DiscoverGlobal 500 CEOs and Board of Directors Corporate Governance by GBAC CEO Yusuf Azizullah
Global 500 CEOs and Board of Directors Corporate Governance by GBAC CEO Yusuf Azizullah
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Global 500 CEOs and Board of Directors Corporate Governance by GBAC CEO Yusuf Azizullah

Author: Yusuf Azizullah

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Global Board Advisors Corp (GBAC) is a world-leading forum advising Billionaires, World Economic Forum (WEF) leaders, Global 500 CEOs & Tech Billionaires on the latest economic, social trends across the planet since 2010. Boardroom Insights from the largest brands on the planet. Board of Director, CEO & C-Suite Online Corporate Governance Courses at and our website
7 Episodes
What Should boards focus on 2021-2022, COVID still disrupting, BREXIT winners and Gainers Turkey. Vietnam, ESG Sustainability & Diversity, GBAC Online Boardroom Education Videos. How to ESG in the boardroom?
Interviews with Board of Directors of Software giant SAP  Gesche Joost and largest beverage company Nestle  Ruth Oniang’o  Board of Directors, US Tax reforms, Africa's Growth and Innovation, Global Geopolitics by Yusuf Azizullah GBAC Global Board Advisors Corp CEO, 
A new ERA in the Middle East of Peace and Prosperity. While I am writing this blog for the first time in history.!!! An Israeli Foreign Minister and Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid is visiting UAE. The Abraham Accords is growing TRUST in the Middle East.I saw down with my friend, Chairman of the Board Amnon Neubach, of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Amnon was the Economic Advisor to Noble Laureate Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister of Israel, during his tenure. Amnon signed on behalf of TASE with UAE ADX historic  Accords Israel is the only Developed, Mature Market in the Middle East, OCED member, and highest-ranked innovative company. Amnon and I discussed many issues from Tech Nation,  his views on the new Israeli Government, their challenges in the first 120 days and opportunities,  TESA UP, tech IPOs,  ESG voluntary reporting, the upcoming first ESG Sustainability report by Tel Aviv Stock Exchange  
Countries with the highest vaccinations are showing highest Capital Market stock returns , Mongolia, point in case. Global Recovery is in full swing, however, ESG Risks remain at large. Food Prices highest in the decade.
Yusuf Azizullah GBAC  Global Board Advisors Corp CEO interview of Botswana Stock Exchange CEO Thapelo Tsheole discuss Botswana economy bank, COVID Recovery, 1st African Country to vaccinate entire adult population, ERGI Governments of Australia, USA, Canada, Peru and Botswana for Supply Chain Sustainable and Ethical Energy Resource Supply Chains mining companies. Botswana Stock Exchange Sustainable Stock Exchanges and Education on Sustainability. online ESG Transformation course for Board of Directors, CEO, and C-Suite in fulfilling United Nations Sustainability Deliverables. Botswana stable economy and low-income tax.
Executive Compensation Proxy Rules have been Changed by President. Biden's Tax Reforms and S&P Global Ratings,  ESG Top 5 Trends 2021
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