finding the alignment that you need to live the life that you hope for.Things We Discussed In The Episode/Episode Highlights:Michelle talks about a new workout move she invented and temporary co-host Brad is extremely uncomfortable and unimpressed (good thing this isn’t a first date).Randy’s journey from a teen who was lacking an identity to a professional life coach.How so many of the decisions we make are unconscious and how to become more aware of the decisions we are making.The power behind choosing to shift your energy around the daily choices in your life.How to gain the awareness to determine if you are living out of alignment and what might be causing it.The different types of life coaching Randy offers.Find More on Randy Spelling: www.randyspelling.comIG: @randyspellingLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Get 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
Welcome to 2021!If you’re finding yourself feeling a bit less than this year with all of the “New Year, New You” talk, an unwillingness to set an arbitrary resolution or finding yourself already struggling to adhere to an unrealistic expectation you set for yourself, this episode is for you.Today Michelle and Brad are talking all about their thoughts behind why New Year’s resolutions often fail, how we should instead be reframing January and what they really think about America’s favorite January pastime. *Hint* #dated #dumbIf this January you’re looking for advice on how to maximize your days at the gym, cut every bit of decadence from your diet, how to lose X amount of weight in X amount of’re probably in the wrong place. But! If you’re feeling unimpressed with the onslaught of January propaganda heading your way, you’re going to want to hear this conversation.Michelle and Brad’s take on this topic is refreshing and realistic. By the time you walk away from this episode, you’re going to feel a more purposeful and inspired outlook for the coming year.Things We Discussed In The Episode/Episode Highlights:Michelle introduces her temporary co-host (still Brad) as the New Year’s cherub baby this week and Brad is highly perplexed on who exactly this baby is.Brad and Michelle recap their New Year’s Eve and reminisce on favorite memories.How we can realistically set ourselves up for success in 2021, and how resolutions might not be the answer.The importance of having a growth mindset vs. a “New Year’s resolution” mindset.Encouragement for being mindful about what’s good for you and a reminder that what’s good for others isn’t what’s always best for youLinks Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths:Get 15% off Real Coco Creamers on Amazon with the code: GETWELLTHY15Order my new cookbook HERE!IG: @thewholesmithsIG: @getwellthypodcast
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Dec 10th
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