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Author: The Village Church

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God’s Big Story is a new podcast for kids. On each episode, we’ll teach the Bible, sing the Bible, and talk about what it means with some friends.
56 Episodes
On the last episode of season 4, Julie and Matt review what we learned from the Old Testament this season, talk to some listeners, and give a preview of what's coming this fall!
Tune in as we learn about how God is in charge of everything through the story of the ten plagues God sent to Egypt!
Marissa the Meteorologist joins Matt and Julie to learn about a special group of people from the Bible—God's prophets!
#47 - God Uses Jonah

#47 - God Uses Jonah


Guy the Zookeeper is back as we learn about the story of how God used Jonah to save lots of people, even when Jonah didn't obey Him.
#46 - God Saves Daniel

#46 - God Saves Daniel


Guy the Zookeeper joins Matt and Julie to learn all about lions and the time God saved Daniel!
Julie and Matt are joined by three best friends to help them learn about the God saved Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the fiery furnace!
On today's episode, God uses Esther to help save His people, the Israelites, from an evil king.
Julie and Matt's friend, The Blacksmith, joins them to talk about idols and the story of Baal from the Bible!
#42 - God Gives Songs

#42 - God Gives Songs


We’re singing on this episode of God’s Big Story as we learn about a book of the Bible that is full of songs of worship to God—Psalms!
#41 – God Uses David

#41 – God Uses David


Join us on this episode to learn more about a familiar story from the Bible—when David defeated Goliath!
Today on God's Big Story, Julie and Matt visit their friend Sam the Shepherd to learn about how God chose a young shepherd boy, David, to be the next king of Israel!
Join Matt and Julie as they learn about how God wants to talk with us through the story of Hannah!
Julie and Matt travel back in time to learn about how God is a Good Provider through the story of Naomi and Ruth!
Season 4 of God’s Big Story starts TODAY! This season, we’ll continue hearing stories from the Old Testament as we visit some old and new friends, learn new songs, and even start a brand new Bible Challenge!
God's Big Story season four is coming soon! Join us as we continue learning from the Old Testament.
Christmas was last week, but we still have one more episode of our Advent mini-series. Join us as we learn about when the wise men traveled to meet and worship Jesus.
Prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ with episode two of our Advent mini-series!
Our Advent mini-series begins today as we learn about how and why God promised a Savior! Join us as we learn from the Bible, hear from listeners, and learn a new memory verse song together!
Sean is back to talk about his big move and what it might have been like for the Israelites when they finally entered the Promised Land!
Julie and Matt are joined by their friend, The Baker, to learn about when God gave manna and the 10 Commandments to the Israelites!
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Nakia Brener

why are these no longer playing from season 1?

Aug 17th
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