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Good Bad Real Life

Author: Charity Reeb

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Life is a circus. Tame it by focusing on what matters & living it every day. In the Good Bad Real Life podcast, Charity Reeb gives you tips to de-compartmentalize real life and spirituality and put your good intentions into action. The first 10-episodes act as audio coaching series for the Real Life Journal, the method behind the madness of this show.
10 Episodes
Charity coaches through approaching your week-end with both firmness and grace, as you revisit your goals and prepare for the next week.
Stop blankly staring at an empty page and let's get your life documented.
This is the "no 'moms required" guide to daily mediation. Bring your mind back to Truth all day long.
Spiritual disciplines produce real results in real life. Get an overview and tips to streamline spiritual essentials in your life.
When your priorities align with your calendar, you can rest assured that you are focusing on what matters and living it every day.
Charity guides you through setting weekly goals that are relevant, actionable, and life-giving.
The Life Circle is first tool from which your weekly inventory will flow. Get 3 tips for maximizing it's effectiveness.
Create a community in real life around you for accountability and spiritual support. Shed negativity. Get and give encouragement.
Charity guides you through getting honest with yourself about the good and the bad and (as a result) getting real with God. Start by creating an intention for your journaling practice.
You can focus on what matters and live it every day by centering in the Spirit. This episode, Charity explores what is "the Spirit," why center in it, and what impact this makes in your real life.
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