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Short paranormal stories, some based on fact but others are pure fiction. Ranging from scary stories to spooky yet heart warming encounters, Ghost Stories the podcast will continually have you asking yourself: 'Do you believe in ghosts?'
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24 Episodes
Top 3 episodes of 2018
With Halloween and launch of season 5 of the podcast being a week and a half away, we’ve pulled together a rundown of the three most listened to episodes of 2018 so far.Did your favourite episode appear in this list? Be sure to visit us at to let us know!Don’t forget to subscribe, review and share the pod to help us grow.**Music (in order of appearance):**“Deserted City” - Kai Engel(**A Little Time In Detention – Season 4 / Episode 3**"Oecumene Sleeps ” - Kai Engel (  “Cold Shivers” - Myuuji (  "Tense (Parte 01)" – AlienAqtor ( "Fairytale" - Kai Engel (**The House Down The Road – Season 4 / Episode 4**"Thaw (Outro)” - Kai Engel (  “Fading Rays' Waltz” - Kai Engel (  “Angst” – Myuuji ( "Don't Die on Me" - Myuuji (**Something In The Loft – Season 4 / Episode 6**“Without Redemption” - Kai Engel (  “Cornered” - Myuuji (  “Plague” – Kai Engel ( “Without Redemption” - Kai Engel (“Meekness” - Kai Engel (

Top 3 episodes of 2018


6: Something in the Loft


1: Top 5 episodes of 2017
In tonight’s episode we do a rundown of the podcast’s top five most popular episodes of 2017. Did your episode appear? Be sure to visit us at to let us know!#GhostStories #Podcasts #Horror #SpookyMusic (in order of appearance):“Deserted City” - Kai Engel( The Children Play – Episode 1 / Season 2 "After Midnight" - Kai Engel( “Low Horizon” - Kai Engel( "Touch the Darkness" – Kai Engel("Idea" - Kai Engel( Water – Episode 3 / Season 1“Tentative Steps” - Kai Engel( “Avenge The Fallen” - Kai Engel(“Without Redemption” – Kai Engel(“Mist and Clouds” - Kai Engel( Party – Episode 6 / Season 3“Waking Stars” – Kai Engel( “Mist and Clouds” – Kai Engel(“Take a Look Around You” – Kai Engel( – Episode 2 / Season 1“Curtains Are Always Drawn” - Kai Engel(“Moonlight Reprise”- Kai Engel(“Silence” – Kai Engel(“Low Horizon” - Kai Engel( House – Episode 1 / Season 1“Impact Prelude” - Kevin MacLeod“Impact Andante” - Kevin MacLeod“Crossing the Divide” - Kevin MacLeod“Dancing on the Edge” - Kai Engel

1: Top 5 episodes of 2017


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