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Author: BBC World Service

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The day’s top stories from BBC News. Delivered twice a day on weekdays, daily at weekends
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The Israeli PM's comments came as the UN Security Council met to try to broker a ceasefire. Also: the US climate envoy puts his faith in technologies that 'don't yet exist', and the take away musicians - delivered to your home to play live.
Israel claims Hamas operated there; the block housed the AP news agency which says it can't verify the Israeli statement. Also: Covid - on Everest, and at the Eurovision Song Contest, and the plague of mice in Australia.
Palestinians and Israeli forces clash in the West Bank as Israel vows to continue military operations in Gaza. Also: the WHO warns the second year of the pandemic is likely to be deadlier than the first, and Prince Harry speaks of the pain and suffering of his upbringing.
Israel launches heaviest bombardment of Gaza so far as fighting continues. And US and Egyptian mediators arrive in Israel to broker talks to try and end conflict. Also, Turkish company that provides a quarter of Lebanon's electricity has halted supplies, and a work by Picasso is sold for more than one hundred million dollars.
Jews and Arabs clash in several Israeli towns. Also: persuading the vaccine hesitant to get a covid jab; and Russia's space agency plans to make its first movie in space
Hamas remains defiant and the Israeli military considers possible ground invasion. Also 3 Kenyan MPs meet the speaker of parliament to explain allegations of widespread bribe-taking by their colleagues, and Bitcoin takes a nosedive as Elon Musk announces Tesla will no longer accept the cryptocurrency to buy its cars.
Israeli air strikes kill senior Hamas military commanders in Gaza City, as fighting with Palestinians goes on. Also, international leaders urge both sides to back down amid warnings of a full-scale war. And US Republicans oust Liz Cheney from a leadership position in Congress, over her opposition to Donald Trump.
At least 53 Palestinians and 6 Israelis have been killed since latest fighting began. Other nations have appealed for both sides to end confrontation. Also, the WHO issues damning report on global response to Covid-19 pandemic, and is another migrant crisis looming in the Mediterranean ?
Palestinian militants fired hundreds of rockets into Israel and Israel carried out heavy airstrikes on Gaza. We hear from the Israeli Defence Force and a man being bombed in Gaza City. Also: bodies wash up along India's River Ganges as crematoria struggle to keep up with Covid 19, and the Brit Awards are back in London with a live audience.
At least seven pupils and one teacher died in the attack in Kazan..Also, further heavy exchanges of fire between Palestinians and Israelis, and the legacy of Bob Marley 40 years after his death.
The EU, the US and the UK have called for the violence to stop after the Palestinians and Israel exchange fire. Also: billions of cicadas are going to emerge in the US after living underground for 17 years, and NBC cancels Golden Globes over lack of diversity.
Police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse stone-throwing crowds in and around Al-Aqsa mosque. Emergency legislation has taken effect in the United States to protect fuel supplies, after a cyber attack forced the closure of a major pipeline. German priests defy Vatican to bless gay couples.
Police said Alexander Murakhousky had not reported back from a hunting trip in a Siberian forest since Friday. Also: more than 1,000 migrants arrive on the Italian island of Lampedusa, and Dracula's castle offers tourists Covid vaccine.
The attack took place as the students were leaving the school in Kabul. Also: India's PM asks EU support for Covid19 vaccine patents waiver, and high speed rail services cancelled in UK after cracks found in trains.
Employers hired 266,000 people in the US last month, despite a $1.9tn stimulus package. Also: WHO approves Chinese covid vaccine, and California condors swoop on home.
Sikhs in Delhi convert temple into hospital for Covid patients. And Supreme Court orders government to supply 700 metric tonnes of oxygen to capital's hospitals every day. Also, UN urges Brazil to investigate police raid which resulted in at least 25 deaths, and the refugee athletes who dream of Olympic glory - despite having no country to represent.
More than 4,000 Indians have died in 24 hours, and some experts say the real Covid-19 figures could be much higher. Also, South Africa’s governing ANC party is plunged into a power struggle. And Malawi’s government orders refugees to move to a camp, after decades of integration in society.
The US Secretary of State urged Moscow to end its 'reckless and aggressive' actions to Ukraine. Also: the Ugandan former child soldier sentenced to 25 years in jail by the International Criminal Court, and the plight of women in Afghanistan.
Facebook’s Oversight Board however criticised the permanent nature of the ban and ordered the site to review the decision and “justify a proportionate response” that is applied to everyone. Also: the World Health Organisation sets up a global intelligence centre in Berlin to identify future pandemics, and scientists have uncovered what may be Africa's oldest ceremonial human burial 78,000 years ago.
Opponents of military coup have announced setting up of armed wing. This follows months of clashes with security forces, in which more than 700 demonstrators have been killed. Also, entire Indian delegation at G7 talks in London must self-isolate after Covid cases detected, and how Napoleon's controversial legacy still divides France 200 years after his death.
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Yeelun Lai

that Australian lady's complaining voice is so much worse than rats 🐀. release the owls don't use poison please, I thought Australian were smarter than that

May 16th


I'm really excited to learn British English

May 15th

Gonzalo Garcia Luna

what is this bullshit of whitewashing the genocide Israel government? I hadnt ever seen before such a shameless covering of people being killed by the antisemites

May 12th

Siciid Fuaad

why the poor people 😠

May 10th


BJP sucks

Apr 27th

Yeelun Lai

ffs stop reporting about this racist sob

Apr 17th

shraddha rawat

Did he say it sends heat to the sky and so heat doesn't stay on earth? The paint emits heat outside the earth's atmosphere..? sounds really strange..

Apr 17th


I don't give a flying Fook about this old man

Apr 9th


what blue hair did. it's ridiculous to talk about of this is like a crime

Apr 9th

Bart Stavisky

When you take on a pet, it's for life. Having an support animal in a pandemic and abandoning it after the "crisis" is inhumane. What is wrong with these people? They are below contempt. My heart goes out to all the fur babies. They deserve better! My animals are family! Bart Stavisky Mount Vernon IL USA

Apr 6th

Michael Maaß

There is a notification system in place to inform the owner of this Podcast, but actually we cannot know if it has been turned on or off.

Mar 23rd

Mar Ko

Do comments in castbox autmatically go to the podcast maker, in this case BBC? Otherwise what's the use?

Mar 22nd

Mar Ko

a re your journalistes even aware that Ikea is pronounced e-kea and not iiikea like some texan saying Ii-rak?

Mar 22nd


so it's bad when Americans protest restrictions but Europeans don't mind their own doing it?

Mar 22nd
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Soqkay Müller

cccesssf ccwwyw CD

Mar 13th

Bình Minh Nguyễn

does this podcast have transcripts???

Mar 11th

Hackward Yu


Mar 6th

Tony Zac

haha. I hope the guy charges his ex-wife for rent too. this is so stupid.

Feb 24th

damned skeptic

Rush Limbaugh dying is the best news I've heard in a while, one less fascist propagandist around. Hope it hurt you nazi scumbag.

Feb 18th
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