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About Jo-Ná: Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq. is an award-winning attorney, founder, advisor, and Instructor who founded J.A. Williams Law P.C. in 2011 to provide artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders with ways to successfully navigate their careers, secure their companies, and provide assistance with business and intellectual property matters. She is dedicated to issues regarding the rights of entrepreneurs because she believes they are a population highly vulnerable to exploitation without proper knowledge. She founded her coaching company in 2013 to advise creatives and business owners on entrepreneurship. She’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Black Enterprise, Marie TV, and The Root. She has spoken on Facebook, LinkedIn, NYU, and Rent The Runway, amongst others. She was recently named one of the Top 40 Lawyers under 40 in the country by the National Black Lawyers and Intellectual Property & Business Attorney of the Year by Acquisition International in 2019. She’s an instructor for LinkedIn Learning and Learn@Forbes. She's licensed to practice law in New York.Connect with Jo-NáJA Williams WebsiteJA Williams InstagramJo-Ná Williams WebsiteJo-Ná Williams InstagramTwitterFavorite Quotes“I went to connect with myself, with my spirit. I made that boundary for myself. I focused on myself and my well-being. And there was freedom in that.”“ I did not plan what I would do during burnout. I had no idea how long it was going to take for me to get out of it. I had no idea what was going to happen along that journey. All I knew is that I needed to stop what I was doing.”“When you're first starting a business, you’re thinking like you’ve got to say yes to everything, to all these opportunities, because they might not come your way again. But I got very intentional about saying yes. And I may say no. And when I said, no, my yeses felt really good. The things that I said yes to were juicy because I wasn't saying yes to everything.”In This Episode You’ll Learn:Creating businesses to scale doesn’t have to bring you on the brink of burnoutThe different facets of burnoutGiving yourself permission to pause - or even take a full stop!How to avoid draining your energy so your business doesn’t sufferHandling the external pressures that can trigger usHandling the fear of “not knowing everything”Building a business that’s actually sustainable Mentioned on the show:SalsaLove the show? Then why don’t you:Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.Subscribe to the show.Tag us on Instagram or Jaclyn @jaclyn_mellone and let us know what you think or what and who you’d want to hear on the show!Want to become a Gal Pal? Head on over to this link to Become a Go-To Gal Podcast Insider
About Kendra: Kendra Hennessy is a home management expert and positive motherhood enthusiast. She is a podcast host and founder of Mother like a Boss™, where she puts reluctant homemakers back in the driver's seat of motherhood through bite-size and practical routines and mindset shifts. Her mission is to empower moms through no-nonsense, realistic changes that they can stick with.Kendra lives in upstate NY with her husband Adam, raising their daughter AC and son Everett. She loves all things coffee, and chocolate and can usually be found in her off time binge-watching something on TV. She loves giving support and encouragement to the moms of the world and helping them make motherhood feel easier in every season.Connect with KendraWebsiteFacebookInstagramFavorite Quotes“There is a disconnect with what we think and believe about homemaking and home management. The tasks we're doing - cleaning, cooking, laundry - and all of those things, are components of it. But homemaking is also about the things you're cultivating within your family.”“Urgent and important are two different things. The problem is we've confused the two in our brains, and now it's hard to prioritize because everything feels like it should be important instead of sitting down and deciding what's actually important for you.”“Breaking something down into its absolute simplest form is the greatest way to take away the overwhelm and actually turn it into something productive.”In This Episode You’ll Learn:How it’s possible to start a business amidst managing your homeTips for removing the friction points in your business and home lifeWhy mompreneurs shouldn’t feel shame and stressHaving the right mindset and beliefs to avoid the overwhelmThe art of distinguishing between urgent and importantLove the show? Then why don’t you:Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.Subscribe to the show.Tag us on Instagram or Jaclyn @jaclyn_mellone and let us know what you think or what and who you’d want to hear on the show!Want to become a Gal Pal? Head on over to this link to Become a Go-To Gal Podcast Insider
About Laura: Dr. Laura DeCesaris is a functional medicine doctor who serves as a health and performance coach for busy, driven women. She helps female entrepreneurs align their brain and body for optimal health so they can maintain their high-performance lifestyle without burning out.Connect with LauraWebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInFavorite Quotes“As women, when it comes to our health and our body, we've grown up in a way that's very disconnected with them.”“So many of the women I work with who are very driven, motivated entrepreneurs, their level of normal, what they can handle, is so much more than the average person’s. It's all relative. So from person to person, burnout can feel very different.”“ Don't be afraid to make sure you're doing things that really light you up and keep you excited.”In This Episode You’ll Learn:How our own health - mental and physical - is crucial to effectively run our businessesHow health shouldn’t be a standalone bucketTrusting your intuition and how your body responds to situationsAvoiding burnout by understanding not every person’s level of productivity or intensity is the sameWhy burnout and depression can go hand-in-hand (and how to avoid both!)Daily routines to help you get into a healthier stateLove the show? Then why don’t you:Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.Subscribe to the show.Tag us on Instagram or Jaclyn @jaclyn_mellone and let us know what you think or what and who you’d want to hear on the show!Want to become a Gal Pal? Head on over to this link to Become a Go-To Gal Podcast Insider
About Veronica: Veronica is a product manager, podcaster, and technology evangelist living in San Francisco. At Adobe, she is a senior product manager and evangelist on the Creative Cloud Express team, where she works to help social media creators, marketers, and influencers bring their brands and creative ideas to the masses. Veronica has also worked extensively as a public speaker, startup advisor, and presenter for companies of all sizes, including IBM, Intel, Sony, AOL, Discovery Digital, and more.Connect with VeronicaFacebookTwitterInstagramMentioned on the ShowAdobe ExpressUrban DecayGlossierDr. BeckyDiscordFavorite Quotes“All brands have a story to tell. It might be what their mission is, who they're trying to help, what problem they're trying to solve, or even what products they're trying to advertise. Having that consistency, both visually and in the brand voice, is gonna really help customers understand who you are, what you're trying to do, and what you're trying to put out there.” “Knowing where your customers are is a big thing. Depending on what story you're trying to tell, a different platform might be better suited for that particular conversation. Your customers will tell you where they want to engage with you the most.”“The one thing that stays consistent across all social platforms is finding a niche, sticking to it, and having that be what you're known for. It's almost like the smaller, the better because you're always going to find your people on social. You're always going to find people who love hearing or relate to that story.  So being consistent there is going to really help.”In This Episode You’ll Learn:Mistakes we’re constantly committing in creating contentWhy telling your brand story helps reign people inThe disconnect in creating vs. sharing contentCreating a visual that lends itself to your brand storyVideo trends that make it oh-so-easy to put out contentShareable assets to create for your podcastHow having a content plan (and sticking to it) makes life easy  Love the show? Then why don’t you:Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.Subscribe to the show.Tag us on Instagram or Jaclyn @jaclyn_mellone and let us know what you think or what and who you’d want to hear on the show!Want to become a Gal Pal? Head on over to this link to Become a Go-To Gal Podcast Insider
About Violet: Violet Rainwater is a catalyst for healthy workplaces and helps teams thrive through her interactive keynotes and Innovative workshops. As a high-achieving, top-performing sales professional, Violet experienced a complete mental collapse because of debilitating anxiety from decades of running on empty. From this experience, Violet has dedicated her life to empowering entrepreneurs, sales teams, and leaders with the tools and resources she discovered that transformed her life and business.Violet brings a powerful framework for operating at our highest level. With a background in corporate sales in the financial service industry,She's been a rainmaker from early on in her career. She is a multi-time, Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier - a designation held by less than 8 percent of all financial professionals. Now, Violet is a transformational speaker and sales architect, delivering impactful and engaging keynotes and training that fuse human behavior, real-world experience, and high-energy fun. Professionals walk away equipped, engaged, and energized with an innovative toolbox to operate at peak performance - without sacrificing wellbeing.Connect with VioletWebsiteFacebookFavorite Quotes“I can choose what I want to think about, but in reality, it's not that simple. So the mindset is not the cause - it's the effect. The cause is how we were programmed. I like to call it your vibe set: how your energy was set at a really young age.”“When we're triggered, we are not in a peaceful state. And a peaceful state is our natural state and that's the state we want to respond to. We never want to respond when we're triggered, angry or terrified.”“People are suffering every day and they don't have to. And not only are they suffering, but they're also not sharing their gifts. They're not shining their light. And that's what the world needs. We need more people to shine in the light.”In This Episode You’ll Learn:What’s holding us back from being our best selvesEveryday triggers that can negatively impact our businessesMindsets that we need to mend - or unleashActionable steps towards the journey of healingLove the show? Then why don’t you:Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.Subscribe to the show.Tag us on Instagram or Jaclyn @jaclyn_mellone and let us know what you think or what and who you’d want to hear on the show!Want to become a Gal Pal? Head on over to this link to Become a Go-To Gal Podcast Insider
About Becca: Becca Harpain is the self-taught website designer turned educator behind InsideTheSquare. She helps entrepreneurs get started with Squarespace, offering free training and tutorials on her YouTube channel. Her videos have been viewed over one million times in just three short years! From creation to customization, she is the go-to gal for all things Squarespace.When she’s not creating new codes or tutorials to share with the world wide web, you can find her running, hiking, and backpacking her way across the trails of the Pacific Northwest.Connect with BeccaWebsiteInstagramFacebookYouTubeFavorite Quotes“About 80% of consumers visit a website for a business before doing business with them. You really do need to have a website that has a positive impact on people who might be interested in working with you. It's not something that you can just throw up there and call it good to go. It's going to be the first impression. And it's so important to remember this first impression.”“Give every page on your website a purpose, a specific call to action, or the next step for the person seeing that actual page. They need something to do next, so make sure you actually explicitly state that on your website.”“Don't be afraid to get started with these website builders. Even if you have no experience with web design, they are so incredibly easy. These days, you don't have to spend. $30,000 hiring some professional to build the most amazing website in the world.”In This Episode You’ll Learn:Building our site as a tool to support growing our business How we can get our sites to convert betterKeeping your website content aligned with your current offer, whether you’re starting fresh or just doing some little tweaksHiring the right professional to work on your siteWhy every page has a purpose and a call to actionMentioned on the Show:SquarespaceWordPressLove the show? Then why don’t you:Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.Subscribe to the show.Tag us on Instagram or Jaclyn @jaclyn_mellone and let us know what you think or what and who you’d want to hear on the show!Want to become a Gal Pal? Head on over to this link to Become a Go-To Gal Podcast Insider
About Tracy: Tracy Sherriff is a coach who helps entrepreneurs, experts, and service-based professionals scale their businesses online. Her podcast, Scale Your Course, focuses on helping her audience in the process of designing and delivering impactful learning experiences for their tribe.A lifespan educator, with experience teaching and consulting learners from birth through adulthood, Tracy has a background rooted in early childhood education and an MA in Education from Central Michigan University, where she developed extensive knowledge, specifically in the area of adult education. Her expertise guides her work with clients to ensure the curriculum of their courses and online programs are effectively designed and ready to be efficiently delivered for maximum impact.Connect with TracyWebsiteInstagramFacebookLinkedInFavorite Quotes“When people get into your course and struggle, we can't always figure out the reasons why. There are gaps and all kinds of things are going on there. But what it has a lot to do with is planning. We need to really, intentionally think this through, pause a bit, stop rushing our products out into the space, and follow the process of getting a product out and testing it.” “There can be gaps in motivation. There are so many places where people might get stuck in the process. When we look more deeply at our audience, the problem, and the solution, we realize that sometimes what we think they need isn't what they actually need.”“I have probably realized as a learner that frameworks really helped me make sense of information that's being given.”“Course and content creators stop at the knowing and understanding. They want to give lots of information,  but they don't necessarily create objectives or outcomes that are actually applying that information.”In This Episode You’ll Learn:Lack of planning results in the learning and motivating gaps in the course The beauty of teaching a course liveHow to avoid the slap-it-together methodologyHot seats, Q&As, and other facilitation tools to have in your arsenalWhy having an empathy map is keyBuilding out a curriculum with flexibilityHow frameworks enhance information for learningIdentifying potential barriers to action (and how to remove them) Mentioned on the Show:Pays To PodcastHow to Turn Your Expertise into a Course or Program with Tracy SherriffLove the show? Then why don’t you:Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.Subscribe to the show.Tag us on Instagram or Jaclyn @jaclyn_mellone and let us know what you think or what and who you’d want to hear on the show!Want to become a Gal Pal? Head on over to this link to Become a Go-To Gal Podcast Insider
Episode #222. Looking to grow your online community and following but can’t seem to keep up the balancing act between business and life (or worse: work and more work)?You want to build your following and foster an online community that’s engaged and energized. And you know you need to show up for them - and keep showing up - and offer products and services to help meet their needs.But there are just some days where you either don’t have that level of energy to put out valuable content or maybe have the resources and energy but just don’t know where to start. This week, we have Ellie Diop talking to us about the core of how she quickly grew her community that takes out their wallets, joins her programs, and pays for her variety of offerings. Ellie breaks down the framework she uses for her funnel and the process for how she's built her community and turned content into cash.In This Episode You’ll Learn:How being consistent and showing up without fail helped establish Ellie’s brand and businessDoing lives on social platforms creates direct relationships with your audience and expedites the trust factorHarnessing the different levels of audience engagement through value-adding content that inspires, educates, and convertsOffering a diversity of options and having something new and fresh for your audience Pricing techniques that allow you to scaleHaving a diverse of a diversity of channels to contact your audienceFavorite Quotes“One of the biggest things that played a part in my success is just remaining consistent. When I look back at what I did, that made the most difference. Sometimes it takes people a while to really know, “Oh, do I want to buy from this person? Do they really have the solution to my problem?” Having that interaction with them online really helped to solidify that relationship. And then it just grew from there.”“Be bold and just try it. As business owners, we may overthink or stop ourselves from trying something because we already tell ourselves it's not going to work. If we don’t decide to just let go, we might miss the chance to discover what our audience needs.”“Imposter syndrome can be very real. Self-doubt can be very real. It’s one of the first hurdles we must overcome to even get to the place of feeling confident and consistent in our businesses.”More about Ellie:Ellie Diop is the Founder of Ellie Talks Money & Ellievated Academy. She is a business strategist, author, and transformational speaker who built a multi-million-dollar business in one short year.After losing her corporate job during the pandemic, Ellie used her $1,200 stimulus check to build a multi-million dollar online coaching business in one year. Entrepreneurship changed Ellie’s wealth trajectory, and she wants to help other women experience the freedom that starting her business has provided her. She is committed to assisting women to overcome their circumstances to build successful businesses so they can live the life of their dreams. Ellie has built an online community of close to 350,000 people and educated over 40,000 students through her business coaching and online curriculum.She is a mother of four who has taught thousands of women how to start their business, build their business credit and scale up using digital marketing strategies. Ellie leveraged her years of corporate experience in Sales, Marketing, and Leadership Development to start her business after being laid off right before the most recent pandemic.Find Ellie:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter
Episode #221. Thinking about launching a new offer or even a whole new business? Wanting to scale but beyond frustrated about being the bottleneck? Or just oh so ready to get out from the daily grind and step into CEO status? You are precisely why we had Abbey Ashley come back on the Go-To Gal podcast! Abbey, founder of The Virtual Savvy, has scaled her business from being a virtual assistant to building a company that brings in $3M+ ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) with a team of 20 fully remote employees! AND…she is about to launch HelloSavvy, a new freelancer marketplace. Abbey is here to share with us the ins and outs, the messy middle, and behind the scenes of how she is juggling it all in real-time!In This Episode You’ll Learn:What it looks like to scale your team and drop your workload down to a fraction of the size. Behind the scenes with how Abbey is keeping her ‘bread and butter’ business running and growing, while preparing to launch something new. Discipline vs distraction, what it actually looks and feels likeThe key trait Abbey looks for in her team membersHow to build a team culture that supports your business mission, even if everyone is working remotelyFavorite Quotes“When business starts to get boring, that's when you can make something really magical happen. But so many of us just quit because they think it’s not their passion anymore. When business gets boring, it's starting to get repeatable, which means it can be processed and you can now have systems for the business to run itself.”“By choosing my swim lanes in the business, I chose the things that really did give me life.”“It's not always going to be comfortable to operate inside of your values. It's going to grate against you at times. But at the end of the day, it's truly what you believe and how you want to treat people.“Mentioned on the Show:How to Make Money Online – From VA to Course Creator with Abbey AshleyMore about Abbey:Abbey Ashley is a passionate online educator, multi-7-figure business owner, and influencer in the work-from-home space.In 2016, she started her online business journey as a virtual assistant from a used craigslist laptop. She has since built that company to $3m+ ARR. and learned how to position herself as "CEO" through hiring a team of 20+ fully remote employeesThrough her free content and paid programs at The Virtual Savvy, Abbey teaches others how to start, grow and scale a virtual assistant business from scratch using her value first philosophy.At HelloSavvy, a new freelancer marketplace, Abbey helps business owners find mission-minded freelancers through personalized vetting and her signature hiring system built into the platform.Find Abbey:WebsiteFacebookInstagramInstagram (Personal)
Episode #220. “Storytelling is our oldest form of communication. Studies show that parts of the brain literally light up when stories are being told and that people tend to absorb information better. With a story, it’s an easier pill to swallow.”So HOW do we tell stories that captivate and convert our communities? That is why I invited Marisa Corcoran to join us! I’m a big fan of frameworks, but with storytelling, sometimes frameworks can be too stifling or complicated. Marisa’s approach, the story strip-down method makes it easy to figure out which stories to tell and how to tell them! PLUS…I ever-so-bravely volunteered to workshop a story using this method! You can hear us in real-time working through it and bringing it to life! In This Episode You’ll Learn:The must-have tool to help streamline (and uplevel) your copyMarisa’s philosophy on copy (hint: it’s EVERYTHING!)The actor-training technique you can apply to your own storytelling The step-by-step framework for telling compelling stories that convert! How to figure out which stories to tellFavorite Quotes“Copy isn't the icing on the cake. It is the cake. It’s the butter, the flour, the eggs. It's how all these other things that we want to make come to life in our business happen.”“Storytelling is our oldest form of communication. Studies show that parts of the brain literally light up when stories are being told and that people tend to absorb information better. With a story, it’s an easier pill to swallow.”“Writing is a skill that’ll really serve you no matter what stage you're in. Especially if you don’t want to hand your work over to a copywriter, at some point, you're going to be more well-versed in your own voice and what you want it to sound like and have a way better relationship with that.”More about Marisa:Ready to discover what to say and how to say it to magnetically attract your dream clients? Then you need Marisa Corcoran in your corner...In addition to writing the words that get landing pages converting at 60% (or higher!) and crafting personality-filled emails, Marisa helps coaches and creatives craft their uncopyable message inside her signature program, The Copy Confidence Society.Marisa lives in Atlanta with an M.F.A. from Harvard University. When not click-clacking on her laptop, you can find Marisa analyzing a Real Housewives episode like it’s government policy and consuming inappropriate amounts of Nutrageous bars.Find Marisa:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Episode #219. How *do* you build an online community from scratch? Or once you have a community, how do you keep them engaged? And what if engagement dies down - can you revive it? Our guest today, Jordynn Wynn, has built an incredible community in an unexpected niche, and she is here to take us behind the scenes of her 8-figure business to show us how it’s done! What’s the niche? Jordynn is the cofounder of Insert Name Here, an LA-based premium hair extension brand, offering high-quality pieces at an affordable price point. You don’t think hair extensions and hyper-engaged community - but it’s the driving force behind their viral multi-million dollar business! And the best part - Jordynn’s implementable strategies for growing an engaged community would work for pretty much any industry or niche! This is the part where I feel like I should make a just-for-men joke… Listen, sometimes I daydream about having a closet app like in Clueless- and maybe eventually a Moire Rose wig wall! (Shoutout to my fellow Schitt's Creek fans!) I traded in my real bangs for clip-in bangs a month into the pandemic. (Cutting my own bangs was NOT an option! lol) And for the past few weeks I've been rockin’ (and loving!) the Zooey bangs from INH in dark brown! Thinking about bangs, extensions, or a clip-in pony for yourself? Check out their website and get a 20% discount when you use code: JACLYN20.In This Episode You’ll Learn:An alternative strategy to position yourself (hint: you don’t have to be the ultimate expert!) How to get started growing a community onlineWhat the ‘stickiness factor’ is and how to create itHow to revive a community when engagement dies offWhat strategies, tactics, and systems INH use to continue to grow and nurture their community. Favorite Quotes“Originally the brand was very heavy in experimentation transformation. But what we've realized with our product and our community is that hair can cause so much insecurity. Our products gave them so much confidence and this was life-changing.”“Humanizing the brand is a really important factor of stickiness. Loyalty to individual brands has lost out to experimentation and exploration. So any opportunity that you have to create a deeper connection, even just beyond product, sales, and revenue, is really important.”Mentioned on the Show:Plug-N-PitchMore about Jordynn:Jordynn Wynn, the Co-Founder of Insert Name Here, is a visionary entrepreneur whose expertise in brand-building and influencer marketing has turned a niche idea into a multi-million dollar business. Jordynn’s career began at ColourPop Cosmetics, where she helped concept and launch the brand, led collaborations with big names such as Disney and Sailor Moon, and rose from intern to Marketing Director. In 2018, Jordynn and ColourPop colleague Sharon Pak joined forces to found Insert Name Here, an LA-based premium hair extension brand that offers high-quality pieces at an affordable price point. Their brand has revolutionized the way Millennials and Generation Z interact with hair extensions, accessories, and self-expression. Find Jordynn:WebsiteInstagramTwitter
Episode #218. Are you leveraging your strengths in your business? I’m passionate about building a business based on our strengths and our guest today, Natalie Gingrich shares this mission with me. While many may nod their heads in agreement with this sentiment, I’ve noticed it's easy to get swept up in what is working for OTHER people and not even realize that this course and that coach have pulled you away from leveraging your OWN gifts. In this episode, Natalie takes us behind the scenes of her business to show how she was able to leverage her own strengths while creating an opportunity for other leaders with similar skills to do the same.  If you are looking for more ease and flow in your business, this episode is for you! In This Episode You’ll Learn:How to optimize your business that really leans into your strengthsNatalie’s mission of matching businesses with people who are aligned with their passion and valuesLeveraging your strengths more in order to scale and create more ease and flow in your businessFavorite Quotes“Every single one of us has natural skills and talents. And I'm literally on fire to help women find what those skills are and see how they can monetize them. I truly believe that when we find the skills that just come most naturally to us, it brings ease and confidence to see our own value and know how to market it. And it starts at really finding the place where you shine.”“When we’re able to put the pieces together and leverage those natural gifts, that’s when we can start to create projects and provide a structure that moves ideas forward.”Mentioned on the Show:How to Turn Your Business Into a Wealth-Building Asset with Erin AustinThe Secret to Scaling with Natalie GingrichMore about Natalie:Natalie Gingrich is the founder of The Ops Authority, where she certifies and mentors women who leverage their natural skillset of operations and administration. She's driven to help women earn an income with ease while doing what comes most naturally to them.She spent 15 years in corporate operations and leadership. Her entire professional life has been built around human resources, project management, process development, and people leadership. Natalie ended her corporate career as the Chief of Staff for a Fortune 150 CEO. With legacy being her driver and her kids getting older, Natalie left corporate America in search of balance. She matched her drive, leadership, and operational skills to create her own business.In her first 3 years of business, Natalie scaled dozens of online and small businesses to 7 and 8 figures, worked alongside industry icons, and developed diverse teams. She merged her corporate career with her entrepreneurial learnings to create the Director of Operations Certification Program, the only strategic operations certification for leaders.She continuously pours into operations experts on her weekly podcast, The Ops Authority.Find Natalie:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Episode #217. As experts, we don’t typically think about selling our business, especially if it's a personal brand! However, the same foundation that goes into creating a business that is saleable goes into creating one that is SCALABLE.  In this episode, Erin Austin breaks down for us how to shift our business from an income-generating hustle to a wealth-building asset. In This Episode You’ll Learn:What are intellectual assets?Defining Saleable vs. sellable How to uncover your “Rembrandt in the attic” What needs to be in place to have a certification program.How to button up your intellectual property rights.How to establish a strong business foundation (both internally and externally) Favorite Quotes“Add leverage to your business so that you can either increase profits through a more efficient use of time or more efficient delivery of services.”“Contracts do not have to be complicated. I don't want anyone to think this is the point of friction because it's going to be this big, complicated thing that's going to scare people.  They can be written in plain English and standardized so that you can use them again and again.”More About Erin:A graduate of Harvard Law School, Erin Austin is a consultant and lawyer who uses her 25+ years of practicing law, including roles as COO and general counsel at large and small IP-driven companies, including Warner Brothers, Lionsgate (formerly known as Artisan), MGM, Teaching Strategies, and M3 USA Corp, to help female founders of expertise-based firms build and protect saleable assets so that the business is ready to sell when the founder is ready to exit. Erin’s experience as a lawyer and as an executive--at the intersection of business and the law--informs the elevated legal and strategic business advice she provides to her clients. Erin is passionate about using her expertise to create an economy that works for everyone.Through her Hourly to Exit podcast and her consulting practice, Think Beyond IP, Erin guides women on the journey of transforming their business from an unscalable expert-focused income-generator to a saleable wealth-building asset. In her spare time, Erin likes to clear brush on her farmette, search for the perfect gluten-free baguette (all leads are appreciated!) and work on her backhand.Find Erin:WebsiteTwitterLinkedIn
Episode #216. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, or coach, writing a book is one of the most powerful ways to anchor in your authority. But…how??????? Just thinking of writing a book can feel daunting!That is why I’m so excited to have Stacy Ennis join us in this week’s episode! Stacy breaks down her book development process and reveals the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to write a book. She also shares how she and her students have been able to leverage writing a book as an ‘entry ticket’ to more opportunities. In This Episode You’ll Learn:Shifting to being a specialist helps you skyrocketLeveraging the book, launch, and have that momentum from a launchThe most profound internal benefit: the journey of writing a bookWriting a book can align with your business goals and visionSpend a good amount of time planning and thinking of a great book ideaHave at least the seeds of a book idea that's worth exploringBe a couple of steps ahead of the person who needs the books you’re writing right nowFavorite Quotes“A book is like an entry ticket to so many opportunities: podcast interviews, keynote speaking, and other media opportunities. It's just so much easier to get in the door for the kind of things that you want to do when you have this credibility anchor of a book.”“Don't worry about over-delivering value in a book. Keep more focused on what your one reader needs at the place that they are in their journey and write a book that is in and of itself powerful, profound, transformative, meaningful mindset shifting”Mentioned on the Like ClockworkProfit FirstThe 5 Second RuleWe Should All Be MillionairesStoryBrandInterested with Stacy’s Program?Sign up for her 5-Day ChallengeLearn more about Nonfiction Book SchoolMore about Stacy:Stacy Ennis is a best-selling author, coach, and speaker on a mission to help leaders clarify their ideas and harness their unique story to make an impact. Along with being the founder of Nonfiction Book School, an accelerated author program, her background includes ghostwriting for a Nobel Prize winner in medicine and leading as executive editor of Sam’s Club’s Healthy Living Made Simple, a publication that reached around 11 million readers. Her best-selling book, cowritten with Ron Price, is Growing Influence: A Story of How to Lead with Character, Expertise, and Impact. Learn more at Stacy:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLinkedInTwitter
Episode #215. I have to be completely honest: hearing the word “consistency” makes me want to break out in hives! It’s safe to say it’s not my favorite thing in the world - especially when it comes to the things that I don’t enjoy doing or don’t necessarily excite me. Thankfully, I’ve hacked my brain into doing the things I would normally dread. In this episode, I’m sharing four strategies that helped me with whatever I’m trying to be consistent with. And would you believe these are born out of my newfound obsession with Wordle?   In This Episode You’ll Learn:Being really specific about what you want to be consistent about and adding some constraint to itAdding in a community element, whether it's sharing on social media or an accountability buddyTracking your streak so you can create momentum Making it more fun and enjoying the process to itReally being intentional to help anchor in that habit Favorite Quotes“It’s unrealistic to expect ourselves to be consistent every single day when our bodies are not consistent every single day.”“I create my business activities and business model in ways where it works with the things that I want to do so I'm not constantly on this uphill battle of things that I don't want to do.““There's just extra life and energy that's breathed into the things we do when we go about it with community.”
Episode #214. Paid ads. Click-through rates. Web traffic. There are lots of marketing terms being thrown around and it can be confusing where to put your focus first or what the most important metric is. But how do we really make sure that we get our message in front of the right people at the right time? Vix Reitano shares the secret behind great marketing campaigns - and it’s not the tech! She also talks about what every business should actually prioritize: creating impactful change that will leave a lasting legacy to their customers.In This Episode You’ll Learn:Humans, habits and quirks: the keys to connectingWhat pay-per-click means for your business and growthConverting clicks by actually knowing what your customer needsHow SEO can be a short game with the right keywordsWhere you can get some quick wins and optimize from thereWhy micro testing your ads worksThe wonder that is Google toolsWhy personalization and contextualization is the big trend in contentFavorite Quotes“You can't scale if you don't target.”“Our mission as a company is to put humanity back into advertising because I'm not looking at the audience as a conversion pixel.”“When you learn what people are searching for,  you actually have a better sense of what their true objective is and what their true fear is, as opposed to just looking at them as an avatar.”Mentioned on the show:Google Search ConsoleGoogle TrendsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle News InitiativeGoogle KeepHeadlinerCommunityMore about Vix:Vix Reitano is the Founder + CEO of Agency 6B, a Forbes #Next1000 2021 Honoree, member of the Forbes Agency Council and an expert in marketing, advertising, social media, digital marketing and disruptive solutions for an evolving world. Reitano founded Agency 6B in 2015 as a six-figure business in six weeks after managing brands at ABC’s Live with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, Telepictures’ Bethenny Frankel Show and NBC’s The Meredith Vieira Show.Dubbed Vix the Fix, Reitano is an International Speaker, Published Author, prolific Contributor to online publications of all kinds, and is proud to be a Keap Ignition Partner as well as a Society of Professional Journalists Google News Initiative trainer. Additionally, Reitano has a business coaching practice with a monthly membership program and a VIP mastermind for solopreneurs ready to accelerate their success.Find Vix:WebsiteInstagram (Personal)InstagramFacebook (Personal)Facebook
Episode #213. Most entrepreneurs find that the exceedingly challenging part about business is how to get customers coming back. In this episode, Tracy Matthews talks about evolving your business and your team and having the desired brand effect to scale. Whether you’re a product-based business or offer different types of programs and services, making these crucial pivots and mindset shifts will help keep you on track. In This Episode You’ll Learn:Why you need the desired brand effect as your roadmap How delivering a great experience creates customer loyaltyThe challenge of the middle market and how to communicate with itHow to shift from chief visionary officer mindset vs. maker mindsetThe best way to position yourself in your companyFavorite Quotes“I love entrepreneurship. I love the freedom that it offers. I love how there is no glass ceiling on how much money you can earn and all those things.  But it's a quick spiral down to the bottom If you aren't constantly taking a look inside of yourself and what's happening, or aligning your business with what you want your life to look like.”“I had to learn how to shift my mindset from being a manager to a leader.”“How much more time would you be able to spend doing what you love in your business if you actually were to let go of something and not be a control freak all the time, and learn how to get those things off your plate and be a more longer-term thinker?”Mentioned on the showTracy’s book, The Desired Brand EffectMore about Tracy:Tracy Matthews is a Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur, the Host of the Top-Rated, Thrive By Design Podcast, and the author of the Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Jewelry Market With a Timeless Brand.Over the past 25 years, she’s founded four (4) companies including two eponymous jewelry companies, Flourish & Thrive Academy, and Creatives Rule the World. She helps creators and makers of all types align their businesses with their life goals to become better leaders, create financial security and freedom, and live more fulfilled and fun lives.Every week, she inspires over 150,000 people to launch, grow, and scale successful multi-six and seven-figure jewelry, product, and creative businesses through her podcast, blog, social media platforms, coaching, and programs. For more, visit or CreativesRuleTheWorld.comFind Tracy:WebsiteInstagramFacebook (Personal)Facebook
Episode #212. It’s that time of year when we feel the immense pressure of living up to all the resolutions and goals that we've set for ourselves. And with that comes a whole lot of overwhelm. But there is a pathway for creating emotional freedom in your business, especially if you're feeling burnt out and energetically drained. In this episode, I talk about what I do when I'm caught in that push and pull that we're all too familiar with.
Episode #211. Does email marketing ever feel a little generic to you? Is it possible to automate messages and still come across as your authentic self? Bev Feldman, your personal tech fairy and ConvertKit maven is here with answers! I can’t wait for you to hear her unique approach to email automation because I am totally resonating with the way she focuses on connection and trust. Ready to create an email experience that helps you build genuine relationships in a natural way? Press play and let’s get to it!In This Episode You’ll Learn:How to look at email marketing through a lens of connection Why an opt-in thank you page makes a big impactHow to relieve the pressure of showing up enough in emailTips for choosing your email platform and when to switchHow to ensure subscribers get just the right amount of emailsFavorite Quotes“Email marketing is all about creating connections with your audience. When people hear automation, they’re like, ‘How could that possibly be a way to connect with your audience?’ It’s all about how you write emails and invite people to actually respond.”“I strongly believe in setting up automated emails because we all have things come up in our lives, but we want to show up consistently. Sometimes life doesn't make that very realistic.”“When I was doing live newsletters, I felt so much pressure, and it almost made it harder to show up live. That's why I personally like having automated emails set up. They still sound like me, but it alleviates some of that pressure.”More about Bev:Love your business but hate dealing with your email marketing platform? Then you need Bev Feldman -- Your Personal Tech Fairy! Bev is a jewelry designer turned marketing technology consultant who helps service-based solopreneurs to build seamless automations on ConvertKit so that you can save time, have energy to help your clients, and increase opportunities to earn money from your business without using icky-feeling marketing techniques. Bev loves geeking out on technology, getting online platforms to fit together like a puzzle so that you can nurture relationships through email while you focus your time & energy on the parts of the business that light you up.Find Bev:WebsiteInstagramFacebook
Episode #210. Do you feel like you’re the definition of a best-kept secret? You’re someone’s secret weapon behind the scenes but something inside you is ready to be heard. Making the transition to be in front of the business can seem like a major leap but Ron Reich is here to share how he did just that. Not only did Ron step in front of his business, but he also created strategies to scale to six figures and beyond. In this episode, you’ll get that extra encouragement you need to step center stage and find out how marketing higher end with high ticket offers can be just what you need to reach your revenue goals.In This Episode You’ll Learn:The extra push you need to go from behind the scenes to front and centerWhy figuring out how you're a unicorn unlocks your six-figure potentialA smart strategy for figuring out what offers your audience wants most How focusing on the higher end market can transform your businessWhy high ticket offers don’t always need fancy sales pagesWhat actions will help you move from six to seven figuresFavorite Quotes“You already are a unicorn, just by definition of you being you. Figuring that out is step one to building a six-figure business.”“The market always has the answers. You get paid by the market. They vote with their dollars. To find out what your offer is going to be, you have to go and put it out there.”“It really is easier to sell high ticket offers versus something less expensive because it's hardwired into our DNA that more expensive equals better.”More about Ron:Ron Reich is a sought-after marketing strategist and consultant. A former lawyer, Ron has been selling online for over 13 years. After launching over 50 of his own products in a variety of niches, he later became the “secret weapon” behind many of the biggest names in the industry including Hay House Publishing, Todd Herman, Selena Soo, Denise Duffied-Thomas, and Ryan Levesque. His current focus is helping emerging experts build 7-figure businesses through his proprietary marketing systems.Find Ron:WebsiteFacebook
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