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Created for novices and pro travelers alike, GoneTrippinPodcast interviews experts in all areas. You’re along for the ride as hosts Ren and Ashley Garner interview valued people in the industry from photographers to vagabonds and everything in between. Our weekly podcast helps you make every trip an adventure! Check out any shownotes at our website,
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Learn the difference between enthusiast and connoisseur as we talk all things roller coaster with Oscar of Peaceful Thrill Seeker. Oscar spends his time on anything high, fast, and/or thrilling and shares his knowledge of traveling all over the United States to ride any and all roller coasters.
53: Giant Big Stuff

53: Giant Big Stuff


Our hosts discuss everything giant in today's episode. From monuments, roadside attractions, and food, we discuss where the giant things are, how to find them, and why sometimes no sleep is important. For links, photos, and more, visit our website at
52: Tava Adventures

52: Tava Adventures


From terrible bathroom experiences to cancer, listen in as hosts Ren and Ashley are joined by Kady of Tava Adventures as they talk what really makes an adventure. For links and more information, visit our website at
Rohith from The Lost Geographer joins us as we talk about geography and how it relates to a lost art of travel. We talk about candy, our favorites, and why we can't seem to find the candy we want when we want it. For pictures, links, and more information about what's been talked about on the show, visit our website at
50: The WienerMobile

50: The WienerMobile


It's a sight you always remember: the WienerMobile! We had hot doggers Gabriella and Cheyenne in studio with us as they talk what it's like to drive the most famous hot dog car, their funniest stories, and their most memorable moments. For pictures, links, and all the places and restaurants mentioned, be sure to check out
Come aboard the Aurora Express! We talk with Mary, owner of this railroad bed and breakfast, about how her inn came to be, where she found the trains, and the true stories of the Alaskan frontier. For pictures, links and more, check out our website at
We're joined by The Food Tour Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Be prepared to have your mouth watering as we talk about the taste of Santa Fe. Rupert talks history and his best tips of how to travel and taste food in any new city you visit, his goals when you come on a food tour, and why sometimes the travel itineraries go out the window (literally). For pictures, links and more, visit our website at
47: Everyone But Two

47: Everyone But Two


We return to a previous guest, Carla, as we get an update on her documentary, her travels, and what she plans to do next. We talk getting hangry and the stress of planning big trips. Don't forget to listen to #37: Everyone But Two to catch the first part of her interview and check out for pictures, links, and a list of all the cool places we talk about.
#46: Field of Dreams

#46: Field of Dreams


You know the movie, but do you know the location? Join our hosts and guest, Roman, as we discuss the Field of Dreams site located near Dyersville, Iowa. Learn how you can visit the actual farm where it was field, tour the house, and play on the field. This site may have been used for the movies, but the magic is real and needs to be added to everyone's bucket list. Listen to hear why and be sure to check out for pictures, links, and more.
45: Travel Hack Fam

45: Travel Hack Fam


Meet the Travel Hack Fam. Travis and Chelsea's goal is to be able to travel whenever they want - on the cheap! Hear how they choose where to go next and even some of their mistakes. For pictures, links, and more visit our website at
We're all about making every trip an adventure and most often our adventures are accompanied by our favorite people: our kids! Our three oldest join us this episode for a tell-all. Hear what the kids like and dislike about our trips along with our listeners' feedback on past episodes. For pictures, links, and more check out our website at
Ginny from 1000 Hours Outside joins us to discuss how she started this project, easy ways to enjoy the outside and great outdoor meals. For pictures, links, and more visit
The National Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up March 20 to April 14, 2019 and in celebration, we're talking with Nora Strumpf: a D.C. local who now works with the non-profit organization. Nora shares her knowledge, her recommendations, and one of the biggest travel fails we've heard yet! For pictures, links and more check out our website at
An expert guide in Southern Utah, Shawn joins us as he tells about the many adventures available: jeeping, kayaking, hiking, repelling and more. There's something for everyone but it pays to plan ahead at this popular destination spot. Hear some of the folklore of the area and be sure to try one of his fantastic restaurant recommendations! For pictures, links and more check out our website at
As you take the scenic route to Long Acres, you'll have everything you need for a relaxing weekend: peace and quiet, fresh vegetables from the Heritage Garden, and your own private alpaca herd. Listen in as Sarah talks about how she got started with alpacas and how you may never want to leave after you stay in the Guest House. For pictures, links, and more head to our website at
Husband and wife team of the Grit and Polish, Garrett and Cathy join us as we talk about being an Airbnb host, how they feel about strangers in their home, and some small tangents of dinosaurs and D.B. Cooper. For links, photos, and more information, be sure to visit our website at
As the New Year has come and gone, we've had some exciting changes and would love to update you on our own "State of the Union- " we mean...podcast. We'll update you on our new content, give you a sneak of some upcoming guests, and give you hints to make traveling and adventuring easy. Expect some tangents, you’re along for the ride as hosts Ren & Ashley Garner interview valued people in the industry from photographers to vagabonds and everything in between. Our weekly podcast helps you make every trip an adventure!
Introduction to Ren and Ashley by GoneTrippin
#37: "Everyone but Two"

#37: "Everyone but Two"


On this episode on GTP, Ren and Cam dive into the story of Benjamin and Frances Graham as told by their granddaughter, Carla Brown. The Grahams traveled around the country for 35 years, driving a total of 94,000 miles, and they ended up visiting all each state, well everyone but two. Tune in to learn about this incredible journey and what Carla is doing to preserve and share it. Visit for more information and even deals from our sponsors!
Join our discussions as we talk with our first Canadian guest, Laura Olsen, from Arrowvale Campground and Farm. Hosts Ren and Cam discuss the beauty of Arrowvale along with the intricacies of reindeer versus caribou, fries versus tots, and cartoons versus reality. Be sure to check out the show notes for pictures and links talked about during the show at
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