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Author: Maddie Medved & Sammy Kanter

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Girl and the Gov, The Podcast strives to provide a platform for young women to engage with the evolving political sphere in an approachable, digestible, and accessible way. Co-hosts Sammy Kanter and Maddie Medved, aim to provide an inside look at the ins-and-outs of government and politics through engaging interviews with leaders in the field and segments that address the questions everyone wants to ask but never does. In this podcast, there’s no question too stupid, no rock left unturned, and no mysterious jargon. Follow us on Social: Instagram: @girlandthegovthepodcast Twitter: @girlandthegov1
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OH HEYY, it’s episode two of our climate-focused month and we could not be more excited about this episode. No, like seriously, we are screaming. We had the pleasure of interviewing, Dr. Katharine Wilkinson who wears so many hats in the climate realm that we’d have to build a closet just to store them all. To give you a glimpse at her role, she is an expert and strategist on how humans can address climate change. She is a New York Times best-selling author (Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming), the co-founder of the All We Can Save Project with Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, and has been named one of 15 “women who will save the world” by Time Magazine. As you can imagine, our conversation touches on a little bit this, and a lotta bit of climate change, with specific attention given to the intersectionality of this massive issue. P.S. Ask us all your questions and give us all your feedback on IG @girlandthegovthepodcast or via email at!Katherine --> FOR DAUNTE --> Ambassador Program -->
April showers bring May flowers and we certainly hope this philosophy translates to climate change, which is why we’re covering the issue all month long. This episode, the first in the series, is set to equip you with the basics of climate change through the lens of Aaron Burgess, Director of Climate Policy at Tom Steyer PAC. An expert and policy maven in the field, Aaron’s work and insights offer a foundational knowledge on everything from defining climate change to understanding big-name policies like the Paris Climate Agreement. His skill at explaining this complex topic is top-notch and can be credited to his time as a teacher back in the day (shoutout to all teachers being rockstars). Listen in and learn with us as we start this climate journey. P.S. Ask us all your questions and give us all your feedback on IG @girlandthegovthepodcast or via email at!Links: 
Military healthcare in the United States is more complicated than a love triangle on the Bachelor. It’s layered, it’s nuanced, and it takes a true expert in chaos and crisis to shed light on how healthcare and the military intersect. Cue, Vice Admiral (Ret.) Dr. Rocky Bono, MD, the first woman surgeon in the military to hold the rank of Vice Admiral, the first female three-star admiral in the medical field in the history of the U.S. Navy, as well as the first Asian-American woman promoted to Vice Admiral. In our conversation this week, the former CEO and director of the Defense Health Agency (DHA) provided us the ins-and-the-outs of how this system works, and how she worked to streamline healthcare across the branches of the U.S. military. Dr. Bono also gave pause to her work on WA Governor Jay Inslee’s COVID-19 Response Team, sharing details on and illuminating the behind-the-scenes work done by states during the early days of the pandemic. A truly stacked episode, with a look at two massive pieces of today’s healthcare puzzle, this one is an absolute can’t miss. P.S. Ask us all your questions and give us all your feedback on IG @girlandthegovthepodcast or via email at!Links:
Something that’s foreign to most -- foreign aid -- became a bit more familiar to us this week. And how exactly did that happen? Through our conversation with Clint Borgen, the founder of the Borgen Project of course! The founder of the campaign to address global poverty is well-versed in what foreign aid is, how it's distributed, and the many forms it can come in, and his knowledge surely shone in this conversation. Insights were also shared as it relates to the US’s role in foreign aid, as well as other countries. We also cover everything from the March Madness tea, D.C. statehood, the Biden border crisis, the California Newsom recall efforts, and how to take action against gun violence. P.S. Ask us all your questions and give us all your feedback on IG @girlandthegovthepodcast or via email at!Action Items for Gun Reform:Follow and support --> @marchforourlives, @studentsdemand, @momsdemand, @everytownTELL YOUR SENATORS TO TAKE ACTION ON BACKGROUND CHECKS - TEXT 'CHECKS' TO 644-33 OR VISIT
Is it us or do the names of bills and acts often sound like super-secret spy codes? Like legit should we go get a walky-talky and take it from there? Well, the case is no different for HR1, which is  better known as the ‘For the People Act’ -- and, to make it super confusing, it’s also commonly referred to as the ‘voting rights act.’ With three names and a million and more details to digest, we brought on Nathalia Ramos to dissect and discuss what the bill entails. Through our conversation, Nathalia who wears many hats, including a role as a content producer for think tank, the Berggruen Institute and as the Founder of Whole Bunch Media, we learned what’s in the bill, why it’s important, and its future in the Senate. Oh, and we finally defined gerrymandering. P.S. Ask us all your questions and give us all your feedback on IG @girlandthegovthepodcast or via email at!P.P.S. TAKE EASY ACTION ON HR1 NOW HERE:
When we say that this week’s guest is an absolute BOSS, it’s truly the understatement of the century. Like, literally. Our guest, State Representative Madinah Wilson-Anton (DE-D26) is a trailblazer in politics and has insights for days -- yes, somehow we condensed days into a digestible show that’s under two hours long. Speaking of insights, in this episode we discussed the issue of affordable housing and its many facets. Starting at its base, Representative Wilson-Anton helped us define the concepts of eviction, tenants' bill of rights, and more.  Our conversation stretches beyond the basics as well and touches the directionality of where this issue has gone and where it may go.P.S. Ask us all your questions and give us all your feedback on IG @girlandthegovthepodcast or via email at!Links: GIRLANDTHEGOV15
We’re millennials and we will absolutely come up with a slang word for anything and everything, including stimulus checks. Cue, the ‘stimi.’ Cute, right? Cuter if you actually received it, which Maddie has yet to. We’d tweet about it, but we thought it would be better to talk solutions with Greg Nasif, Press Secretary & Chief Spokesman with Humanity Forward. Sharing resources on what to do in cases like these, Greg provided needed insights. In addition, we got the 411 on the mission of Humanity Forward and its push for direct cash relief and universal basic income. What is direct cash relief? What is universal basic income? And, what does it have to do with politics? You’ll just have to listen to find out. Links: CODE: GIRLANDGOV15 for 15% off your order!  CODE: GIRLANDTHEGOV for 10% off your order!
It’s 10pm, do you know what the SEC is? If you don’t, that’s a-okay because this week our guest, Delano Saporu, Founder of New Street Advisors walked us through the basics of Wall Street finance and connected the dots with us to politics (ahem, SEC). The regular CNBC and Fox Business contributor gave us the lay of the land and the vocab to not only get a better grasp on the intersectionality between politics and finance, but to help us (and you) get up to speed on the basics, like ‘what is the difference between a stock and a bond.’ We also chatted with Delano about his podcast, Your Money, Your Life Podcast, which has become a go-to resource for improving our financial literacy. Check it out via Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. Affiliates: CODE: GIRLANDTHEGOV for 10% off your order!Delano:
We’re super excited about this episode and not just because we have another Tom Steyer for Prez alumni tap. We’re excited for about five million reasons, but especially because in this episode we tackle two topics we have yet to touch. Yep, that’s right, we are scratching new surfaces this week. Helping us do so, our amazing guest, Abdul Henderson, who is both the former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus, the former Director of International Affairs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, a former Chief of Staff and so much more, enlisted his vast experience to help us understand these critical government institutions and organizations. In our conversation, we define caucuses at their base and work our way up to the magic of the Congressional Black Caucus itself. We also, and importantly, dive into the operations of the Department of Veterans Affairs, peeling back what often seems like many mysterious layers, to get an understanding of what the department does and how it achieves its policy goals. Links: discount code: GIRLANDTHEGOV
It’s Wednesday and you know what that means? An amazing episode with a very special guest - Brandon Upson, Founder of Amplify Action. We had the honor of chatting with this Tom Steyer campaign alum (he was the National Organizing Director) and civic engagement genius who shared with us the innovative techniques his organization is bringing to the South to get out the vote. We’ll give you one hint before we tell you to just hit play already - restaurants aren’t the only ones using QR codes these days. We also hit all of the important ‘stupid’ questions, outlining what voter suppression is (and its backstory), voter disenfranchisement, voter purges, and more. We’ll leave it at this - this episode is a can’t miss.SHOP: off your purchase with code GIRLANDTHEGOVENGAGE:
First, let us apologize for opening this episode talking about hot dogs… BUT beep, beep absolute icon coming through! That’s right this episode we were honored to speak with Kat Calvin, Co-Founder & CEO of Project ID Action Fund (and Founder and Executive Director of Spread The Vote), who, through her incredible work, has been honored as a TIME Magazine 16 People and Groups Fighting for a More Equal America, a 2018 Fast Company 100 Most Creative People in Business, and has been a Business Insider 30 Under 30. This lawyer, activist, and full-time badass spent the episode cracking us up and informing us on an issue we admit, we knew very little about. That issue? Identification politics and policy. When we say identification politics, we don’t mean the concept of selecting a party or opinion based on one’s background, we mean the politics of living in the United States with or without formal, government identification. Complex and nuanced, this topic and its relation to the mission set forth by Project ID Action Fund take center stage.P.S. Kat is also the co-host of an amazing podcast as well - Vote! The Podcast. Check it out as they gear up for season 2. Links:
Sammy loves to call this change to the ‘voting machine’ the political version of the sorority rush. It’s called Ranked Choice Voting and when you hear how it works, she’s pretty sure you’ll agree (Maddie has rolled her eyes about ten times at this description, but is going along with it.) Either way, this episode dives into what it is and how it works with a candidate whose very race will be using Ranked Choice Voting. That candidate is Dianne Morales who is running for NYC Mayor. Providing the landscape on this change, as well as criminal justice reform on a local and national level, this episode is filled with need-to-know info and important convos.P.S. Dianne has the best TikTok in town. Check it out. We’re obsessed. P.P.S. to catch up on all of Prez Biden's executive orders check out: Links:
Good morning sunshines, it’s INAUGURATION DAY! It’s been a journey, but here we are. Like literally, mama we made it. We’re amped to usher this day and new administration in, but we’re also amped about the elections that are still going on. Yep - that’s right, 2021 has elections too. At the top of the list is the special election for NYC Council District 15 (Bronx), for which Elisa Crespo is a candidate. We had the honor of chatting with Elisa about this special election, the concept as a whole, and her platform. Of course, we dove deep into other topics as well, covering public higher education, sex work and its legalization, in addition to healthcare. Listen-in and get up to speed on these issues and Elisa’s platform ahead of the March 23 race date.Links: 
Before we dive into the pertinent topics of affordable housing and food security, we had to weigh in on the insane week we've had after the insurrection on our nation's capitol. We break down what happened on that grim day, call out Republican hypocrisy and petty B.S., and explain what has been happening since with the unprecedented calls for impeachment, expulsions, and the 25th amendment. But we digress because we love a good stupid question, and let us tell you our guest Emerita Torres, State Committee-85 AD had to field quite a few from us. We covered what a State Committee is - different from a legislative committee BTW, how it works, and what it does. Then, we sat there in awe. After we got it together, we talked through even more important topics like affordable housing and food security. We learned a lot and can’t wait for you all to learn more too. Links:
We’re here in 2021 and we’re here with one super amazing guest that we can’t wait for you all to meet. For our very first episode of the year, we ‘sat’ down (okay we recorded virtually, whatever) with Representative Brianna Titone, CO-HD27 who is not only a badass woman in politics but the first openly transgender state legislator elected in Colorado and the 4th elected in the United States. Accomplished, to say the least, Brianna educated us (and now you) on LGBTQA+ related policy as a whole in the United States, as well as in Colorado. Through our conversation, we touch on healthcare and activism, along with laws (hello policy) that are making positive change. P.S. We also chatted through Maddie’s new crush. We’ll give you a hint, he lives in Georgia. Links:
ADIOS 2020!!!!!

ADIOS 2020!!!!!


Trigger warning! This 2020 recap will indeed be recapping 2020 and bringing us ALL the top headlines of this year... the good, the BAD, and the very UGLY. As scary as that sounds... we found it pretty mind-blowing to go over this movie of a year we just experienced (and say WE DID THAT) so join us on our last episode of the year! 2020 brought a lot of heartbreak but also brought you this lovely pod so come celebrate with us! We also talk about the biggest political lessons we all learned this year, how to take them into 2021 and beyond, and of course, wrap up with some classic superlatives. See what politician takes home biggest flirt, cutest couple, and more! Then we will be seeing you in 2021! 🎉🤩P.S. for listeners, we’re offering an exclusive offer with our partner Social Goods. Go to and use the code GIRLANDTHEGOV15 at checkout to receive 15 percent off your purchase. One code use per customer. Also, don't forget about the Georgia Runoff!! Get involved here:
Toodles to taboos, specifically the taboo that is having conversations with friends and family about politics. Often a touchy subject, and amongst those (heyy, the religion you’re in the mix too!), that lights a match to many a fire when it comes to conversations around the dinner table, politics has a reputation for sowing division. But what if it's just the way we’ve always approached these conversations? Could it be that we’ve been dipping into the wrong toolbox to operate these conversations productively? We explore this topic on this very special episode with Melissa Pennica, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Senior Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor, who helps us (and now you) understand how to navigate political conversations with everyone and their crazy uncle. A must listen to before you sled into the holiday or zoom there in style, this episode will give you the tools you need to create unity and renew connection on a topic that should no longer be taboo. P.S. for listeners, we’re offering an exclusive offer with our partner Social Goods. Go to and use the code GIRLANDTHEGOV15 at checkout to receive 15 percent off your purchase. One code use per customer. Also, don't forget about the Georgia Runoff!! Get involved here:
Happy birthday to you, haaaaaappy birthday to 100 years of suffrage! Get your party hats on and your earbuds in place, because we have quite the celebration for your ears on this fine Wednesday. In honor of 100 years of suffrage (translation: the passing of the 19th amendment affording women the right to vote), we brought on two very special guests - the hosts of She Votes! Podcast, award-winning ABC News journalist, Lynn Sherr and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Ellen Goodman - to walk us through the history of the women’s vote. We get right to it and give you the 411 on all-things women x voting. Important background for you, me, and everyone else, you won’t want to miss this tea-laden episode. P.S. for listeners, we’re offering an exclusive offer with our partner Social Goods. Go to and use the code GIRLANDTHEGOV15 at checkout to receive 15 percent off your purchase. One code use per customer. Links:
We solve so many mysteries at Girl and the Gov, The Podcast that might start calling ourselves the Nancy Drew crew. This week we brought our eye for investigation and unveiling the mysteries at the very core of politics today, by exploring what a PAC (Political Action Committee) is. Not just a fun abbreviation, a PAC has some serious sway in politics today. Because let’s be real, it's about the money honey. So, we brought on an expert in the field, the Founder of Moms in Office, a PAC that supports and funds mom’s running for office, Simona Grace. Sharing the back story on what a PAC is and how they operate, as well as shedding light on common q’s around the concept of ‘dark money,’ Simona gave us the full rundown. Take a listen, subscribe, rate, and review. P.S. We also played matchmaker with a few top politicians. Listen in to find who we think should have a happily ever after.P.P.S. for listeners, we’re offering an exclusive offer with our partner Social Goods. Go to and use the code GIRLANDTHEGOV15 at checkout to receive 15 percent off your purchase. One code use per customer. Links:
Let’s set the scene. You’re back in middle school and your friend Karen gets caught cheating on the social studies test (classic, Karen). What happens? The teacher, principal, and perhaps even Karen’s parents, hold Karen accountable for her actions and she is given an F on the test. Ouch. The process seems seamless though, right? An action associated with a result. That’s accountability. So how does this work in the political realm? Does it? And if it does work, how is accountability operated? We’ll give you a little hint - committees are a part of this puzzle. We discussed accountability at length with NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi, as well as defined terms within the conversation such as committees. Take a listen and let us know what you learned by sliding into our DM’s @girlandthegovthepodcast. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review too. Links: Georgia Run-Off Phone Bank Georgia Run-Off Text Bank
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