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Podcasting is tough! You spend hours recording episodes, but how do you get people to listen? Host Carson Jones, Founder of Giant Voices Media, has helped Fortune 500 media companies, Professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities grow some of the biggest podcast audiences in the world.

Each week we bring you new insights into the podcasting and marketing world to help you grow your podcast and your brand. Learn from the biggest guests in podcasting while also digging deeper into the daily fears and the anxiety that other successful people go through.

Starting a podcast, or anything new, doesn’t mean you have it all figured out… it means starting somewhere and learning as you go. The Giant Voices podcast helps to work through what holds us back while teaching you how to build your Giant Voice online!
20 Episodes
Dillon Kivo has been featured in Forbes, Inc,, Huffington Post, MSNBC, Nasdaq, Yahoo and more. He also founded, one of the fastest-growing digital publications in the world. Learn how to build relationships with journalists, get featured in major publications and how to create your massive digital footprint. Https:// My Instagram: Dillon Kivo:
Chris Cunningham transformed his career by doing work for free to build relationships. Now, he is the VP of Elevator Marketing, one of the top marketing agencies in the world. Chris has worked with companies like Lyft, Postmates, Draft Kings & Cardone Enterprises.  He is also the partner of That Pillow Guy, a custom pillow company that works with the biggest influencers in the world like DJ Khaled, Michael Strahan, Snoop Dogg and many others! We talk content, influencers, A list clients, fortune 500 companies and the power of free!
Buster Scher took a lifelong obsession with sports and turned it into a successful career. At age 15, he founded Hoopsnation, which now has over 800,000 followers on Instagram and does millions of impressions online. Along the way, he had a radio show with the NBA, interned with Gary Vee, worked with artists like Meek Mill and plays video games with NBA superstars on Twitch. Carson: Buster:
Yan Stavisski was $82K in debt when he decided to learn how credit works! Now he's financially free! He leverages credit to build businesses, book first-class flights and stay at the nicest resorts in the world while paying pennies on the dollar! Yan shares some of his best credit secrets that banks and creditors don't want you to hear! My Instagram: Yan:
Brodie Kern went from drug addict to a successful serial entrepreneur, and now he helps others revolutionize their own lives. We talk addiction, meditation, being real with yourself, operating in extremes, making radical changes, mentorship and what he means when he says "stop listening to yourself & start talking to yourself." My Instagram: Brodie:
Elle Leonard, CEO of Level Foods, started her company to help her husband Meyers Leonard, find healthy alternatives to sugar-packed protein bars! We share her story about starting & launching her brand! We also discuss relationships, staying motivated, Instagram viral trick shots, the city of Portland and what it was like to find out they were moving to Miami, via Twitter! My Instagram: Elles Instagram:
Greg Gatsby was cleaning carpets in dorm rooms the first time he hit the Billboard Top 100 charts. In 2016, his hit single Mayday reached #16! Now, Greg is a 5X Billboard charting DJ & music producer. We discuss his story, remaining humble, collaboration, taking risks, addiction and fearlessly chasing your dreams! My Instagram: Gregs Instagram:
Henry Kaminski joins the show to talk about how he got the name "Million Dollar Brander," from Russell Brunson. We talk about how he got started in graphic design, positioning yourself as an expert, landing high profile clients like Click Funnels, Fabio Viviani & Bon Jovi. We talk about following your intuition, empathy, gratitude and why imposter syndrome is holding you back!  My Instagram: Henrys Instagram:
Dakota Sheets founded a 7-Figure cannabis glass cleaning brand Resoulution Manufacturing. He started with $300 and failed his way to success by staying curious, finding a niche, dropshipping, wholesaling, leveraging content, great relationships and influencer marketing. We talk cannabis, how to find a niche, building relationships, reinvesting back into your business and so much more! My Instagram: Dakotas Instagram:
On this episode... Johnny Rapp, Founder of J Rapp Media. At age 12, Johnny created and built some of the largest viral twitter accounts like @HipHop. At age 16 he was doing deals with Mark Cuban, at age 18 he moved to LA and now works with some of the biggest influencers, hip hop artists and media companies in the world like Henry Brothers Entertainment & Integral Studios. We talk hip hop, perspective, music, empathy, collaboration, authenticity and so much more!   My Instagram:   J Rapp's Instagram:  
Casey Adams is the CEO of Build Your Empire, Author and Host of Rise Of The Young where he has interviewed over 100+ top performers. Casey has built a top 100 podcast, speaks at the largest events in the world with moguls like Grant Cardone, Gary Vee and many others. Building his personal brand has led to deals with K Swiss, Moti and many others. We talk about networking, podcasting, personal branding and so much more! My Instagram: Caseys Instagram:
John Danes is the founder of 99 Media and host of The No Excuses Show, a top 100 business podcast. John has built a billion-dollar network and has interviewed power players like Grant Cardone, John Mallott, Frank Kern and countless others. We discuss how he got started in marketing, how he built a top 100 podcast, how to network with power players and becoming FEARLESS! My Instagram: Johns Instagram:
Stephen Johnson aka Stephen Flipmass runs the largest influencer marketing platform in the world and has worked with mega-brands like the NBA, TikTok, Pretty Little Thing & Atlantic Records. Stephen has recently been featured on podcasts like Group Chat and has made national headlines on CNN & NPR for his minimalistic lifestyle! In this episode, we discuss all of that, along with mental health, his year hiatus from Instagram and a big announcement about Flipmass! Please subscribe, rate, review and share! My Instagram: Stephens Instagram:  
Ashwin Jacob moved to LA at age 20 with $500 to his name, since then, he has worked with major brands like Playboy, NBC Universal, Disney & MTV. He has also worked with celebrities like Terrell Owens and Sarah Silverman. Ashwin talks about moving to LA, working with celebrities, building your brand, giving without expectations and beating Oprah on the charts when the New Hollywood podcast launched! Subscribe, Rate & Review!
A podcast is the best way to grow and leverage your brand. In this episode, I talk about 6 ways you can do that including: Positioning yourself as an industry expert Networking with Colleagues/Clients Creating content for all platforms Building a consistent audience Creating community around your show Guest appearances Subscribe, rate & review and message me on Instagram:
In this episode, Carson talks about how Giant Voices builds the largest podcast audiences in the world! In this episode you will hear about Our 100,000+ listener network that helps podcasts go viral How we generate exposure on the Apple Podcast charts How we help listeners get more ratings/reviews How guest appearances help grow your audience How SEO/search can grow your audience Massive Instagram distribution & powerful press Dont forget to follow Carson on Instagram P.S. Please forgive the hollow sound! This was a You Tube video... new microphone on the way!
Part 2 of Carson Jones' ebook series discusses 20 things you must do to grow your podcast audience! In this episode, we discuss the importance of starting something (and first being bad at it), we also discuss: Listing your show on all platforms How to pre-launch How to get social proof Importance of giveaways Using your podcast to create other content The importance of guests/guest appearances
In episode 2, Carson Jones covers his first 20 tips to launching and growing your podcast from the Giant Voices Ebook. These strategies helped the New Hollywood podcast beat Oprah during its launch phase! These tips cover topics like: What Microphone should I get? Formatting your show Recording remote episodes Naming your show Creating your cover art Choosing your podcast host Distributing your podcast everywhere Optimizing your titles for search and much more! to read the full ebook, check out:
The story of how I went from selling senior life insurance to running a podcast marketing empire, working with celebrities, fortune 500 companies, NFL pro bowlers and NBA Champions.  4 years ago I changed careers and had no idea what I was doing... I started off ghost writing for bloggers and along the way, learned how to grow the biggest podcast audiences in the world. This episode is my story! In future episodes, we will get into how you can grow your podcast, how to get featured in major publications, how to create brand virality and much more! I'm excited to share this journey and thanks for listening! As always, I answer all questions on Instagram @carsonjoness
How To (Podcast) Intro

How To (Podcast) Intro


Having ideas is easy, but how to start those ideas… well that’s hard. Having the courage to take the first step is what separates “I’m gonna” from “I’m doing” to “I did.” On each episode, Host Carson Jones, a podcast marketing expert, sits down with entrepreneurs, celebrities and industry experts who talk about taking their first step and give practical advice on how you can to. Along the way, he also shares the most in depth insights into the podcast marketing world by showing first-hand how to start and grow your podcast from scratch. The uncertainty of new is terrifying because we don’t have all the answers, but you can’t find all of the answers until you start. The How To podcast is for everyone that had their great idea, everyone that mentally started Uber, Air BNB or the next great social media network. If you have an idea, or have MANY ideas, learn how to put your ideas into motion and change your life. You’re not too old, you’re not lazy and you’re not stuck… you just need to start!
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