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Giant Bombcast Aftermath!

Author: Giant Bomb

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Ben Pack and Jeff Gerstmann unite after the Giant Bombcast to further expound on the day's events and take your calls and questions, live!
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This week we talk limited edition controllers, fast food fry rankings, and play a little round of Gamecube trivia.
I was lucky enough to grab some time with the resident purveyor of Business Dave Energy to discuss the ins and outs of business, Madden, and more.
This week we take calls on theoretic physics, the future of esports, and other important topics.
This week we take a heaping helping of voicemails, as well as a couple of stories from the holiday known as Four Twenty.
This week we take calls on the great Dennys debate, the XBOX ONE SAD, and emotional music in games.
This week I get tricked into taking one call about wrestling, our Community Endurance Run, and the twin you never knew you had.
This week we talk about Da Hoop God, pringles, and maybe a little bit about video games I can't honestly be sure on this one.
Honestly Fighting Foodons was ahead of its time.
Think before you speak.
This week we talk about closed captioning, trash houses, Castlevania, and more.
Comments (6)

Joseph Smith

latest episode not playing and just loading forever for anyone else? this is the only show doing it Edit: as soon as I post this it starts working lol

Apr 10th

David Day

rockin the crowd with the new old school

Aug 16th

Jared Stanley

David Day workin hard for the yankee dollar

Oct 31st


Just the right amount of anime - 10/10

Mar 28th

Paul Lastname

this is the best podcast about a podcast

Mar 15th


still a threat

Mar 2nd
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