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Each week on Girlboss Radio, you'll hear honest conversations with trailblazing women. These women go deep on what it takes to build a successful career or grow a business with staying power—while living life on their own terms and navigating personal and professional curveballs. Expect hilarious, vulnerable, ~useful~ conversations that humanize the known, champion the unknown, and laugh a little at the absurdity of life. Hosted by Sophia Amoruso, CEO and founder of Girlboss and Neha Gandhi, editor in chief and COO of Girlboss.
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On today's episode, Sophia Amoruso chats with Anna Brozek, the CEO of Big Cartel. Big Cartel is a mission-based business that gives artists and creators a marketplace to sell their goods. Anna’s been with the company for almost 9 years, and in that time she’s gone from community coordinator to operations director, and now, CEO—truly rising through the ranks. Here, Anna shares what qualities allowed her to rise to the top at Big Cartel. She also explains how she’s become a more transparent leader and what artists can do to pivot and market themselves right now.
Today’s guest is Gail Becker, the gutsy entrepreneur who left her corporate America job to take on the food industry—something she knew very little about at the time. She takes us through her pitch and funding journey for CAULIPOWER and shares advice on how to trust your gut and build a biz, even in the face of the unknown.
In these home-bound times of social distancing and self-quarantine, who better to talk to than an award-winning interior designer like Kelly Wearstler? On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia chats with the design studio founder whose provocative and influential aesthetic has touched everything from high-profile celebrity homes to Instagrammable hotel and retail spaces. The two discuss how to make a small space more quarantine-cozy, why Kelly believes education is critical to succeeding as a designer, and how to be more creative in your leisure time. Kelly also shares her candid take on the millennial design aesthetic that's everywhere these days. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
In times of uncertainty, our mental and physical health isn't the only thing we worry about. Financial well-being is also top of mind, and the real talk is that many of us are super stressed about money right now. That's why this week's episode is centered around how to get your finances in order with finance expert Nicole Lapin. Sophia's conversation with Nicole covers what to do if you've been laid off or furloughed, how to overcome budget challenges as a small business owner, and exactly what to say to bill collectors if you want to lower your monthly payments. The two also share their experiences with therapy and burnout, making this episode a must-listen that'll surely help you navigate the here and now.
This week, Sophia Amoruso chats with Viktoria Modesta, a bionic pop star, avant-garde performance artist, and creative director whose work in the public sphere continues to challenge the way disabilities and differently-abled people are perceived in today’s world. Tune in to hear her advice for creatives on navigating through tough times like a global pandemic; what, exactly, being a bionic performance artist and pop star entails; and how to carve out a non-traditional career path for yourself.
Christina Stembel's origin story for her business, Farmgirl Flowers, is amazing: She launched her floral business with nothing more than a high school degree and $50K in savings. Over the past decade, she's bootstrapped the company to a team of over 200 employees with an annual revenue of over $30M. This week on Girlboss Radio, we hear from Christina on how she taught herself to become an entrepreneur, the benefits and drawbacks of being self-funded, and how she combats the loneliness that comes with being an entrepreneur. Tune in for plenty of wisdom, wherever you listen to podcasts.
On this week's episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia chats with Olivia Christian, a brand strategist and Vistaprint brand ambassador who went from working in politics to helping small business owners and side hustlers craft their identity and tell a captivating brand story. Because when you know how to tell people who you are, what you do, and why you do it—well—you’re able to open doors for yourself, your business, and so much more. Tune in to hear how Olivia moves past failure and fear, her tips for networking, and the key elements that go into a winning elevator pitch.
Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, widely known as the First Lady of Nails, is the co-founder and creative visionary behind OPI. On this episode of Girlboss Radio, she joins Sophia Amoruso to talk about how she rebranded the professional nail industry in the '80s and '90s (with a lasting impact still felt today), how as a Hungarian-born woman she became the embodiment of the American dream, and what her process is for coming up with those iconic nail polish color names season after season.
This week's Girlboss Radio guest has made it her mission to help other women succeed—which makes for an especially poignant conversation ahead of International Women's Day. Tune in to hear Sophia chat with Dee Poku-Spalding, the founder and CEO of WIE Network, a platform for women leaders from around the globe. Hear how Dee went from studying math to marketing big-time Hollywood films and what led her to found a women's empowerment organization. Plus, Dee shares some advice on tricky workplace scenarios from listeners. To learn more about WIE Network, visit: To keep up with Dee on social, follow her at: Have feedback on the show? Email us at
Episode description: Joining Sophia Amoruso on this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio is Alex Waldman, Co-founder and Creative Director of Universal Standard, the first—and only—brand to offer clothing for *all* women, in one place. Alex is determined to do the work to make the fashion industry more inclusive (and not just talk about it). Through Universal Standard, she’s leading the charge to adjust the fit scale for a realistic representation of all women and all body types. Tune in to hear exactly what it takes to disrupt an industry that shockingly, doesn’t exactly welcome change. To shop Universal Standard, go to Have feedback on the show? Email us at
As one of the few young, black female founders in Silicon Valley, Morgan DeBaun is in a league of her own. And as the founder and CEO of Blavity, she's grown the media and technology company from a small newsletter to the largest digital media brand for black millennials and Gen Z-ers. Under Morgan’s leadership, Blavity has acquired two other media properties and she’s raised more than $9M in venture funding for the business. But that’s only part of Morgan’s entrepreneurial streak. She’s also launched successful summits, like #AfroTech (which just so happens to be the largest tech conference in Silicon Valley for African Americans)—and, she’s even launched her own skincare line. Achieving all of this, though, wasn’t as easy as it is to list off her accomplishments. Tune in to this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, where Sophia sits down for an honest and frank conversation with Morgan about the unique challenges female founders face in Silicon Valley and why, from Day One, Morgan was thinking strategically about how she could beat the odds and make her mark as an entrepreneur. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
For this week’s episode, we’re trying something a little different! When February rolls around, there’s no shortage of Valentine’s Day themed content—and it can be really overwhelming, *especially* if you’re single. But, lest we forget, romantic love isn’t the only kind of love we can celebrate this time of year. Tune in for this special, Galentine’s Day-themed episode where Sophia chats with one of her real-life best friends, Monika Norwid, a writer for Grey Magazine. Join the two for an intimate, free-flowing conversation about all things Valentine’s Day and why celebrating friendship is perfect no matter the time of year. Have feedback on the show? Email us at
After years of working in the fashion industry, Emma Grede felt exhausted by the lack of diversity on runways, in ads, and behind the scenes. When she had the brilliant idea for Good American, a size-inclusive fashion brand, she brought her pitch directly to Khloe Kardashian, who shared in her desire to truly diversify the fashion world and mediascape. In 2016, they launched their brand with a wide array of sizes, and have continued to put their money where their morals are with diverse campaigns. This week on Girlboss Radio, Grede talks about creating the pitch that changed her life, the future of the fashion industry, and scaling a company while keeping her values at the heart of it all. To shop Good American, go to: To keep up with Emma, follow her at:
Ah, imposter syndrome. Many of us know it as more than just a buzzword—we know it to be a very real experience of feeling unqualified, unprepared, and unworthy, despite all evidence to the contrary. While nearly 70 percent of all people experience imposter syndrome in their lives according to The Journal of Behavioral Science, it's a hot button issue for women in the workplace in particular, who have more access to male-dominated industries, high-ranking positions, and financial power than ever before. This week, on GirlbossRadio, we hear from business executive and film producer Amy Pascal (she's behind some of your fave female-centric films including Little Women and the 2016 Ghostbusters remake) on how to not feel like a fake when you *are* the real deal. Plus, hear exactly how to ask for more money at any job, how you can elevate other women in your industry, and when you know it's time to walk away. Tune in for plenty of work wisdom, wherever you listen to podcasts. Have feedback on the show? Email us at
Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American social media personality. She’s a sports commentator. She's a content creator. And she also used to work in the adult film industry. Despite only doing it for three months, and since pivoting her career in a very different direction, she’s still one of the top-ranking adult actresses on the internet—even though she doesn’t own the rights to or profit from any of her pornography anymore. Her brief stint in the world of adult film informed so much of where she is today, from her personal life to her professional one. On this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio is an honest, vulnerable conversation with a woman who has faced controversy head-on, and is willing to admit she learned a lot from it. Find out the lessons she's taken with her, some of the most troubling issues she dealt with in the adult film industry, and how she’s charting a new course forward. To keep up with Mia, follow her on Instagram: Have feedback on the show? Email:
Clare Vivier first got the idea for her handbag business while working as a journalist for French TV. She was looking for functional, but stylish laptop cases and, when she couldn’t find one, she made her own. Many other designs followed in the years after, including chic handbags made with luxury materials in colorful, understated designs. In the decade since that first design, Clare has upgraded her business, Clare V, into a well-respected handbag and accessories line that is stocked in retailers ranging from Net-a-Porter to Nordstrom, along with her flagship store in Silver Lake. Tune in to this episode of Girlboss Radio to hear how Clare bootstrapped the business early on, why she insists on producing products locally and how she knew she found the right business partner. Plus, hear how one encounter with a buyer provided a difficult, but valuable lesson on how to best price your products. To shop Clare’s designs, go to Have feedback on the show? Email us at
It’s no secret that the media landscape has changed dramatically with the growth of social media apps. (Think: Click bait headlines and inflated viewership that make it harder to decipher what content is actually resonating with audiences). But fear not! At Girlboss, we’re focused on YOU, our loyal community of listeners, readers and fans. Which brings us to why we're so excited about the next chapter of Girlboss. That is, we’ve *officially* been acquired by the media holding company Attention Capital! Sound scary? It’s not—it just means even bigger things are ahead for us. To walk us through what changes are ahead for Girlboss, Sophia talks with Ashlyn Gentry, a founding partner of Attention Capital. Tune in for an honest conversation about the future of media, why brands must pass the “T-shirt test,” and so much more. To learn more about Attention Capital, go to: Have feedback on the show? Email us at
It’s that time of year when the halls are decked...and, well, you know the drill. Don’t worry, though—we’re not playing holiday music in this special. For the last Girlboss Radio episode of 2019, Sophia looks back on all the good stuff that made the year a monumental one. Tune in to hear why it’s been a growth year for Girlboss on all fronts, from the Rally to podcasts. Plus, Sophia takes us through some of her favorite moments from the new season of Girlboss Radio. Get ready for some bite-sized nuggets of wisdom on all things entrepreneurship and leadership, courtesy of some of the incredible women who’ve come on Girlboss Radio. P.S. The pod will be taking a little break for the next few weeks, but you can keep up with us on Instagram, at: And while you’re at it, share your favorite episodes of 2019 with the hashtag #GirlbossRadio and we might just re-share it! Have feedback on the show? Email us at
Marketing isn’t exactly what it used to be 10 years ago (or even five or three years ago). Today, companies big and small are spending big budgets on targeted ads, social media, influencers, and more. But does that mean the fundamentals of marketing no longer apply? On this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, we get some answers, thanks to Melissa Grady, the CMO of Cadillac. As CMO of Cadillac, Melissa leads strategic marketing around the world for the luxury car dealer. Tune in to hear Sophia chat with Melissa about how Cadillac has continued to find new and ~smarter~ ways to target customers, why she's so excited about Super Cruise and what's next for the automobile company. Plus, hear Melissa’s best advice for managers and team leaders.  To find out more about Cadillac and shop their latest car models, go to Have feedback on the show? Email us at
On this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia sits down to chat with the one and only Saweetie, the NorCal rapper who broke into the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this summer with the hit single, “My Type.” Since breaking into the music scene, Saweetie has gone on to collaborate on a clothing collection with Pretty Little Thing and has expanded her personal brand of Icy Girl into a line of merch and more. Tune in to hear Saweetie talk about why she almost quit the music biz, why she prefers to keep a 9-to-5 schedule while in the studio, and how she deals with the haters online. Plus, she shares her advice for how you can advocate for yourself in the boardroom.To keep up with Saweetie, follow her on IG: To shop the Icy Girl merch, go to: Have feedback on the show? Email us at
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Mahsa Gholami

I love love love what you do people! go ahead and stay as lovely as you are.❤️🥰

Feb 9th

Mahsa Gholami

amazing inspiring!

Dec 7th

Mahsa Gholami

that was the best podcast I could listen to thanks to Jennifer and you all by arranging the best and most inspiring experience, beliefs. love you all❤️keep on being so good

Dec 2nd

Eboni Wilson

This was a great episode. I enjoyed the tips as well as the focus on trying to create balance.

Sep 7th

Camila Ribeiro


Jun 19th

Kathryne Regaudie

I am a 29 year old woman who works on myself and develops skills to work for myself. Thank you!

Jun 8th

Nikki Garza

This is so informative! Thank you for your story and insight ❤

Nov 15th

Sabrina Haselhorst

lol phone o9no. of

Aug 22nd


Love your podcast

Aug 20th

Laurean Robinson, MA

Such a powerful interview about overcoming bullying and embracing your uniqueness! I definitely needed this!

Aug 1st

Priya Patkar

I felt same way on Sophia and Liz segments. I'm​ glad they reduced the segment as the podcast went along though they were going for fun. It came off dimwitted, esp when sometimes it contrasts them mocking someone & follows w/interview of someone from a tough background. I'm big fan of women she brings on since most of them don't show up on other podcasts. Not big fan of how she often tries to compare her eBay business story to someone who started a company like Thinx from scratch. She was entrepreneurial and sure the podcast is a promotional device, but she never really acknowledges her luck. Glamorizing her dropout status and then acting more entitled about her employees than a COO at Loreal is just off-putting and esp ironic after Nasty Gal went bankrupt. Overall, the guest content is great and I think host should be more enthused about guests than putting herself on same level as them. In the same vein as what their first job was, more concrete advice on success could be awesome and maybe even group panels? It is also refreshing overall that the conversations are not too stuffy

Sep 7th
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iTunes User

Wow, it's a bummer that the segment at the top with Sophia and Liz is so so so painful to listen to... Liz's 'funny voices' do not translate well and are absolutely grating, especially if you're listening on headphones. Otherwise, the podcast is good. Nice to hear interviews with successful women, tho it could benefit from MORE DIVERSITY, both racially and from women of financial backgrounds. Sometimes the roster of guests seems a bit name-drop'py.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

This podcast was recommended in a large group of female entrepreneurs. So, I went and downloaded all the episodes and started listening from the beginning. Not too bad, I thought! Someone who understands working women and what drives us to be excellent. So, imagine my HORROR when I get to the beginning of the episode with Gregg Renfrew. Liz tells a story about a date gone badly and the two proceed to make fun of the man. So he skipped out on a date. Clearly, you're not for each other, but to be so CHILDISH as to use shrill voices and make a litany of fake excuses to go home from a date? That is NOT #girlboss.

Aug 30th
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