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Giant Bombcast Aftermath!

Author: Giant Bomb

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Ben Pack and Jeff Gerstmann unite after the Giant Bombcast to further expound on the day's events and take your calls and questions, live!
81 Episodes
This week we talk about one-handed baby foods, terrible music, and more!
This week we back up the voicemail dumptruck to chat about costumes, chicken nugget sandos, and more!
Who are they? I don't know, but they're literally just vibing.
This week we're joined by a caller of duty, and invent new soup.
Help us write our video game rap.
This podcast is going to make you LMFAO!
This week Jeff returns to regale us with stories of fatherhood, video games, and food delivery services.
This week it's a voicemail heavy aftershow with a new song to boot!
This week we're joined by the Bay Area's own Jan Ochoa as we discuss Filipino fast food, bug control gone wrong, and kids pretending to be Youtubers.
This week we're joined by Polygon's Patrick Gill where we discuss Sekiro, McDonalds hacks, and how Pat invented Bionicles.
This week all hell breaks loose when Ben realizes the co-host of the podcast he does has been gone for two weeks.
This week we have a duo of taco-related stories and speak on what to do when you let the logs out while letting the dogs out.
This week we talk backstage at a BTS show, pizza, and much much more!
This week's topics include Burn Notice, the rebirth of PS1 games, and alcohol disasters.
This week we talk grassroots in games, pizza crimes, and freedom.
This week we hear about the mysterious Silver Island, desert island sodas, and more.
This week we lean heavy on the food and talk about gone but not forgotten fast food items, the proper way to pizza, and what the hell is up with Dead or Alive.
This week we talk limited edition controllers, fast food fry rankings, and play a little round of Gamecube trivia.
I was lucky enough to grab some time with the resident purveyor of Business Dave Energy to discuss the ins and outs of business, Madden, and more.
This week we take calls on theoretic physics, the future of esports, and other important topics.
Comments (10)

Paul Lastname

I the love the after bomb cast math

Dec 5th
Reply (1)

Joe Young

these guys are funny but for real they don't know a damn thing about anything not to do with video games

Sep 26th

Wladislav Hassun

This might be the best episode yet!

Aug 29th

Joseph Smith

latest episode not playing and just loading forever for anyone else? this is the only show doing it Edit: as soon as I post this it starts working lol

Apr 10th

Dave D

rockin the crowd with the new old school

Aug 16th
Reply (1)


Just the right amount of anime - 10/10

Mar 28th

Paul Lastname

this is the best podcast about a podcast

Mar 15th


still a threat

Mar 2nd
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