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Author: Whitney Cummings

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Comedian Whitney Cummings interviews guests (friends, comics, celebs, experts, weirdos) every week. Known for her standup comedy specials for HBO and Netflix, Comedy Central Roasts, multiple television series and films, Whitney has a lot of questions for a lot of different kinds of people. She also has opinions. And a robot. Subscribe to hear interviews that are always interesting and never too long.
3 Episodes
Chris D'Elia

Chris D'Elia


Chris D'Elia joins Whitney today to discuss rude moments with fans, sex styles, psych and language tests, comedy specials and comedy pals, and why nobody has ever believed that they've never dated. On the pre-show Benton and Whitney talk about Marilyn Monroe. Like, Subscribe, rate, and review. Thank you.
Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl


The one and only Dave Grohl joins Good For you for the 2nd episode! Whitney talks to Dave about comedy vs. rock, shared experiences in Washington D.C., protecting your online identity, being kids, Dave's songwriting process, the state of the music industry and pop music, music festivals, dealing with children, music videos, and some stories from his Nirvana days. On the post-show, Benton and Whitney discuss makeup for men, among other things. Like, Subscribe, rate, and review. Thank you.
Dan Levy

Dan Levy


Dan Levy joins us the first ever Good For You podcast episode! Whitney talks to Dan about wrapping his successful run with Schitt’s Creek and balancing his showrunner duties with his character David. They also discuss money habits, the other Dan Levy, Lifetime movies, Dan’s eyebrows, body hair, and much more. On the pre-show, Benton and Whitney discuss astrology and working in retail. Like, Subscribe, rate, and review. Thank you.
Comments (8)

Elli Jitimit

Found you on h3H3, all your responses were on point & now I'm a fan, cheers :)

Nov 22nd


😂😂😂 Love it!

Nov 21st
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Nov 20th
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David M

I have been in love with you for years so I will listen to whatever bullshit you say and buy any stupid shit you tell me to Whit

Nov 13th
Reply (1)

Eric Blake

Dan Levy @13:42 ....not that the intro wasn't was...just being expeditious 👍

Nov 8th
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