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Hey, this is Toby LaVigne with more guidance for God's Game of Life. Learn the good news, find your position, win your freedom.
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Habits are the key to high performance, but they are also the goalies of improvement. If you want to break past your current level of performance in any area then this episode will give you some new insights into how to do it.
Ep. 07: Got Vitamin G?

Ep. 07: Got Vitamin G?


Do you ever get tired fighting just to get by day to day?  What if you’re working too hard? What if you can find a way to relax into the effort, to feel more support than resistance? In this episode we’re going to talk about relief.
What’s the best thing to do when you get tired?  Listen to hear the winning recipe.
How many times a week do you stop to read a post or watch a video to gain insights for greater success? When was the last time you saw a movie that charged you up? Now put those two thoughts together and you’ve got this episode;   How to overcome the resistance in your life to be the kind of character you love to cheer for, the kind of character whose triumph brings tears of joy and inspiration, and the kind of story that inspires you. Your life is a movie within infinite ending possibilities.  You can edit the story as you go.  You change what the character does.  You can make your story a great story…listen to see how.
EP. 04: Your Heroes Journey

EP. 04: Your Heroes Journey


Every great contributor, every great hero and story you’ve ever heard, read or watched went through a heroes journey and prevailed.  Their plight, their quest hooked you and you rooted for them. Why do we do this?  Why does their victory so often draw literal tears to our eyes?  Why is this a universal human experience? The answer is that story is somehow hardwired into our souls.  We are the heroes in our own story, the story of our lives.  What is your quest?  What are you obstacles?  Who is guiding you?  What’s your plan?  What’s at stake? Listen to this episode to get in touch with your story and how to make it have an epic ending that the people around you will remember forever.
Ep. 03: The Fog of War

Ep. 03: The Fog of War


The Fog of War: The uncertainty in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations.   In this episode, Toby looks at how this phenomenon is not just about literal war.  The “fog of war” is a condition where stress in any situation can cloud our ability to see the big picture and cause us to make poor decisions.  How do we rise above real life feelings like stress and fear in our own fog of war situations?  Listen to find out.
Too many in our society are struggling to take responsibility for their own prosperity.  The blame, shame, victim game is all too common.  Why are so many acting like victims?  What do we really want? What IS success really?  HOW does one actually develop the capabilities necessary to BE truly successful?  And what is the responsibility of our school system in all this?   In this episode, Toby shares a recent incident at his girl’s school that highlights this conflict, he digs into the real definition of success and what we ALL must do to experience victory in our own lives.
Ep. 01: Good News

Ep. 01: Good News


Hey, this is Toby LaVigne with more guidance for God's game of life. Learn the good news, find your position, win your freedom. So how do I go about being happy, happy, happy.
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