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Author: Halli Smith

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Join TikTok sensation Halli Smith as she takes you on a journey of breaking free from societal restrictions and embracing her sexuality on her new podcast. Halli dives deep into taboo subjects related to sex and relationships, providing a refreshing and open perspective on these oftentimes stigmatized topics. With a focus on curiosity and experimentation, Halli encourages her listeners to explore their desires and boundaries both in life and in the bedroom. Through candid conversations, she offers detailed tips and tricks how to be a freak in the sheets. New episodes every Sunday.
13 Episodes
In this episode, Halli shares her week of awkward experiences. Get ready for an oiled-up massage fantasy that ended in a hilarious disaster. Halli discusses further how pleasure is subjective, and everyone has their own preferences and desires. She concludes the episode with Q&A questions about breakups, helping a guy reach orgasm, and more.
In this episode the Halli reflects on her journey on TikTok beginning days. Her experience growing up in a non-traditional family and how she used to be embarrassed about it, but now embraces it. She dives into the importance of making the best of the path you choose in life. Halli wraps it up with her Q&A from listeners questions.
EP 10: 2 guys 1 girl

EP 10: 2 guys 1 girl


Halli spins some more wild fun this week about the movie Challengers and tennis culture, sexual experiences, and gender dynamics. It delves into the themes of dominance in the bedroom, sexual exploration, and the challenges of male friendships. She wraps it all up with a Q&A from listeners questions.
EP 9: the graduate

EP 9: the graduate


This week Halli is in celebration mode she dives more into her private life. Her first year at university to now, where she met her best friend. Wrapped up with her Q&A on all the steamy questions.
This episode goes into Halli's experience meeting other content creators and her personal experience handling imposter syndrome and confidence issues. Halli dives into a recent viral Tik Tok also discussing her relationship with her husband and the publics reaction to knowing shes in a relationship. Finishing up with her Q&A about sex and periods.
Another episode with Halli talking about her experience working in the food service industry, the challenges, the sexual tension and lessons that surprising arise. She discusses the importance of having friends who understand the value of time and hard work. She ends the episode by answering Q&A about spicing up messaging and dealing with pain during penetration.
EP 6: Tongue Whipped

EP 6: Tongue Whipped


Halli dives right into her personal life sharing the fun to relationships and being single. She goes into secret on how to have steaming hot sex, you'll laugh and cry. Of course wrapping it up with a Q&A on your burning questions.
Halli dives into the world of ectasy and pleasure. Surrendering to life and embracing all aspects of life. She discusses how these tips and advice lead to a better sex life and better personal life. How this all connects to anal is the real surprise Halli has in store. She concludes with her Q&A answering your burning questions.
EP 4: The Car Hotel

EP 4: The Car Hotel


Having sex in high school and college is exciting and fun, but as we get older, our sex lives can become dull and predictable. Good sex is not just about physical performance, but the concept of the 'fizzle' how it is related to the chemical dopamine and how to use it to your advantage. Halli gives tips giving great head, including techniques, pressure, and pacing. The conversation concludes with a Q&A session where Halli answers questions about tightness, difficulties in finishing, and initiating oral sex.
Try not to laugh and blush with Halli again this Sunday discussing performative sex and finding yourself in the hyper sexualized media and porn culture. Diving into the taboo around women's sexual desires and creating space. She wraps up the show with Q&A on wetness, masturbating, and many more fun things.
In this episode of Girl Core, Halli discusses the impact of self-perception on sex life. Sharing personal stories and advice on topics such as acne affecting sexual intimacy emphasizing self-confidence. She shares her personal experience with getting a boob job. And dives into the importance of why we need to practice self-love, to accept ourselves for who we are and recognize our worth, and the impact on self-esteem. Halli provides tips and advice on oral sex and riding on top. She wraps it up with Q&A giving/receiving hickeys and more
In this episode, Halli Smith shares her journey of breaking free from societal restrictions and embracing her sexuality. She discusses how she found the freedom to talk about taboo topics. Halli emphasizes the importance of curiosity and experimentation in both life and the bedroom. She also provides tips for giving good oral sex and shares a personal story about overcoming challenges in her sexual experiences. She concludes with a Q&A segment.
Girl Core  (Trailer)

Girl Core (Trailer)