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Author: Cody

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Welcome to Goober Brothers Entertainment!

We're glad to have you here, now lets have fun!

Here at GBE, we talk about Movies, TV, Sports, Video Games, Paranormal, and other funny stories.

Listen, Laugh, and Lets have fun!
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6 Episodes
“Good Boys” Review

“Good Boys” Review


Saw the movie a couple weeks ago, just now got to review it. Follow us on insta, YouTube, and iTunes. Peace ✌🏻
Daisy Ridley cannot remember anything from the set of The Rise Of Skywalker. Looks like JJ. Abrams is running a tight shit... I mean ship!  Join The Fandom Menace!
Shame on you, Disney

Shame on you, Disney


Disney is a corporation that is slowly destroying the entertainment industry and seeping into every company and spreading bullshit ideologies and practices like a virus. Disney loses respect from many people from things they do like this, and Goober Brothers Entertainment is fed up with it. 
Goober Brothers Entertainment had some technical difficulties at the beginning of the show, but we were able to fix them and make a great show tonight.  We cover Marvel's plan for a theme park, Tessa Thompson and her big mouth, we discuss haunted places, and play a fun game at the end.  Goober Dudes will be a show where GBE brings on guests and discusses various topics.  Follow us on YouTube, subscribe, like, comment, and share our videos and content. We are also on instagram! Email at
Episode 1: The Fandom

Episode 1: The Fandom


Thank you for listening to my first episode of the podcast! There is more to tell about my history with Star Wars, but there obviously isn't enough time to go into pin point detail. This is, however, the briefing of my history as a Star Wars fan and the slow decline of the greatest movie franchise in history. I hope you folks like this content and share Goober Brothers Entertainment to your friends and colleagues.  And yes, I know The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones were not "perfect movies", but I still love them. So bite me.  Shout out to Pete from "The Place To Be Reviews" for the intro voice message! Please favorite and subscribe to Goober Brothers Entertainment on YouTube as well! If you have any requests for topics to cover, feel free to shoot me a message! -GBE
Welcome, My Friends!

Welcome, My Friends!


This is just the intro to my channel. I figured this would be a good way to make a quick little segment to introduce GBE.  Thank You for listening!
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