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Follow along as this husband and wife duo give you unfiltered advice from two different perspectives. No topic goes unspoken, from sex, money, relationships, the good the bad, and the ugly, Alex and Jon will give it to you straight.
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Would you call the cops on your own sister? Alex would. In this week’s episode, Alex and Jon discuss driving while high, pole dancing, and stalking your ex. Jon hasn’t stalked his ex in years but Alex just stalked hers last week. Don’t lie, we all want to see if we’re doing better than our … Continue reading 48. Giving you pole dancing, driving high, and stalking your ex →
It’s time we normalized kissing your siblings on the lips…(or not, geez). In this week’s episode, Jon and Alex discuss strange sibling relationships, babies at weddings, and rude celebrity encounters. Just remember, if you ever meet Alex and Jon in public, Alex will want to be your best friend and Jon will want to leave … Continue reading 47. Giving you vanilla sex, rude celebrities, and sibling kisses →
In love with your best friend’s boyfriend? Stop. In this week’s episode, Alex and Jon help you fall out of love with your best friend’s boyfriend, find love on dating apps, and confront ex’s about having fake cancer. What’s the biggest lie Jon has ever told Alex? Probably that he’s one inch taller. Guys will … Continue reading 46. Giving you fake cancer, boring boyfriends, and shitty brothers →
Is Baby Bouffard finally on the way? In this week’s episode, Alex and Jon make a huge life announcement and discuss all things kids, pregnancy, and promiscuous pasts.  Jon considers getting a vasectomy and Alex dives into what you need to think about before having kids. Is Jon about to become a Zaddy? Is Alex … Continue reading 45. Giving you babies, sperm donors, and vasectomies →
People need to learn how to say no, especially to brides. In this week’s episode, Alex and Jon discuss bachelorette parties getting too extreme, bedtime stories at 27, and how to handle your first STD. Alex even recalls a cooking class that left her feeling bamboozled, while Jon warns listeners to watch out for scammers. … Continue reading 44. Giving you bachelorette parties, scammers, and nudes →
Mother-in-laws are like your husband’s ex-girlfriend who won’t leave him alone. This week, Alex and Jon discuss MIL relationships, workplace affairs, and husbands being TOO helpful? Is that possible? Jon even recounts a story from his music festivals days and crowd surfing. Let’s just say if Jon could go back and relive his glory days…he … Continue reading 43. Giving you mother-in-laws, affairs, and crowd surfing →
Too afraid to poke your husband’s butthole? Let’s discuss. In this week’s episode, Alex and Jon give their take on work wives, being a confident tall girl with a short king, and sleeping with your fiance’s sister. Other topics include being “friends” with your attractive coworker but hey, if you’re spending more time discussing spreadsheets … Continue reading 42. Giving you body count, work wives, and buttholes →
If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know how outside influences can do more harm than good at any given time. Even when your gut is telling you the answer, those outside factors can get you to second guess yourself. The truth is, you just have to trust yourself sometimes and go with your … Continue reading 41. Navigating Relationships By Trusting Your Instincts →
Turning points in relationships are often a result of the impact your choices have on you and your partner. Oftentimes we focus too much on who’s right and who’s wrong instead of looking at what’s in the best interest of the relationship itself. In this episode, Alex and Jon take on listener questions about a … Continue reading 40. The Consequences Of Your Choices →
Everyone has a past and your willingness to understand your partner’s will help you strengthen your relationship and not tear it down. So why do so many people focus on what happened before instead of looking towards the future? In this episode, Jon and Alex discuss the art of talking dirty to your partner, how … Continue reading 39. Embracing Your Partner’s Past →
Communication within relationships can be challenging, and it requires constant effort to make it work. At times, expressing your thoughts can be particularly tough, especially when you and your partner aren’t on the same page. In this episode, Alex and Jon discuss listener questions about an open marriage with unexpected consequences, dealing with a husband’s … Continue reading 38. Finding Courage To Communicate →
Relationships come down to balancing your own wants and needs with what’s in the best interest of you and your partner. Things begin to get tricky when the differences between those two are paper thin. So, how do you make the right choice when the differences aren’t always apparent? In this episode, Jon and Alex … Continue reading 37. Choosing What You Need And Not What You Want →
36. Awkward Family Affairs

36. Awkward Family Affairs


From the outside looking in, what’s normal for your partner and their family may seem strange to others. So what happens when you make an unsettling discovery about your partner’s family and past? In this episode, Alex and Jon dig into listener questions about sleeping with your friend’s crush, a debate on when kids should … Continue reading 36. Awkward Family Affairs →
They say history is bound to repeat itself and the same can be said for relationships. If you don’t acknowledge what has happened in the past, can you truly look forward to a better future for your relationship? In this episode, Jon and Alex offer their mediocre advice to listener questions about the denial of … Continue reading 35. Relationship History Lessons →
Intrusive thoughts are an unwanted part of every relationship but they do need to be addressed when they come up. Avoiding them will only allow them to linger and get worse, possibly to the point of acting on them. In this episode, Alex and Jon answer listener questions about the need for prenups, dealing with … Continue reading 34. Breaking Down Your Intrusive Thoughts →
Relationships are a lot of work even when both partners are giving their all. So what happens to a relationship when one partner starts to give more than the other? In this episode, Jon and Alex give their mediocre advice about a boyfriend needing to choose between his parents and his girlfriend, what opinion you … Continue reading 33. The Complexities of Relationship Balance →
Transparency, communication, and expectation setting are foundational to any successful relationship. So why do some many relationships fall apart as a result of ignoring their necessity? In this episode, Alex and Jon discuss navigating opposing religious views, choosing between your career and your partner, where do you draw the line when defending a family member, … Continue reading 32. Dating, Divorce, and Disclosures →
Establishing a relationship means changing your priorities from what’s best for you, to what’s best for us. The key to making these priorities work is knowing when to change them to meet the demands of your relationship. In this episode, Jon and Alex answer some juicy listener questions about a boyfriends secret gambling debt, getting … Continue reading 31. The Best Intentions Aren’t Always The Right Priorities →
Once you’re in a relationship, the decisions you make no longer only impact you but your partner as well.  The success of the relationship relies heavily on making good decisions for the team.  In this episode, Alex and Jon dish out mediocre advice on the impact of social media on parenting, when family businesses compete … Continue reading 30. Past Lovers and Present Dilemmas →
Moving forward in life isn’t always the easiest step to take, especially with the risks involved.  The uncertainty of what lies ahead can cause any person to question their next move.  In this episode, Jon and Alex answer listener questions about asking out a coworker, a boyfriend stealing his girlfriends dream job, what guys really … Continue reading 29. Taking A Risk To Move Forward →
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