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Troy and Doug talk about God, guns, and the responsible Christian gun owners interests.
235 Episodes
On this episode we will be talking about the unconstitutional Nature of Red Flag Laws and Gun Control. Lame Jokes, Verse of the week, Armed Citizen of the Week, and the usual banter.
On this Show we talk about Lethal Encounters what we could of done differently, lame jokes, feedback, and frequent rabbit chasing.
On this show we will discuss the crazy world we live in were the word Racist is everywhere. Lame Jokes, Armed Citizen, Bible Verses and Feedback from you.
On this weeks episode we talk about finishing well. We catch up on Troy and Doug’s summer activities ans travels. The usual Bible Verse discussion and Lame Jokes.
On this episode we will talk about Flag Day. Feedback, Lame Jokes, Armed Citizen, and bible verses.
On this episode we discuss how we are called to rely on God to fight our fights. Lame Jokes, NRA Armed Citizen, and Bible Verses, and the usual banter.
Join us as we talk about the importance to take time and remember those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. Lame Jokes, Bible verses, the professor and Mary Ann, here on God and Guns Live.
Join us on this episode as we discuss the repeal of the NFA and all other Federal Firearms Laws. Also the usual banter, bible verses, and lame jokes.
On this weeks show we talk about the recent NRA Annual Meeting in Indy with over 81,000 in attendance. Bible verses, Lame Jokes, and so much more.
On this show we will be talking about the Full Armor part 3, Carbine Class, and NRA Indy.
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