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Author: Madeleine Shaw

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Get Your Glow Back (GYGB) podcast is a wellness podcast for mums. Each week, I, Madeleine Shaw (author, nutritional therapist and chef) will chat openly and honestly with a new guest. We’ll be covering the difficult task of navigating motherhood - from sleeping, to encouraging your kids to eat well to strengthening your pelvic floor, and of course loving and looking after your amazing self! #GYGB is an all-inclusive, supportive podcast where we will share actionable steps and tools to help you get your glow back - not to be missed!
66 Episodes
I'm joined today by Kristina Rasmussen AKA the Scandinavian Stylist, a personal and interiors stylist with over 20 years experience coaching clients to get to know their personal style, and enjoy life more with less. On today's episode we spoke all about where to begin with creating a capsule wardrobe, how we can raise children with a minimalist mindset and why switching impulse buys for a self care fund will always make us feel better. For the show notes visit
I'm joined today by amazing sisters Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips to talk all things self-care. Nadia & Katia have co-authored four books on powerful self care rituals that are achievable in the real world. On today's episode we spoke all about why self care is even more important now than ever, how we can switch from a fear mindset to a one of appreciation and gratitude and how we can stop judging others, and most importantly ourselves. For the show notes visit
I'm joined today by Angelique Panagos, a Nutritional Therapist and author of The Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimize Your Hormonal Health. Angelique specialises in hormone health and helping women like herself who suffer with hormone related conditions. On today's episode we discussed how our modern lifestyles are impacting hormone health, how we can understand our own hormones and what to do if you are suffering with hormone related conditions such as PCOS. Show notes on
For National Carers Week I'm joined by Penny Wincer author of Tender: The Imperfect Art of Caring. Penny first became a carer for her mother in her teens and is now a carer for her son Arthur, who is Autistic. Penny shares her experience coming to terms with her son's disability and accepting that their different path is still a happy one, how we can act as allies to families affected by disability and how to support the estimated 9 million unpaid carers in the UK. Shownotes:
Dr. Stephen Cabral is a Naturopathic doctor, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner and author of The Rain Barrel Effect. On today’s episode Dr. Cabral explains the differences between Eastern and Western medicine, and the important role both play in looking after our health; how his own health issues led him into a journey of discovery amounting in over 20 years studying functional medicine and how we can all begin understanding our bioindividual needs and our health better. Shownotes:
I'm joined by behaviour change expert Dr Heather McKee, Heather spent 10 years in academia researching behaviour change and now runs her own consultancy and courses using evidence-based techniques to help people create long lasting healthy habits. On today's episode we spoke about how to create the ideal environment to establish habits, why failure is a strength when it comes to making change and why developing self compassion is the key to sticking to habits. show notes on
For IBD awareness day I’m joined by nutritionist and founder of Inessa, Aliza Marogy. Aliza was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis as a teenager but went into remission over 20 years ago after changing her diet and lifestyle. We spoke all about Aliza's IBD experience,  how to manage the physical and emotional side of IBD's - from communicating your needs at work to managing social expectations and the interventions that have worked for her and her clients. Show notes on
I'm joined today by author of the Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play Laura Brand to talk all things conscious parenting, nurturing creativity in ourselves and our children and reconnecting with our inner child. On today's episode Laura shared her favourite rainy day activities, her top tips to find a flow state and enjoy the creative process rather than focus on the end result and the parenting practices that have transformed how she views motherhood. For the show notes visit
I'm joined today by Curating Your Life: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance author, Gail Golden to talk all about the elusive work-life balance, and why it might a myth that isn't worth chasing. For Gail, the key to a productive and fulfilled life lies within the ability to curate our energy. We spoke all about how we can understand our own limitations, how to step out of our comfort zone and what it takes to curate a life we can be proud of. For the show notes visit
I'm joined today by life coach Sam Jones. Sam has over 3000+ hours coaching experience with professionals, business owners, leaders and has helped me get clarity within my own career over the last few years. On today's episode we discussed why purpose doesn't have to be complicated, how we gain self awareness and move towards our purpose starting today and the lessons he's learned from the current pandemic. For the show notes visit
Some topics covered in this episode are:  What is microbiome testing and should we be investing in it? What is IBS and what should we do if we are suffering? What is healthy digestion and what can we learn about our gut health through our poo  Mindful eating: why and how we eat might be just as important as what we eat for our health What should we eat for gut health and why?  We are offering an exclusive listener discount code for our IBS programme, The Happy Gut Guide enter the code HGG20 for 20% off. Thanks for listening and let me know your thoughts on today's episode by leaving us a review or sharing over on social media    
My guest today is Danielle North, executive coach, author of Pause and founder of Pause Retreats. After facing burnout Danielle has been passionately sharing the message that busy isn't always better. In this global time of slowing down she shares advice for using this time to create a better connection with ourselves. We discussed why busy and successful are not the same thing, how to calm a busy mind and how pauses help us to come back to who we are and what we need. Shownotes:
The menopause is something all women will go through and yet we often don't educate ourselves about it until we go through it ourselves. My podcast guest today, nutritional therapist Emma Bardwell is working to destroy the fear of the unknown and put the power back into our hands to take on the menopause in a positive and informed way. We spoke all about the role of lifestyle in the menopause, what menopause symptoms really look like and where we can go for support. Shownotes on
I'm joined today by Kimberley Wilson, psychologist, host of the Stronger Minds podcast and author of How To Build a Healthy Brain. Kimberley's work looks at the role food and lifestyle plays in our mental health, including disordered eating, the gut-brain axis and our emotional relationship with food. We spoke all about how to build a healthy relationship with food for ourselves and our children, how to eat for a healthy brain and the role social media plays in mental health.
I'm joined today by Dr Jenna Macciochi PhD, immunologist and author of Immunity: The Science of Staying Well. On today's episode we spoke about the roles of the immune system, how we can nurture our immune system through diet, exercise and lifestyle and the things we can do to support the development of a strong immune system in our little ones. I learned so much from Jenna in today's episode and will be taking on a lot of her practical advice into my daily life. Show notes on
In these uncertain times where so much of daily life is interupted the one thing we can still do is get outside and reconnect to nature. My podcast guest Willow Crossley is passionate about encouraging others to connect to nature to improve our mental health, having struggled with postnatal depression spending time outside and allowing herself to 'just be' allowed her to process her emotions and grow through the experience. For the show notes on everything we discussed head over to
I'm joined today by the amazing Melissa Hemsley, celebrated food writer, founder of the sustainability sessions, activist and author to talk all things food waste, flexitarianism, fairtrade and finding the fun in busy life. Melissa's positivity is infectious as she shares her greatest sources of inspiration for taking care of ourselves and the planet. We discussed where she see's the future of food and how we can work towards reducing our negative impact on our planet. Shownotes:
I'm joined today by the wonderful Julia Samuel MBE, psychotherapist, author and founder patron of the Child Bereavement Trust to talk all about her new book: 'This Too Shall Pass.' Julia's book focuses on the one constant of life - change and how we can adapt and grow through it. We spoke all about how we can prepare ourselves for life's transitions, how we can support those we love to deal with change and the work we can do to build resilience. For the show notes visit
I'm joined today by the wonderful Emilie Bellet, founder of Vest Pod platform and author of 'You're Not Broke, You're Pre-Rich.' Emilie is on a mission to empower other women to understand their finances and feel confident to make the most of their money. We spoke all about how to close the gender pay gap, why we all need to start talking money in our relationships and how to start saving for the life you've always dreamed of. For the show notes visit
Megan Hellerer, a conscious career coach left her career as a Google executive in 2014 on a search for something more. Fast forward to today, she now works as a conscious career coach guiding fellow underfulfilled overachievers, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez towards their aligned ambition. We spoke all about how to stop self sabotaging, why curiosity is key to finding purpose and the check in we should all be doing daily to hear our inner compass. For shownotes visit
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