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Author: Brett Friedman

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Competition breeds excellence. Charity breeds community. Sports inspires action.
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Notes & Highlights01:15 Did you know Hayley is becoming a doctor?!04: 15 In a small town when you need bodies on the ice, girls have no trouble getting ice time. When you get older and you’re taking ice time away from boys, that’s when things got tough.06:50 When Hayley was cut from her youth hockey team because “having a girl on the team is too difficult,” Hayley’s mom recognized this human rights roadblock and drove to the league coordinator’s house to right the wrong10:30 Hayley’s first Olympic team roommate was a 35-year old math teacher and Hayley was a 15-year old math student. Hayley credits peers like this, who worked a full-time job and then trained for four hours, for leading by example and showing her how to be a pro, all while making no money doing it. Carrying on these women’s legacies was really important.16:30 When Hayley skated onto the ice during the gold medal game in Sochi and saw her son holding a sign saying, “Go Mom”. Those are moments you never forget because you finally realize the impact you’re having.18:30 7,000 people walk through the doors of WickFest events to compete and sign up to learn about mental health training, nutrition, and educational opportunities from the greatest minds and athletes in the world. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed up! All proceeds are generously donated to JumpStart and KidSport.21:00 An outdoor game at 13,000 feet in the Himalayas was a defining moment. Thanks to Hayley, Indian women are now being given more ice time, an opportunity to work alongside men, and respect. These women are now being sponsored by Under Armour, and their lives have fundamentally changed.26:10 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia32:30 Hayley thinks there’s still a place for fighting in hockey, not because she likes fighting, but because it deters cheap hits and dirty shots and players taking advantage of one another35:30 Hayley’s female women’s hockey team that had an Olympic dynasty paved the way for the US Women’s Soccer that is now demanding equal pay
Notes & Highlights1:30 Hoops2o is growing, and UVA played host to their coming out party06:00 Nicole’s mom was an ‘activist’ and a single mom that believed in the power of people working together9:00 Small change and small actions make a huge difference15:55 Nicole started getting an itch to make the world a better place – working in sports was the fastest way to scratch it17:45 Athletes and sports teams can help non-profit organizations amplify their message and mission when they might not have had another medium to broadcast20:00 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia26:45 If anyone has a magic wand, Nicole wishes she could use it to transport people to the sub-Saharan communities that her Waterboys teams are servicing so they could witness the impact being made31:15 Plenty of professional athletes have recognized the platform they have and they follow in the footsteps of athletes like Chris Long, the 2018 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year33:15 Nicole can vouch for Miles Garrett, and wants us to know that all the good he will do in his life is not to repair his public image, it’s because he has always wanted to serve and help people37:00 When you have water, it changes everything. Now mothers and young girls have time to start small businesses or go to school with the energy to learn.43:00 Finding a cause that resonates with athletes is the best way to cultivate a culture in which these influential people GivBk on a continuous basis48:30 Nicole is so busy thinking about helping others, she hasn’t asked for anything for the Holidays – don’t be afraid to send her a donation as a gift ;
Notes & Highlights10:00 Both Gilbert guys showed poise in 199013:00 If Andre Agassi is a sports car, Brad Gilbert is a Chevy truck. Brad doesn’t have a secret coaching sauce, but he thinks it’s important to go to dinner with your player.16:30 Nobody recognized the value in a loss and handled them with more grace than Andre Agassi. He’s also the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back.24:15 Brad & Zach got more competitive playing each other in ping pong than they did on the tennis court32:30 When you decide who you want to coach, you should want success more for your player than for yourself. You should want to make your player’s dream possible.42:00 Roger Federer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Brad only scratched the surface of Brad’s philanthropic endeavors43:45 Brad and Zach devoted time on the court at San Quentin Prison to provide inmates that had accumulated good behavior credits with a break from their reality. One inmate said that he’d have been able to avoid trouble as a teenager if he was introduced to tennis at that age. The lines and rules teach important values.50:00 A lot of times in life, in business, you have to be competitive. You don’t have to be perfect. Just be satisfied with hard work.54:00 Brad was a Warriors fan for 39 years before the recent streak of success #EastBaySportsPride58:15 Visit BG Tennis nation in Greenbrae, CA! He might even have a stock market tip waiting for you ;)
Notes & Highlights03:20 when you come from a small town, you learn how to like people05:55 Dedan’s professional and personal philosophy is “get better every day and use that improvement to impact the people you surround yourself with” and he learned that from athletes he looked up to08:45 Sports is a unifier of the people. Sports stands for leadership, teamwork, ethics, inspiration, and cooperation.14:00 Dedan is a little like a turtle on a fence post - he doesn’t know how he got to where he is. What he does know is that he had help along the way.16:30 Philanthropic fundraising is a relationship-driven business. People give to people, and an idea.25:15 it’s a pinch-me moment - I have a key to the rose bowl31:00 Rose Bowl’s donors are paramount because it doesn’t have an alumni base, it’s not a church, it’s not a hospital, but it is a chapel to so many people 37:30 Dedan realized how The Rose Bowl humanizes us when Keith Jackson took him onto Kenny Chesney’s tour bus before a show. This led to a six-figure donation to honor Keith Jackson.39:40 Jackie Robinson still holds the record for longest kick return for a touchdown at the Rose Bowl. This place is a museum. History is what makes this stadium so special.44:00 Breaking News! The Rose Bowl Institute is right around the corner45:00 Brandi Chastain’s goal during the world cup final was the first time that women were viewed on a level playing field as man. The Rose Bowl Institute is the next GivBk initiative at The Rose Bowl. Dedan wants to inspire the next generation.47:30 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia55:25 Happiness in employment requires alignment of core values with an organization’s mission. Personal brand development is the first step toward recognizing those core values.59:45 The Rose Bowl is turning 100 years young. is where you can find out more about the stadium’s centennial celebration!
Notes & Highlights03:45 Steve worked at a sales and marketing firm. He had a company car and a secretary, and he hated every minute of it. He really felt that it was meaningless.11:15 In 1993 Steve intentionally went on unemployment so he could start the Jackie Robinson Baseball League. He named all the teams after negro league teams and gave every kid a book called Jackie Robinson and the Story of All Black Baseball.14:00 The Anderson Monarchs were the first youth baseball team to racially integrate Philadelphia’s city A league.16:30 Steve and the Monarchs got together at the rec center every Friday and studied the civil rights movement and baseball history along that timeline.18:30 After Mo’Ne’s jersey was retired in Cooperstown, the kids bought baseball cards and had a mock baseball draft. It’s so nice to see the kids embrace each other in the absence of technology.26:30 Steve built a team of five Black, five White and five Hispanic players. Their families self-segregated during their introductory team meeting. Two years later, those same families are renting a vacation house together in Ocean City, MD. A lot times it’s not racism, it’s ignorance and lack of exposure.33:00 14 kids from one team will be playing college baseball, nine of which are at the D-1 level. In 2011 the Monarchs won the baseball, basketball, indoor and outdoor soccer city a league championship. We proved that we could compete if the kids were given an opportunity. 38:00 Empathy is knowing what someone else is thinking and feeling. This is a great competitive advantage.39:00 We stand out. Not just because of our pigment, but because of how we play the game as a team.45:00 Mo’s biggest contribution was inspiring younger girls to chase their dreams.46:45 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia 53:00 MLB’s key demographic is about to be gone, and just because the TV money is there, doesn’t mean it ain’t broke.1:00:00 An Anderson Monarch’s goal from day is to graduate from college.1:05:30 If you’re a rabbit in a hole looking up, the sky isn’t big. If you pop your head out of that hole, the whole world opens up. So make sure your kids pop their heads out.
Notes & Highlights02:15 But oh my gosh, I loved to dance!07:00 It proved that you didn't have to be perfect, you just had to be human, honest, raw, and real.11:00 Miss Val began her illustrious career playing the floor music for her student-athlete gymnasts. Check out Life Is Short, Don't Wait to Dance!17:30 Success is peace of mind and knowing you've done your best. - John Wooden21:15 Yearn to Learn30:30 Let's hear it for right-brained people! Katelyn Ohashi is a phenomenal human being. She has a real big heart.31:50 Takes n' Fakes Trivia38:00 Bragging rights and money. It's pathetic if that's the only reason we play sports.40:00 Get over yourself. No one is looking at you.48:00 This generation is more influenced by their phone than anyone in their life. The best thing parents can do is set boundaries. Go play with your son or daughter.55:30 If we could all use social media for things that are good and uplifting and empowering, imagine the world we could create. It's up to us.
Notes & Highlights06:15   Playing in the ACC will teach you things about the game that don’t show up on stat sheets – that’s why Bolt 30 camps and clinics were created10:30   This kid refuses to give up – after trying out as a first-year, sophomore and junior, Phaethon walked on as a Demon Deacon his senior year16:40   Use whatever you have to make a difference23:45   If you don’t have a branch of your business that isn’t involved in social impact, people are going to question you – it’s almost a requirement from a branding perspective now27:10   If you’re doing good things, people are going to notice34:15   You don’t necessarily realize you can do something until you see it – representation matters43:00   You know people that just look comfortable on a basketball court, President Obama looked comfortable with the ball in his hands49:15.  Illmatic vs Stillmatic
Notes & Highlights03:15 That’s the beauty of sport, it’s a great teacher of life07:00 Every little girl deserves a male champion11:15 There’s more to humanity that unites us than divides us16:00 When you have the cure, how could you know dedicate yourself to telling people about it? Sport is an incredible tool for social transformation19:00 Embrace your weird and challenge the status quo27:00 It doesn’t make sense to play with half your team - that’s why we need to empower women to have collaborative conversions with men in power32:45 1 in 4 Americans believe that we’ll colonize Mars before there is a business leadership equality of gender - We need to move past insecurity, fear and ego to promote transparency and accountability 40:00 The Women’s World Cup team is arguing for equal pay - Should they be arguing for more pay?49:00 Gone are the days of “shut up and dribble” - As athletes seek out the injustices they’ve experienced or seen, they continue to ask for ways to be equipped to rival those injustices58:30 Hindsight is 20:20 - You can only hope that you led with your heart and your heart was pointing you in the right direction
My guest today is the President of the FinishLine Youth Foundation, a Board Member of the Special Olympics of Indiana and a Board Member of the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis. I’ve had a great time getting to this guy. He’s got a ton of energy and a huge heart. Please welcome today’s guest, Mr Marty Posch!Notes & Highlights·      06:30 The lens through which I view rock stars has changed a little bit. The single moms trying to raise two kids, those are my rock stars now.·      11:45 At Finish Line, we have an army of people that want to get involved ·      17:30 When you think about how much of an impact you’ve made, you should think about how many individual lives you’ve changed·      22:10 53% of Special Olympics athletes were wearing shoes that were two sizes too big or two sizes too small until FinishLine helped put a dent in that number·      32:45 Any time you’re building something, the most important thing to recognize is that you could not have built it alone·      37:00 Takes & Fakes Trivia·      42:15 When a gold medal athlete was overshadowed by a special olympics athlete 3-4 minutes behind him, you remember what the joy of sports can be. The smile on her face made the place erupt when she crossed that finish line. ·      45:50 Race For a Cure 
My guest today is the founder of Exhale to Inhale, a yoga foundation that employs movement, breath work, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques to empower survivors of abuse to heal. She has devoted her life to helping others. She witnessed something tragic that she didn't want future generations to have to endure, and she decided to do something about it.I hope you feel centered and inspired after listing to the one and only, Zoë Lepage!Notes & Highlights·      02:30 Zoe believes that impact happens one person at a time, one breadth at a time·      07:30 Community Outreach – Nina, Los Angeles·      10:45 The Exhale to Inhale Origin Story: Get Off The Couch·      17:00 All great non-profit organizations start in the Engineering School cafeteria. ETI doesn’t practice at a spa in SoHo.·      23:00 Feeling your ability to hold yourself up and make a choice for yourself, that’s powerful, that’s your saving grace!·      30:30 ETI is built on the notion that something was helpful to them, maybe it’s transformative for you too·      39:00 The first thing non-profit founders should do is pause. Make sure no one is doing what you want to do, ask yourself why, and then create the damn thing! You’ll know that you should work on a new endeavor full-time when you don’t have time to do your day job anymore.·      42:15 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia·      50:00 Movement for Meaning + the Inaugural Gala, with keynote speaker, Cecile Noel, Commissioner of NYC Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-based Violence (ENDGBV)
My guest today is one of the more famous entrepreneurs in the last quarter century, a staple in Yankees fans vocabularies, the alleged creator of the everything bagel, a founding member of the David B. Falk College of Sport & Human Dynamics at Syracuse University, the host of Memories of the Game on the YES Network, host of his own podcast called UNPLUGGED, and a true embodiment of the American Dream. I hope you’re as jazzed for this hour of the podcast as I am. It’s a real pleasure to welcome today’s guest, a lifetime philanthropist and a true New Yorker, Mr. Brandon Steiner!Notes & Highlights·      08:15 Helping people is not a burden, it’s an opportunity·      15:00 Brandon might not be a world class athlete, but he’s in the Business Hall of Fame·      19:30 Having grown up near a basketball court, Brandon knows how important they are, so he goes around the country with Nancy Lieberman building courts for kids.·      25:00 Mariano Rivera was the person who pitched Brandon on the idea that the most important thing in life is helping people·      33:00 George Steinbrenner’s commitment to Yankees fans was relentless – The Boss was yelling at the stadium concourse garbage men in the 8th inning of a World Series clinching game rather than watching the fireworks on the field·      39:00 YES Network was a platform Brandon was very appreciative of. Working with talented collaborators like Mike Wach and John Filippelli was an honor.·      42:15 Brandon’s spirit animal is Curious George, that book’s message led him to create his podcast, “Unplugged” ·      43:45 Takes & Fakes Trivia·      50:00 Brandon invented the Everything Bagel 
My guest today is the Executive Director of Real Options for City Kids in San Francisco’s Visitation Valley, the 2008 Best of the Bay Singer Songwriter, and RAW San Francisco’s Musician of the Year.The GivBk Gang is pretty passionate about spreading our love from coast to coast as are our friends at DEED, and today we step into the mind of one the San Francisco Bay Area’s most talented musicians and sports philanthropists, a guy whose community impact was featured on NBC's Today Show, Mr Curt Yagi!Notes & Highlights·      0:02:50 Humble beginnings and parents as educators set Curt up for a life of GivBk·      0:04:50 Curt still gets excited and brings the R.O.C.K. vibe whenever he walks into the gym, classroom or wherever there’s a program that day·      0:09:30 Curt found soccer, baseball and wrestling to be a source of confidence, but he didn’t begin writing music until his father passed away·      0:16:45 Curt’s fondest memories are of his dad bringing home sports gear from his school Physical Education classes·      0:22:15 R.O.C.K. became the largest youth-serving organization in Visitacion Valley when they partnered with the state and public school district in 2009·      0:26:35 You don’t always know what kind of an impact you’re making until you get mobbed by a group of kids who missed you·      0:34:15 Takes n’ Fakes Trivia·      0:40:05 Instilling qualities like self-confidence, problem-solving skills, empathy, relationship building and other ‘student level outcomes’ will enable R.O.C.K. kids to thrive as young adults·      0:43:50 Warriors players like Kalena Azubukeas well as their cheerleaders and community relations personnel stop by R.O.C.K. and remind kids and staff that there are people out there that care about them. The GS Warriors are a class act.·      0:53:35 R.O.C.K. is turning 25 this fall!
My guest today is a mentor of mine, a two-sport collegiate varsity letterman, one of the more impressive sports philanthropists that Pennsylvania has to offer and a 12-year veteran head coach of the Dickinson College Red Devils baseball program. The opportunity to sit down with someone that molded me into the person I am today is a unique one. Coach Hanson saw an ambitious kid with pedestrian baseball skills at the college level and provided me with a path to navigate college life. When finishing beers seemed as important to me as finishing innings, Coach Hanson helped put me on a righteous track. Red Devils alumni and college athletes across the country have been asking about when this episode would drop, so without further ado, here’s Mr Craig Hanson! Notes & Highlights·      0:10:10 Every coach is an apprentice. You’re constantly learning and pushing yourself. ·      0:17:30 Helping Another Hand baseball clinic is one of Hanson’s favorite days of the year. Team Impact, Autism Speaks, Vs Cancer and Relay for Life are also among a litany of philanthropic efforts the Red Devils dive into head-first.·      0:32:05 Coach Hanson locked down his 200th career win. Every win has a memory that goes with it.·      0:38:00 The Victory Bone Collector Hat, a WalMart gem·      0:42:35 Takes & Fakes Trivia·      0:46:15 You can’t coach each kid the same way. The more you can read about from other coach’s experiences, the faster growth will manifest.·      55:50 You should fail in practice. If you’re not failing in practice, you’re not practicing hard enough. Student-athletes gain perspective through our community service projects and interactions kids who have had 100 brain surgeries who would give anything to have one at bat.  
My guest today is the Director of Business Development at one of my favorite organizations called Pledge It. He was the Managing Director of the Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group, Co-Director of the Sports Philanthropy Executive Certificate Program at GWU School of Business, Advisory Board Member of Kids Play International, and VP and Board Member of Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation. Last episode you heard from a 2x NFL Super Bowl winner, in this GivBk Sports Podcast episode you’ll hear from an esteemed member of the sports philanthropy world, and perhaps more importantly, a new father. I’m of course referring to, Mr Todd Smith!Notes & Highlights·      0:06:46 NBA’s Biggest Fan’s initiative·      0:09:42 1st public campaign on Pledge It with Devon Still was a baptism by fire ·      0:16:40 Competition and performance-based fundraising is why Pledge It exists. ·      0:27:30 Larger than life athletes like Derek Jeter that are humble enough to recognize their ability to positively influence people, inspire us to always strive to do more. ·      0:31:15 Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear jerseys ·      0:40:05 V Foundation was my first exposure to sports philanthropy, Cuisine for a Cure·      0:46:15 Happy to report that most players demand that their agencies facilitate a way to GivBk to their community and make that part of their brand
My guest today is a 2x NFL Super Bowl winner, an NFL Pro Bowler, a Baltimore Ravens Ring of Honor Inductee, Founder of The Matt Stover Foundation & the Stover Family Foundation as well as Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder of The Players Philanthropy Fund. All of my distinguished guests deserve a platform like GivBk Sports Podcast to share the accomplishments they’ve made in the name of social responsibility. This particular guest is almost as decorated as a sports philanthropist as he was on the gridiron. He’s humble as pie and a ton of fun to boot, this is Mr Matt Stover! Notes & Highlights·      5:00 Learning how to be a good teammate and how to navigate a locker room as a young athlete will teach kids how to manage egos later in life·      7:30 Competition breeds excellence because your tomorrow is not guaranteed. You should never need to be told to go work. You’ll never be great unless you put in the time. ·      13:30 Over 105 Players Philanthropy Fund accounts and counting ·      19:55 You don’t have to give your own funds, but you do want to make this world a better place. If it’s only about the game you’re playing, if it’s only there to serve you, when you get out of the league, it’s going to be very empty. ·      21:05 Takes & Fakes Trivia·      26:10 Only 20% of NFL players have an ongoing use for their football career after they retire – we have to realize that we are our own entrepreneur, so education is critical·      29:30 Some division 1 collegiate athletes don’t have enough money to buy toothpaste. They should be compensated by the universities in addition to their free education.·      36:45 Giving back effort and love to your fellow man tends to build a stronger community·      38:57 Brian Billick created the blueprint for a game manager quarterback. Trent Dilfer wasn’t too proud to stay within himself and Billick’s system.·      47:40 I don’t allow failure to take me down. I allow failure to build me up. I allow failure to make me better and ensure that I have purpose in my life. ·      52:10 What you need to know before kicking a game-winning field goal. It’s called The Zone.57:15 Faith, Family, Friends and Football. Get involved in your community. Action is more important than your money. When you GivBk, it’s so much more gratifying than receiving. 
My guest today is a local legend. I’m surprised he hasn’t run for public office yet. I can’t wait for you to get to know this guy as intimately as I have over the last couple years. He’s the commissioner of Santa Monica Little League in southern California and a heck of a family man, Mr Kirk Goldstein!Notes & Highlights·      0:06:15 Santa Monica Little League registrations are up 150 players since Kirk and Jason Sherman took the reins·      0:15:40 kids reach a point in little league where coaches have pushed them as far as they can, now the kids need to push themselves further·      0:18:34 Shades of the Rockford Peaches, Santa Monica Girl Goes Yard and Was Greeted By Sportsmanship·      0:22:30 No child left behind and open arms for Malibu Fires victims, best little league field on earth·      0:28:28 Big Brother, Little Brother mentorship initiative can take our appreciation for the game to another level·      0:31:05 Takes & Fakes Trivia·      0:37:12 You don’t have to be an nba player for basketball to be of value to you·      0:43:00 SMLL actors in The Show, who went pro·      0:50:04 Anybody can do anything if they dedicate themselves. You don’t just stumble your way to the top.
I was humbled to speak with a former a Founding Executive Director of Justin Verlander’s Wins for Warriors Foundation, FIFA Women’s World Cup DC host teammate, founder of the Rounding Third initiative, Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Sports Award and Founder of the Sports Impact Leadership Certificate, Mrs Alisha Greenberg!Notes & Highlights·      0:02:50 How diehard is diehard? Naming your son Camden shows Alisha’s @Orioles allegiance·      0:06:35 Sports Impact Leadership Certificate was founded by Alisha and co-directed by Meredith Wolff·      0:11:05 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the largest foundation in the country devoted to healthy giving·      0:17:32 Sports Philanthropy didn’t exist when Alisha began her career, but she was brought up with GivBk values·      0:20:05 Philanthropists recognize that their initiatives are bigger than themselves·      0:27:55 Takes & Fakes Trivia·      0:35:05 Not needing recognition for selfless acts is a prerequisite for the philanthropic industry. ·      0:40:14 Teaching kids gender equity might be more important than teaching them the fundamentals of the game·      0:51:25 Submit your RWJF Sports Award application before May 29!
My guest today is the north star for some of the largest athletes in the world. I mean that both culturally and physically. I am so pumped to introduce a UCLA Young Alumni Rep and Merit Scholar evaluator, a Cal State Long Beach guest lecturer, and a brave branding extraordinaire who often finds herself being the only girl in the room, Ms Arielle Moyal!Notes & Highlights·      0:06:26 Mia Hamm, Lisa Leslie and Nancy Lieberman paved the way·      0:09:33 Take Arielle’s advice, get your kid a camp counselor job·      0:16:22 Bruins Basketball Family·      0:21:19 This business is all about trust·      0:29:30 Dunk MS ·      0:34:27 Takes & Fakes·      0:45:43 You never know who needs you. Good energy is contagious.·      0:54:16 No contribution is too small
My guest today is a friend of over a decade who lets his actions speak louder than his words. It gives me great pride to introduce a fellow Dickinson Red Devil varsity athlete, a leading Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Heading Home Inc philanthropist, and a second-generation Boston Marathoner chasing two very significant numbers, Mr Scott Carpenter!Notes & Highlights·      0:05:16 – “I want to be out of thank you notes when this whole thing is done”·      0:08:06 – Surround yourself with courage·      0:17:05 – Like Olympic Gold Medalist, Joan Benoit Samuelson, told Scott, “run the way your body feels”·      0:24:33 – Community Outreach – Listener Call·      0:32:39 – Dana Farber Cancer Institute - 500 strong and nearly $100 million of fundraising – Please support Scott and his team! Race day is April 15th and donations will be accepted until April 22nd. ·      0:44:15 – The spirit of the Boston Marathon ·      0:50:27 – Heading Home - Up n’ Out Moves·      0:58:20 – Takes & Fakes Trivia Game
Welcome to the FIRST episode of the GivBk Sports Podcast. I’m your host, Brett Friedman. As we will today and in all future GivBk episodes, we’ll learn about how our guests have parlayed athletic accolades or influence within the world of sports into an opportunity to uplift the community around them.  Notes & Highlights5:40 – El Viejo. On the handball courts, they were gentlemen. I thought, today, these kids are going to have the respect of themselves, and others, and they’re going to have a feeling of accomplishment. If they respect themselves and know I respect them, that’s a big part of it. Once you have respect, you’re willing to give respect.14:01 – Handball’s street culture of razor-edged competition and a mythological, fictional character that molded it. NYC’s West 4th Street Cage23:02 – A Mesoamerican ball court athlete that paved the way for basketball and soccer as we know them today26:31 – Fencing doesn’t get enough respect. University of Pennsylvania’s “Maestro”35:07 – College sports, 1970s-present46:06 – A social media late adopter that became a big believer56:25 – How the civil war birthed baseball1:15:58 – The value of the pass and perseverance1:29:20 – Takes & Fakes Trivia Game1:37:52 – Will Smith’s screenplay advice
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